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Does OVertone Cover Gray Hair? A Colorist Explains

Gray hair can be one of the biggest headaches when it comes to maintaining your hair color and overall appearance. You go to the salon, and in as little as two weeks, those pesky grays are already showing.

It’s hard to find a solution that doesn’t require frequent salon visits, messy at-home box dyes that can be damaging to hair, or just letting your roots show longer than you would like.

You may be wondering if a color conditioner like OVertone, could be the solution you’ve been looking for. We’re here to discuss whether or not OVertone is right for you and your gray hair. 

First up, let’s learn a little bit about OVertone. We need to know what it is and what it does before we get into using it for gray coverage. 

What Is OVertone?

OVertone Color Conditioner
OVertone Color Conditioner

OVertone is a well-known hair care brand. Salon and at-home hair dyes contain chemicals that open up the hair’s cuticle to deposit color. OVertone coloring conditioners don’t use those chemicals because they simply deposit color on the outside of the hair strand and also work as a conditioner.

It processes quickly, needing only 10-15 minutes to work on dry hair. OVertone comes in a variety of colors, from natural to vibrant. Because it does not open the hair’s cuticle, which can cause damage, you can use OVertone much more frequently than you would a traditional hair dye. 

Now on to the question we came here to answer!

Does OVertone Cover Grey Hair?

This depends on your overall hair type and texture and whether or not your grays are stubborn. It also depends on how much gray you have and the amount of gray coverage you’re looking for. Let’s go through some scenarios so you can decide if OVertone will work for you:

Stubborn Gray Hair/ Over 50% Gray Hair

oVertone Color Conditioner for Hair Turning Gray

If this is you, OVertone most likely will not give you full gray coverage (meaning you don’t see any gray). Because OVertone does not deposit color into the hair’s cuticle, it may not be strong enough to cover stubborn grays.

The texture of stubborn gray hair is usually coarse and requires the chemicals in hair dye to be able to fully cover. Being over 50% gray will also require hair dye for full coverage. 

However, if you are looking to make gray hairs look more blended or make your roots look a little softer before your next salon appointment, OVertone could be a great option. It’ll give the gray hairs just enough tint to soften their appearance and give you more time in between salon visits. 

Soft, Fine Gray Hair/Just a Few Gray Hairs

If you are lucky enough to have a finer texture to your gray hair or just have a few sprinkled throughout your hair, OVertone may be able to give you full to medium gray coverage.

Finer textured hair does not always require hair dye to be able to coat the strand with color and cover the gray. Just make sure to pick a shade that matches your nautral hair color and leave it on for the full 15 minutes. 

100% Gray Hair That Needs to be Toned/You Want to Try a Fun Color

oVertone Color Conditioner for Full Gray Hair

If you are 100% gray and you love to rock it, but you’ve been noticing your hair has been a bit brassy lately, OVertone can be your go-to toner.

OVertone can be used to cancel out brassy tones. For example, if your gray has turned a little yellow, a pastel purple shade can help get rid of it.

If you feel a bit orangey, a pastel blue should do the trick. Keep in mind you want to leave the color on for half the recommended processing time and use it on towel-dried hair, as you are toning and not doing an all-over color. 

If your gray hair has turned almost all white, you can have fun experimenting with OVertone’s fun and vibrant shades! Their vibrant colors work best on platinum hair, but since you’re naturally all-over white, you can take advantage of all the fun colors OVertone has to offer.

Key Things to Remember:

  • OVertone is a color conditioner that gives semi-permanent results.
  • It is gentle on the hair as it does not use chemicals to open hair’s cuticle.
  • OVertone is easy to use at home and works quickly.
  • It will give gray blending to stubborn or a large amount of gray hair.
  • It will give full-medium gray coverage for those with fine gray or a small amount of gray.
  • You can tone gray hair or add a fun, funky fashion color.