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My Gray Roots Show After 2 Weeks of Dyeing- What to Do?

As you age, you will sadly notice your hair starts to gray. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and it happens to all of us. You are free to let the gray hairs show, or you can dye them to cover the gray strands. 

Dyeing gray hair is a perfectly acceptable choice, but it takes a lot of work. if your gray hair reappears within it is understandable to get frustrated. 

However, there are easier solutions to this problem. Before we get into the solutions you should know why your gray roots show after a certain period.

Why Do Gray Hair Roots Reappear After 2 Weeks?

gray roots reappeared after 2 weeks of dyeing

A common problem for people who dye their hair after it turns gray is the color disappearing after two weeks. They will dye their hair and then, will start noticing gray roots reappearing. 

This problem can be very frustrating, not just because you took the time to dye your hair but because reapplying dye is expensive.

Wrong Applications

Unfortunately, people who apply their hair dye at home often experience the issue of gray roots appearing after two weeks. You need skills to dye your roots.

At-home techniques for applying hair dye are often not as effective as those in a salon.

Professionals are better at applying hair dye than regular people at home. So, it is recommended to visit a professional at a salon to dye your hair if you are experiencing an issue in retaining dye.

Hair Growth

Unfortunately, regardless of where you choose to get your hair dyed, you will notice gray roots start to appear every two or three weeks. The reason for your gray hairs reappearing is natural hair growth. 

As your hair grows, gray roots will show. It takes roughly two weeks for gray roots to become noticeable. There are things you can do to delay this, but you will always be fighting this battle.

Gray Hair Not Taking Color

Finally, gray hair is harder to dye than other hair colors. Gray hair does not retain dye pigments like other colors do. So, you might need to apply more dye to get the color to stick.

Sometimes hair roots are resistant to color. If your roots are not dyed properly when you dyed your hair, it might show the grays within a week.

What to Do If Your Gray Roots Show Again After 2 Weeks of Dyeing?

When your gray roots start showing, you will be tempted to redye your hair with the same dye you used before. 

However, you should avoid dyeing all of your hair. Instead, only dye the gray roots again. You should use a semi-permanent hair dye in between renewing your permanent hair dye.

Use a Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

things to do if gray roots show again after 2 weeks of dyeing

Your best option to combat gray roots reappearing is to use a semi-permanent hair dye to re-dye. This type of dye will cover your gray roots but will not damage the rest of your hair.

Constantly redyeing your hair with permanent dye can do significant damage to the roots of your hair. As a result, your hair could start to grow in a fragile state.

The reason semi-permanent hair dye is a better option for redyeing roots than permanent hair dye is it does not contain ammonia. Ammonia is present in permanent hair dye, and it helps hair dye permanently pigment your hair. However, repeated application of permanent hair dye can damage your hair. 

Dyeing at Salon

dyeing hair at salon

Unfortunately, one of the most common causes of gray roots reappearing is poorly applied hair dye. If you dye your hair yourself, there are likely stages in the application process that you are not doing perfectly. As a result, your root hair color may be fading faster. 

So, if you notice this issue and are dyeing at home, consider visiting a salon. If you get your hair dyed at a salon, you should not have this issue.

Additionally, getting your hair dyed at a salon is more expensive than doing it at home, that is before factoring in redyeing. If you do not have to redye your hair, it could be cheaper to get it done at a salon. So, that is something to consider before dyeing your hair at home.

Can I Touch Up My Gray Roots Every Two Weeks?

gray roots touch up

Yes, you can touch up your gray roots every two weeks. However, we do not recommend using permanent hair dye every two weeks as it will damage your hair.

You should use semi-permanent hair dye for touch-ups as it will not damage your hair. It does not have ammonia, so you do not need to worry about damage to your roots. 

Using too much hair dye with ammonia can cause hair fall. You can cover up gray hair but not hair loss.

So, gray roots can reappear within two weeks due to applying your hair dye incorrectly, using the wrong type of hair dye, and hair growth. However, natural hair growth is the most common cause of visible gray roots after weeks.