Shaving Buttcrack Hair: 5 Precautions Not to Miss

Lots of people both have and shave buttcrack hair. Hair’s natural. Some folks embrace the hair in their intergluteal cleft (that’s the medically correct term for your crack). Others want to get rid of it. The choice is yours—body hair is an individual thing. There’s just one thing that I ask of you: take precautions. Be careful. Buy the proper materials. And, of course, read this.


The Top Methods for Shaving Buttcrack Hair

Shaving buttcrack hair is just one way to get rid of it. As long as you’re patient and careful, shaving is also one of the cheapest, easiest, and quickest ways to get rid of any fuzz in or around your crack, not to mention the most convenient. However, due to the location of your left, it’s often risky—what if you cut your butt? So, it never hurts to have a few more methods in case you need a plan B.

  • Depilatory products, such as Nair, can get rid of hair in your buttcrack. Depilatories are tricky, though. You don’t want to use regular products on such a sensitive area because then you’re begging for bumps and irritation. Even the hair removers designed for sensitive skin require your full attention. You never want to leave that stuff on your skin for too long.
  • Waxing is another option. You can even buy at-home DIY kits, but that’s not recommended for your crack—unless you have a trusted friend or loved one to help you, that is. It’s best to get it done professionally. Waxing stings, but it’s over in just a second.


It’s not hard to see why shaving is the most popular way to remove buttcrack hair, so I understand the commitment to your Bic. Just do me a favor and follow this guide while you shave, okay?


#1: Start with an Electric Razor

shave buttcrack hair with Electric Razor

When you shave buttcrack hair with an electric razor first, it cuts down on the amount of hair you have to shave using a manual razor, plus it’s painless. Using it first will also help you to familiarize yourself with the lay of the land. I think this goes without saying, but never use the same electric shaver for both your butt and your face. Get a separate trimmer.


#2: Use a New Blade

use new razor Blade

Don’t take an old razor blade anywhere near your intergluteal cleft. Even under all the hair, it’s a sensitive, vulnerable area. You have to be extra careful not to cut yourself, but that’s better than using a potentially dull razor or dealing with cross-contamination.


#3: Mirror, Mirror on the Floor

must use mirror

A mirror is a must-have anytime you shave something you can’t see. When shaving your crack, it’s best to squat over a mirror to get a clear view. A small round vanity mirror is a perfect size.


#4: Exfoliate Beforehand

To shave buttcrack hair, you have to prepare it. Take a shower and clean your crack. Exfoliate it with a gentle sponge. Use warm water. Between that and the exfoliation, your hair follicles are wide open and primed for removal.


#5: Don’t Skip the Shaving Cream

shaving buttcrack hair use Shaving cream

Shaving cream, shave gel, soap—the choices are varied. The point is that you need to use something to help your razor glide across your skin. Just don’t be overzealous and slather your butt with cream or soap. You need to be able to grip a cheek and hold it open for convenience.


So, that’s that—everything you need to know about shaving buttcrack hair. How do you get rid of yours?