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50 Best School Haircuts for Boys in 2024

With the first day of school just around the corner, chances are your son will want a cool new hairstyle. Not just any hairstyle will do, however. It’s important to find a haircut that you love, your kid loves, and that will be appropriate for school.

Luckily, we’ve pulled together some seriously adorable school haircuts that every boy will crave, regardless of length, texture, and color.

Finding The Coolest School Haircuts for Boys

Take a look at our 50 versatile hairstyles for every school going boys out there.

1. Textured Shag

medium curly hairstyle for middle school boy

If you’re little guy has a head full of hair with a slight wave in it experiment with a cute voluminous shag that’ll look even better when left a bit messy.

Ask the hairdresser for a handful of layers coupled with a rounded crop and some face-framing bangs. Voila!

2. Wispy Bangs

school haircut for boy with fine hair

Thin flat hair looks best when kept short. Bangs are a nice option to try while avoiding a blunt look.

Get a soft undercut along the sides to achieve further dimension. Now all you have to do is brush all the strands forward while getting ready for school.

3. Short Fluffy Curls

blonde afro hairstyle for black school boy

The best school haircuts for boys are definitely the ones that are easy to style and maintain. Consider this one as an example where all that curly fluff is snipped close to the scalp.

Spice things up further by lightening the ends and you’re kid is sure to stand out in class!

4. French Crop

short haircut for teen redhead school boy

The French crop hairstyle is another must-try hairstyle especially if your young guy is going back to school for a fresh start.

Short sides and back coupled with a slightly longer top and a barely-there blunt fringe are all you need to ask for. The shave-off is optional!

5. Classic Faux Hawk

mullet hairstyle for school boy

All young guys love to rock spikes or a faux hawk once in a while and there’s absolutely no harm in that!

Help your hero look like a bad boy by using an ample amount of styling product to make the strands stand high up in the middle of the head. Super cool!

6. Cool Dreads

dreadlocks for school boy

Talking about cool, African-American school boys can keep their delicate curls neatly tucked away with style by opting for dreadlocks.

Choose the length and thickness of your choice and add a pop of color or incorporate some shiny beads or metal cuffs instead. Whatever you like!

7. The Man Bob

middle part bob for high school boy

The man bob has been trending for a while, following the man bun hype, and is worth a shot if you want to go for a longer length.

Some point-cut layers will help give shape to your mane. Carve out a slick middle part while tucking all the strands neatly behind the ears. Simply stylish!

8. Soft Bro Flow Hairstyle

medium layered haircut for school boy

Long hair might be the dream of many school-going boys. Make it come true for your little one by opting for a classy bro flow haircut featuring soft layers falling away from the face.

Allow the strands fall sideward on the forehead, for a change, to achieve a cute e-boy vibe.

9. Short and Spiky

short haircut for teenage school boy

Here’s another cute school haircut for boys who wish to keep it short and simple. Opt for a cropped top that tapers towards the sides and back, much like an outgrown buzz cut.

Use your fingers to settle down the strands and that’s pretty much it!

10. Long Top + Undercut

curly undercut for school boy

Help your young one flaunt his god-gifted kinks from the very beginning by opting for a super long top contrasting against the buzzed sides and back.

Set the look on fire with a shaved side design or just a couple of slits and get ready to turn around some heads.

11. Stylish Top Knot

undercut ponytail for school boy

The ‘long top with short sides’ hairstyle is super versatile and can be rocked with all types of hair.

Leave the long strands on the loose to fall all over the head, as shown above, or tie them high up in a cool ponytail or bun, just as depicted here.

12. Messy Caesar

haircut for school boy with glasses

Although the Caesar haircut is characterized by blunt bangs and short sides, give it a messy twist by opting for some barely-there disheveled waves paired with a tiny tail at the back for a mullet-like vibe.

Finger tousle the strands, put on your specs, and get ready to rock at school!

13. Asymmetrical Haircut

shaved hairstyle for middle school boy

Stand out from the rest by playing around with this quirky asymmetrical school haircut ideal for young boys.

Buzz off one side keeping the strands significantly longer on the opposite side of the face and leave the rest to the wind!   

14. Low Loose Ponytail

ponytail for high school boy

Who said highlights and money pieces are for the girls only? Get a romantic yet dashing look by growing out that mane and spicing it up with a drizzle of gold.

Tie all the hair back in a low loose ponytail to see jaws drop wherever you go!

15. Basic Buzz

school haircut for Asian boy

Keep that innocent face the center of attention with the good old buzz haircut. Buzz off the strands uniformly all over the head or keep the top a tad bit longer for a little dimension.  

You might not need a hair comb for a while though!

16. Shiny Comb over

comb over haircut for school

Perfect for prep schools, a comb over keeps every single hair in place while showing off a pretty adorable face. The more symmetrical the face, the deeper your side part can go.

17. Quiff Hairstyle

Nothing frames a face quite like a simple quiff haircut. Short layers styled with a few strokes of a brush is cool yet very much suitable for school hours.

18. Medium Length for Body

boy's medium haircut for school

Gorgeous hair with texture should always be emphasized. Try a medium length haircut with side bangs to highlight hair’s natural body and wave. This sandy hair is perfect for the surfer or skateboarder who has to hits the books as well.

19. Medium Fade and Funky Bangs

fade haircut for school

Most boys are looking to fit in at school, so a fade haircut is usually perfect and right on-trend. They look neat and tidy but can be personalized. These funky bangs show off tons of personal style, so don’t be afraid to play around.

20. Undercut Style

undercut hair for school

One of the most common school haircuts for boys. An undercut is the perfect clean-cut look for trendy kids. Lots of short layers up top gradually fade into an undercut style so the sweet face underneath doesn’t have to hide.

21. Slicked Back

slick back hair for school

There is something so cute about young kids with mature hairstyles. For a fresh, polished style, slick back the hair from the forehead. This look works best on hair with longer layers closer to the face.

22. Bowl Cut

bowl haircut for school

This isn’t your average bowl haircut! A shaved undercut portion takes this classic 90s style and makes it hip and cool. Don’t go for perfection, choppy layers and longer side-swept bangs provide the perfect update.

23. Side Part with Gradual Fade

side part haircut for school

Don’t settle for just any side part. Add irresistible height with a sleek pompadour and a tapered fade that gradually grows longer as you move closer to the part.

24. Disconnected Undercut

black boy haircut for school

Even simple styles can be cool and perfect for school. For an easy Black boy haircut, try a disconnected undercut. With this cut, styling is a breeze. A bald fade is ideal for warmer months and hotter climates.

25. Spiky Hair

spiky hairstyle for school

Who doesn’t love funky, spiky hair? Whether hair is just an inch or two short or several inches long, try spiking it up with a bit of pomade for a totally cool style. The shorter sides make it appropriate for school environments, too. A cool look to try if you’re a young boy with glasses.

26. Medium Round Cut

school haircut for tween boy

There is a reason why we see so many tween boy haircuts that look like this one. Boys seem to love flipping their shaggy bangs and rocking a slightly longer length as they mature.

27. Tousled Curls

boy's curly haircut for school

Sometimes, there is no point in taming curly hair on young boys. It’s better to work with the texture rather than fight it, so a simple cut that lets loose curls fall naturally is ideal.

28. Asymmetrical Cut

straight haircut for school

Straight hair can be a little boring, but an asymmetrical cut switches things up. Create a deep side part, shave the smaller portion of hair and cut short layers on the other side of the head to fall over into side bangs.

29. Spiky Faux Hawk

short haircut for school

Looking for something sophisticated yet sweet for school picture day? A faux hawk is awesome on short hair and easy to style during your morning routine.

30. Crew Cut

boy's crew cut for school

Crew cuts are beloved by parents around the world because of their low-maintenance nature. Buzzed sides require no styling and keeps boys cool while at play. Try a hard part detail for a little extra fun.

31. High and Tight Style

Parents and kids alike love the ease of a long on top short on sides haircut. To style, comb hair over to one side and secure with a touch of wax or pomade.

32. Textured Surfer Bangs

A short hairstyle with wavy, surfer bangs is perfect for the outdoorsy kid. Bangs can be styled or worn whichever way is comfortable, but this side faux hawk is pretty unique.

33. Pompadour Comb over

Nothing about this little boy’s hairstyle is ordinary! This gorgeous pompadour shows off tons of personality. It may look complicated, but all that it requires is styling with gel and a wide-tooth comb in the morning. A tapered fade keeps it fresh.

34. Natural Hair Mohawk

mohawk hair for school

Enhancing beautiful, natural curls is trendy these days, so there is no reason why boys shouldn’t do the same. This fun mohawk is short enough for the classroom but long enough to reveal that gorgeous natural texture.

35. Casual Faded Cut

school haircut for mixed boys

Fades are probably the most functional mixed boy haircut if you’re working with lots of texture. Groom the sides of the hair but maintain a little more curly length up top to frame the face.

36. Choppy Bangs on Straight Hair

school haircut for asian boys

Because straight hair tends to fall limp, it can be hard to style. Cool choppy bangs add instant texture if you’re looking for a fun Asian boy haircut. Hair should be cut in short layers all around the head starting from a back center point.

37. Fade with Shaved Detail

Shaved details are very popular among young men. This side zig-zag line is just noticeable enough to stand out but is subtle enough for stricter school environments.

38. Curly Disconnected Undercut

When left on its own, very curly hair can grow frizzy or appear too rounded.  This can be too much if your kid has cute full cheeks. A disconnected undercut cleans up the look and shapes curly hair beautifully.

39. Faux Hawk Hair with Line

Faux hawks have been hip for a while and young boys especially love them. For a unique edge, try a school haircut with line. It can be added anywhere, but looks great on the side of the head for balance.

40. Mohawk for Straight Hair

It takes a truly adventurous kid to rock a mohawk, but if they’re willing to rock it, why not go for it? This square-shaped hawk is reminiscent of Ice T and looks great on a sweet face.

41. Short Messy Texture

This haircut may seem messy, but the placement of the hair is actually strategic. Create loosely defined shape for relaxed movement but focus on maintaining the structure of the face for optimal balance.

42. Side Part with Sweeping Bangs

boy's blonde haircut for school

This haircut is suitable for middle school boys. Side bangs on a medium round cut make for a timeless style for a reason. It easily suits most hair types and requires little to no daily styling. We happen to love it on this sandy blonde hair.

43. Kids Shag

boy's shaggy haircut for school

Medium and long hairstyles on school-going boys have become more and more popular these days. A shag cut is for the cool kid. Lots of layers break up the bulk on thick hair and a center part is perfect for a soft and rounded chin.

44. Short Cut with Flipped Side Bangs

school haircut for boys

A little asymmetrical style is perfect for adding balance to an otherwise basic hairstyle. This flipped up look is also perfect for cowlicks, so don’t bother fighting it and instead, embrace it.

45. Short Hair with Line Up

buzz haircut for school

Line ups create a fresh, crisp feeling that looks great on short styles like crew cuts. Naturally, this look is perfect for formal settings like school.

46. Comb over with Undercut

school haircut for boys

To create this chic look, the comb over should be centered between the eyebrows on the top of head. Shaved undercut sides make the whole look fresh and appropriate for school.

47. Low Fade Hair with Comb over

Just because you’re hitting the books, doesn’t mean your style shouldn’t be cool! A low fade allows you to maintain longer hair up top, which is perfect for a crisp comb over style.

48. Short Hair with Star Design

If you want your boy to look punk, try this school hairstyle with design. Adding fun details to buzzed hair lets the boy in your life use his imagination, within reason of course. Try a star haircut with design and spike hair on top of the head for added texture and balance.

49. Faux Hawk with Medium Fade

This big faux hawk hair has been styled to perfection. If you’re craving this look, remember that a little product goes a long way. You’ll want to avoid that wet look. A medium fade keeps it all relevant.

50. Curly High and Tight Hair

high school haircut for boys

Looking for school boy hairstyles for curly hair? It goes without saying that a high and tight style is on-trend, even for curly hair. Add a pop of color, like warm caramel, to the tips of hair for a touch of playfulness.

Just like adults, school boys crave styles that make them feel and look cool. Fades, undercuts, fun details, and pompadours are all age-appropriate and suitable for the classroom. Which of the above school haircut tops your list?