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Folexin Vs. Propidren: Which One Is More Effective for Hair Loss?

Folexin and Propidren are two popular hair growth supplements that use natural ingredients to combat pattern baldness.

Both supplements get decent marks for slowing hair loss naturally but they work in different ways.

While Folexin aims to optimize and extend the hair growth cycle from start to finish, Propidren blocks DHT, the hormone that causes follicles to shrink over time.

So, if you’re deciding between these two, it is essential to know the differences between how Folexin and Propidren work to stop hair loss.

How Does Folexin Work?

If you want to understand how Folexin can help with hair loss, you’ve got to understand the natural hair growth cycle.

The hair growth cycle has three phases. They are the anagen, catagen, and telogen stages. In layman’s terms, these are the growth, transition, and resting phases of the hair growth cycle.

During the growth phase, which lasts 2-6 years, your follicles are hard at work producing new strands. Then in the transition phase, hair growth slows and the strands start to detach from the follicles.

Finally, in the resting phase, the hair falls out so the follicles can take a breather before starting the cycle again.

Folexin works its magic by optimizing this cycle. It lengthens the growth phase so you can grow more hair for longer. And it shortens the resting phase so less hair falls out.

The vitamins and nutrients in Folexin help produce stronger, healthier hair that sticks around on your head where you want it.

So by boosting the natural hair growth cycle, Folexin helps put a stop to hair loss and thinning.

What to Expect When You Take Folexin

When you take Folexin, you’re ingesting a high-quality supplement with natural, third-party tested ingredients that’ll help give you a thick, healthy head of hair.

However, don’t expect to see results straight away. It takes at least 4-6 months for Folexin to start doing its job. Exactly how long it’ll take for you to see a change depends on your diet and lifestyle. 

Side Effects of Folexin

According to the manufacturer, Folexin has no side effects thanks to it being composed of exclusively natural ingredients.

That being said, taking more than the required dose can lead to symptoms like:

  • Digestive issues: Excess biotin can lead to nausea, diarrhea, or stomach cramps.
  • Allergic reactions: Some users may get allergic reactions, such as swelling, itching, and respiratory difficulties.
  • Skin rashes: You may experience rashes on your face or body.
  • Interaction with lab tests: Taking too much Folexin may result in inaccurate lab test results, particularly in tests for iron deficiency, thyroid disorders, and heart problems.

How Does Propidren Work?

Unlike Folexin which targets the hair growth cycle, Propidren takes a different approach – blocking DHT.

It uses natural herbs to reduce how much testosterone your body converts into DHT, the hormone that shrinks follicles. When you think of DHT blockers, the drug finasteride probably comes to mind first.

At first glance, Propidren and finasteride seem similar. But if you look closer, you’ll see they achieve the DHT blocking goal differently. Propidren relies on saw palmetto’s natural DHT-blocking abilities.

Each dose has a whopping 160 mg of saw palmetto. Plus it has tea extract, horsetail, nettle extract, and other plant-based ingredients. It also contains biotin, which as we know helps improve hair health.

So, Propidren takes a natural route to DHT blocking rather than using lab-made chemicals. The herbs make it a more natural way to achieve the same result.

What to Expect When You Take Propidren

Propidren encourages hair growth and fights loss. It blocks DHT, improves scalp blood flow, and decreases inflammation.

Those effects help strengthen follicles and prevent damage. Many see improvements in 3-4 months.

Side Effects of Propidren

As with any medication, you should make sure you’re aware of any potential side effects Propidren may have before you take it.

Since saw palmetto is the primary active ingredient in Propidren, any side effects you experience when you take this supplement are likely to be a result of it.

Some users have reported feeling symptoms like vomiting, constipation, nausea, headaches, and dizziness.

Additionally, we don’t advise using Propidren if you’re pregnant due to its mechanism of combatting hair loss. Taking anything that alters hormone levels during pregnancy isn’t a good idea. 

Ingredients of Folexin and Propidren

When it comes to stopping hair loss, what you put in your body matters. The natural ingredients in both Folexin and Propidren are key to how these supplements support healthy hair growth.

Let’s start by first discussing the common ingredients in Folexin and propidren. This dietary supplement consists of various vitamins and minerals. Here are the primary ones:

Common Ingredients

The following ingredients appear in both supplements. It’s important to note the quantities of these ingredients differ between the two products.


There’s a reason why biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is included in many hair growth, skin, and nail treatments.

This vitamin boosts the activity of enzymes in your body and leads to higher effectiveness of protein generation. Therefore, biotin helps encourage healthier hair growth.

Biotin isn’t only good for your hair, it also treats dry, brittle nails and patchy dryness of the skin, all of which are a product of insufficient biotin in your body.

It is water soluble. This means that your body can easily absorb it. It also improves your metabolism and promotes a healthier nervous system.

Both of the supplements contain biotin but the dose is much higher in Folexin than Propidren.


Fo-Ti is another primary active ingredient present in both Folexin and Propidren with similar doses.

The Chinese have recognized this herb’s benefits for centuries and have taken advantage of its medicinal properties. They used it as a booster for healthy hair growth and an anti-aging medicine.

Fo-Ti helps hair growth by smoothening out the hair growth cycle. It elongates the growth phase of the cycle by making the cells in your hair follicles multiply more quickly. 


Zinc is a trace mineral that’s involved in all sorts of important processes in the body – cell growth, DNA formation, you name it. One of its standout roles? Helping keep hair healthy.

Zinc aids hair tissue growth and repair. It also keeps the oil glands around follicles working properly. Without enough zinc, hair loss can occur and even lead to complete baldness in severe cases.

On top of that, zinc puts the brakes on hair follicles shrinking and speeds up their recovery. So in theory, it could stop hair fall out and encourage new growth.

This mineral also has anti-inflammatory properties, which could help with dandruff and scalp inflammation leading to thinning hair.

Both Folexin and Propidren contain a similar amount of zinc. This zinc content can help optimize hair growth cycles and block excess DHT by contributing to each supplement’s overall formula.

Saw Palmetto

Last but not least, there’s saw palmetto. This substance regulates your dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels.

DHT is a sex hormone that’s a major factor in hair loss because too much of it in your system leads your hair follicles to shrink.

Saw palmetto makes your body produce less DHT by blocking the enzymes that convert testosterone into DHT.

Other hair loss medications, like finasteride, are also DHT blockers. However, they rely on harsh chemicals that can lead to severe side effects.

This isn’t the case for saw palmetto, which is a natural DHT blocker. It’s also an antioxidant that helps your follicles heal from previous damage.

Exclusive Ingredients

Beyond the shared ingredients, Folexin and Propidren each contain some exclusive natural compounds. These specialty ingredients give each supplement a slightly different approach to supporting hair growth.

There are some key vitamins found only in Folexin:

  • Folic acid (vitamin B9) – It produces new cells and renews hair growth cells.
  • B5 – Strengthens follicles and nourishes hair.
  • B6 – Boosts oxygenated blood flow to follicles.
  • B12 – Forms red blood cells to carry oxygen to the scalp.

Meanwhile, the following herbal extracts are exclusive ingredients of Propridren:

  • Nettle – Contains silica and sulfur for shinier, healthier hair.
  • Horsetail – Silica strengthens strands and selenium aids growth.
  • Pygeum bark – Reduces DHT production linked to hair loss.
  • Green tea – Antioxidants prevent loss and encourage growth.

So while the supplements share some key ingredients, their exclusive additions give each a distinct approach.

For these unique components, Folexin focuses on hair growth cycles, while Propidren blocks DHT. But both aim to get your hair growing again!

Folexin or Propidren: Which Is More Efficient?

Folexin Vs. Propidren

After taking in all this information, you may wonder whether Folexin or Propidren is the better option for you.

Propidren is made by Natural Health International and Folexin is made by Vita Balance, Inc. Both of these companies have a good track record of safe and effective hair loss treatments.

Starting with their ingredients, Folexin has a more well-rounded composition than Propidren.

While the latter primarily relies on saw palmetto to block DHT production, the former includes saw palmetto in addition to other healthy ingredients, such as Fo-Ti and folic acid.

As a result, Folexin gives you better value for your money because it serves as both a hair growth treatment and a health supplement. This is even more of an advantage when you consider that Folexin is much cheaper than Propidren.

The aspect where Propidren has an edge is availability. While you can only get Folexin from the manufacturer’s official website, Propidren is available almost anywhere.

However, you should be careful when buying Propidren because there are many counterfeit products out there.

Alternatives to Folexin and Propidren

If you don’t feel comfortable using Floexin or Propidren, there are other options you can use.

One alternative is minoxidil. This medication works in a similar fashion to Folexin, working to optimize the hair growth cycle by elongating the growth phase. 

Additionally, it’s a vasodilating drug. This means that it widens the arteries that transport blood and oxygen to your scalp. As a result, your hair follicles are more nourished and better able to produce healthy hair.

Finasteride is another option to consider. However, this drug should only be used by people with extreme cases of hair loss. We say that due to the potential for severe side effects that this drug has.

Just like Propidren, finasteride is a DHT blocker. However, it’s a chemical medication instead of a herbal one.

Therefore, it can lead to a range of sexual side effects. These side effects are usually temporary, but they can become permanent if you develop post-finasteride syndrome.

So, choose the hair loss treatment that looks more suitable for you and if you see any side effects pause the treatment immediately. We wish you the best of luck in your battle against hair loss.

Disclaimer: We are not health experts and this article does not provide any health advice. The insights in this article are based on the author’s personal experiences, research from trusted sources, and user feedback. We strongly recommend consulting with your doctor before starting any supplements.

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