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Here’s How You Can Add Texture To Your Straight Hair

Did you know that in the past, people ironed straight hair to get it totally flat? Isn’t it good to live in modern times? If you need some ideas on how to provide texture and volume to straight hair, or your hair is flat at the roots and hanging around as you come from the 70s, we’re here for you.

Here are more than 10 easy ideas to give thin, fine, and straight hair a trendier look.

How to Add Texture If Your Hair Is Straight

The first set of ideas are things you can do with your hair that don’t need any particular products. Then we get into products you can use with those to really make your hair stand out, no pun intended.

1. Twisting and Air Drying

Air drying can make your hair a little frizzy, thus increasing the volume, but we want to control the frizz. So instead of just air-drying your hair, make six or eight sections and twist them first.

Seal the ends with elastics and wait for your hair to dry thoroughly. The slight curls created by the twists will help provide volume.

Expert’s Tip: Air drying can make your hair frizzy, thus increasing the volume, but we want to control the frizz by twisting the hair first.

2. Braid and Flat Iron

Flat Iron Braid to Add Texture to Straight Hair

Braiding your hair creates waves, but if you want them to stay longer instead of falling out midday, add a little heat. You can experiment with this technique to create beach waves that are not too full, but that stay perfectly.

Start with dry hair, then braid it for added texture. You don’t want to use a flat iron on hair that’s even still a little damp.

Expert’s Tip: Create waves that stay with flat ironing braids.

3. Curl the Mid-Lengths

Curling the mid-lengths of your hair will help it to stand out from the roots. Modern rules dictate to leave the ends alone though. This technique will give bouncy curls with straight ends for an edgy, textured look.

4. Hair Rollers

use velcro rollers to add texture on straight hair

Foam rollers are not like any other. They use tension on the hair and sink in, depending on how much tension you apply when rolling, to create different sizes of curls. But don’t start on wet hair, or your curls will be much too tight.

Roll using dry hair and leave the rollers in for a few hours. It will come out just curled enough to give you excellent texture and bouncy volume. You can also try Velcro rollers.

5. Layered Haircut

Don’t forget how much layers can do to create volume. But you don’t want a lot. If your hair is fine, a few layers will do to make it stand out.

6. Scrunching

Scrunching straight hair to add texture

Scrunching is done to create curls on otherwise semi-wavy hair. It is done while the hair is wet. For this, you will need a curl-defining product to help keep the curls you create in place.

Starting from the ends, use your hands to bunch up your hair to the roots. Work in sections of hair that fit in your hands. When you have it the way you like it, use a diffuser to blow dry, or let it air dry.

Now let’s check out the products you can use to create more texture with or without the methods above.

7. Texturizing Paste

Texturizing paste is great to use on your new layered haircut before blow-drying–especially if it’s a pixie cut. It coats the hair to make it thicker and allows you to style it flexibly.

For best results, try using the blow dryer comb instead of a brush to dry. Or don’t use any tools but allow the hot air to give you spikes in different directions.

8. Texturizing Spray

This is kind of like dry shampoo, but it also adds hold to your hair. You can use it on your hair upside down to create volume while scrunching.

9. Dry Shampoo Powder

Use Dry Shampoo Powder to Add Texture to Straight Hair

As a powder, dry shampoo can be used on your roots, then brushed out to create more volume and structure for your hair. You can try using dry shampoo powder as a technique by itself or apply some to your roots before using foam rollers.

10. Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt spray was basically created to give hair that’s already in beach waves a more tousled look. Salt crunches up the hair a bit and provides a lot of texture.

So if you made beach waves by using twists, braids or curling iron, you can now go back in and give your hair a light spritz with a sea salt spray.

11. Sugar Spray

If your hair is dry or damaged, you can skip the salt spray and choose a sugar spray instead. These are hydrating and can be used exactly like salt sprays or texturizing sprays. They also provide hold.

12. Volumizing Hairspray

Volumizing Hairspray for Adding Texture

If you’re used to using hairspray, you can use volumizing hairspray instead to add texture. Just like a texturizing spray, you’re going to hold your hair upside down when you spray it. Then you can scrunch it in the same position. Alternatively, you can use it before blow-drying.

13. Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

These are nice additions to keep in your shower to ensure that your hair always starts off fresh with more volume than before. This way, when you’re ready to style your hair, it has extra oomph.


Can I use texturizer on straight hair?

Texturizing products can differ vastly. A texturizer, when it’s referred to that way, is a hair straightener for those who already textured hair. A texturizing spray, on the other hand, helps create volume and adds grit and texture.

How do I make straight hair fluffy?

Blow-dry it upside down after adding a texturizing spray.

What does mousse do to straight hair?

Mousse provides hold and volume. It should be used sparingly to avoid a wet look.

Does texture spray give volume?


What products add texture to hair?

Texturized paste, texturizing spray, salt spray and even hairspray can add texture to the hair when used correctly.

Will texturizer damage my natural hair?

A texturizer is a mild relaxer. It can cause the same damage.

How do I make my hair look choppy?

Have a stylist add layers that are cut on a slant. This increases volume also.

How do I get messy textured hair?

Allow your hair to air dry, then apply a salt spray.

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