18 Wonderful Dutch Boy Haircuts for Women

Women’s dutch boy haircuts need some real guts to try, to be honest. But if simple pixies and bobs seem out of style and boring, you can try to check out Dutch boy haircuts for women. They differ from other hairstyles by blunt bangs and sharp ends.

Boyish hairstyles have been popular for a long time. Their main advantage is making women look younger. The shorter the cut, the younger a girl can look.

Blunt bangs is a great addition to the short hairstyles since it covers up the forehead and hides fine lines while making the style seem visually longer. This haircut is not hard to take care of if you have straight locks. Making a Dutch boy hairstyle on curly hair can be a hassle.


Best Dutch Boy Haircuts

New styles are often the long-forgotten old ones. If someone would say that looking like a Dutch boy can be stylish a hundred years ago, people would look at that person with utter surprise.

However, times change and so do the tastes. Dutch boy hairstyles for women are gaining popularity fast. One of their advantages is the low maintenance. This haircut is a wonderful choice for girls with thin hair. It creates a special volume while making a great statement.

1. Eye-Reaching Dutch Boy Plus Bangs

dutch boy and bangs combo hairstyle

Dutch boy haircut requires blunt bangs. But who said that they should be short?  Make the bangs a little longer to reach your eyes and a strict and angled haircut will turn into something sexy and even romantic.


2. Long back

women's long back dutch boy hairstyle

A Dutch boy haircut for women is usually short. But you can add it some zest by growing the back part of your mane long. This way the style will become more womanly and you can enjoy more complicated styling.


3. Asymmetry


If you are not going for the blunt bangs in this hairstyle, consider some asymmetry. The frontal strands on one side can exceed the frontal strands on the other side in length. The front part can be shorter than the back.


4. Dutch girl

dutch boy hairstyle for women

The Dutch boy haircut is easy to create on long hair. There is no need to make a bob. You can make the front part look like the Dutch boy style and leave the rest of the hair as long as you wish.



short dutch boy haircut



dutch boy haircut for women



dutch boy haircut



dutch boy haircut for blonde hair



dutch boy haircut



dutch boy haircut with layers


11. Women’s Dutch Boy

dutch boy haircut

The Dutch boy hairstyle requires special styling. If you want sharp edges and blunt bangs, you need to spend some time in front of the mirror making them look angled. But you can also do some brushing to soften up the edges.


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These Dutch boy hairstyles for women are a great way to make your image so special that all the heads will be turning your way. Remember, if you have curly hair, keeping such a hairstyle intact will require significant effort.