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Folexin Vs. FoliGROWTH: Which is More Effective?

It’s common to lose some hair every day, but when your problem turns into a hair loss problem, you should consider using a hair growth supplement.

Folexin and FoliGROWTH are two supplements that are commonly known to work. But you can not choose both of these so knowing the differences will help you to pick the better one.

So, this article will compare these two popular hair growth supplements for strong, shiny, and healthy locks. 


Folexin is an OTC hair growth supplement that contains natural ingredients to combat hair loss and thinning.

Every hair follicle goes through various stages, and this supplement extends the hair follicle’s life to prevent it from falling off your scalp by providing essential minerals and vitamins. 

The ingredients also help improve blood circulation, keeping your scalp healthy and boosting the functions of the inactive hair follicles, so you can see baby hair growing.

When your hair follicles receive more oxygen and nutrients, your hair becomes stronger and less prone to breakage and loss. 

Folexin can address many hair loss issues caused by wrong practices or lack of vitamins. It helps restore balance and health to stressed hair, making it look thicker and healthier. 

Benefits of Folexin

These are some advantages of using Folexin to deal with hair thinning and loss. 

  • Folexin is made of high-quality minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and botanical extracts that deal with various hair loss issues. 
  • Hormonal issues can make your hair weak and prone to thinning. This supplement deals with hormonal imbalances that make you lose your hair. 
  • Folexin isn’t a topical treatment, and it works from the inside out. So, it nourishes the follicles and scalp, delivering long-term benefits. After you stop the treatment, you’ll still notice an improvement in your hair health. 

Disadvantages of Folexin

These are some disadvantages of Folexin that you need to consider. 

  • Some users may experience stomach upset, allergic reactions, or other adverse effects.
  • This supplement isn’t vegan because it contains Vitamin D3.


FoliGROWTH is a nutritional supplement that helps keep hair healthy by preventing hair loss and growing thicker and longer hair.

It’s rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that help protect your scalp from irritation, thus preventing hair loss due to an unhealthy scalp. It can work for you if a nutritional deficiency causes your hair loss problem.

By taking this supplement, you can encourage inactive hair follicles to become active and strengthen your strands by increasing collagen levels. 

Benefits of FoliGROWTH

Here are some of the benefits of using FoliGROWTH. 

  • FoliGROWTH contains several minerals, vitamins, and plant extracts that help with hair thinning and loss. These components nourish the follicles and keep the scalp healthy. 
  • This supplement will work for you if a scalp issue causes hair loss. It keeps the scalp healthy and reduces inflammation, thus allowing the follicles to live longer. 
  • May strengthen hair, skin, and nails due to nutrient-rich formula.

Disadvantages of FoliGROWTH

Although it’s a good hair growth supplement, there are some disadvantages to consider if you decide to use this supplement. 

  • This supplement will only work for you if you’re losing hair because of a nutritional deficiency. If your problem is caused by chemical damage or a hormonal imbalance, you’ll have to buy other products. 
  • Like Folexin, it’s not FDA-evaluated.
  • Some users may not see any improvement.
  • Results may take several weeks or months to become noticeable.

Folexin Vs. FoliGROWTH: Similarities and Differences

Folexin Vs. FoliGROWTH

Since various combined causes can cause hair thinning and loss, it’s essential to pick a hair growth supplement that targets all of them to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Folexin and FoliGROWTH share some similarities, but they have many differences, too. Comparing these two hair supplements will help you choose the best one for your hair. 


Both supplements are OTC, so you don’t need a prescription to buy either. They aren’t FDA-approved because this approval isn’t required for OTC supplements.

Yet, they’re backed up by years of scientific research, and many people claim they could fix their hair thinning and loss problems. 

Folexin and FoliGROWTH aren’t topical treatments and come in the form of pills that should be taken daily.

They don’t promise fast results but will show improvement within four to six weeks, although some people can see earlier results. 

Since these supplements work on nourishing your hair from the inside out, the results can be long-lasting. So, even if you stop taking the supplement, you’d still notice less hair fall until the effects wear off. 


There are several differences to consider when deciding on the best among these two supplements. Although they’re both potent, they might not work for you, depending on your hair loss problem. 


Folexin and FoliGROWTH contain several high-quality and potent components scientifically tested to strengthen the hair and reduce hair loss. 


Folexin’s first ingredient is Biotin, also called Vitamin H, which helps convert the energy in your food into energy to nourish the scalp cells and make them stay healthy. It also helps with other health issues related to the skin and nails. 

The second ingredient is Fo-ti, the root of a climbing plant that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries.

It has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties, allowing the hair follicles to stay alive for a longer period. It also eliminates the effects of hydrogen peroxide on melanin cells, so it can prevent premature aging.

This supplement contains minerals and vitamins like zinc, iron, and folic acid. They help improve the blood flow and deliver more nutrients to the scalp.

It also contains traditional herbal extracts like saw palmetto, which reduces scalp inflammation, and horsetail extract, which strengthens hair strands. 


FoliGROWTH is available in an original formula and a methylated one. The methylated formula allows the active ingredients to be quickly absorbed by the body. Both formulas contain several essential vitamins and minerals that keep the hair healthy. 

It contains critical vitamins like Biotin, folic acid, Vitamin E, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, iron, and iodine to make your hair healthier if a nutritional deficiency causes hair loss.

It also contains herbal and plant extracts like saw palmetto, which helps with an inflamed scalp. 

This supplement contains pine bark extract and bamboo extract, which stimulate hair follicle growth by increasing blood flow.

To prevent premature aging and graying, this supplement contains Fo-ti, hyaluronic acid, and R-lipoic acid to strengthen your hair and make it thicker by increasing collagen levels.

These ingredients also improve the absorption of minerals and vitamins and eliminate the effects of stress, coffee, and alcohol consumption. 


Folexin addresses many health thinning and loss issues. Whether you’re losing hair because of stress, a nutritional deficiency, or chemical and heat damage, using this supplement will help restore your hair’s health. 

FoliGROWTH is mainly concerned with strengthening the hair follicles and keeping the scalp healthy. It will work if a nutritional deficiency or an unhealthy scalp causes your hair thinning problem. 


Folexin targets and suppresses many hair loss triggers. It can block DHT, which causes a hormonal imbalance associated with hair loss. It also strengthens the hair by nourishing the scalp and increasing the oxygen and nutrients delivered to the hair. 

FoliGROWTH is mainly concerned with a lack of nutrients. The company offers other products that can increase the potency of this supplement, but you’ll have to buy them separately. 


Folexin is one of the hair growth supplement brands of Vita Balance Inc. The company owns some popular hair care supplement brands such as Folexin, Valotin, and Foligray.

FoliGROWTH is manufactured by Advanced Trichology and the company offers various supplements and topical treatments to address different hair loss problems.  

So, Folixen or FoliGrowth: Which One Is Better?

Both Folexin and FoliGROWTH offer unique formulas to combat hair loss.

Folexin provides a comprehensive solution for various causes of hair loss and shows quicker results, while FoliGROWTH focuses on improving hair health through its nutrient-rich composition.

So, in terms of result and cost Folixen is better than FoliGROWTH.

Disclaimer: We are not health experts and this article does not provide any health advice. The insights in this article are based on the author’s personal experiences, research from trusted sources, and user feedback. We strongly recommend consulting with your doctor before starting any supplements.

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