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How Much Does Hair Tinsel Cost?

The fairy core aesthetic is here to stay, and hair tinsel is an eye-catching way to look as ethereal as you feel. They provide a soft, subtle sparkle to make your hair pop in a crowd. 

After seeing just how charming the little strands of tinsel are, you may wonder, “How much does hair tinsel cost?”

Read on to learn more about what hair tinsel is and how much it costs.

What Is Hair Tinsel?

hair tinsel
Instagram/Alexis Hazelett

Hair tinsel is a thin piece of thread that shimmers in the right light. The reflective tinsel comes in every color imaginable, so it works for every personality and hair color. Some refer to it as “fairy hair” because of its dainty air.

Stylists tie a single thread to one strand of hair. The tinsel is no thicker than the strand, so it is not disruptive to the overall style.

However, the glittery appeal adds just enough pizzaz to ensure that people will do a double-take when looking at your hair, especially in the sunlight.

Unlike other style treatments, hair tinsel does not damage the hair in any way. It does not bind to the hair, and the tie is strong enough to withstand multiple washes and heat styling.

The threads will fall out on their own after two to eight weeks, depending on the wear and tear.

How Much Does Hair Tinsel Cost?

The price of hair tinsel varies depending on the artist and the number of threads. However, it is safe to assume that the final price should land between $10 and $20.

Hair tinsel is typically an additional service on top of a cut, style, or blowout in a salon. Some cover their whole head, while others tie in one or two strands.

Some tinsel lovers skip the salon altogether, purchasing hair tinsel kits from a beauty supply company or Amazon for under $10.

High-quality tinsel that is built to last without tangling and stands up to heat from hot tools will likely cost more than cheaper versions.

If you are thinking about getting tie-in tinsel at a salon it will cost you around $10 – $12 per 5 strand.

Is Hair Tinsel Worth It?

Hair tinsel is a cheap, classy way to add a gossamer element to any hairdo. For under $20, your hair can have a unique accent that lasts up to two months.

Since it does not damage the hair, there is no risk, only a reward: a gorgeous glimmer.

Is Hair Tinsel High Maintenance?

hair tinsel maintenance

Hair tinsel is not a high-maintenance add-on. Wash and style your hair as you would without the hair tinsel. Be careful not to tug on the thread while dealing with your hair, just as you would with any other strand on your head.

Some people encounter an issue when they brush their hair. It can sometimes feel like the tinsel is moving when you brush your hair from the scalp.

If you feel this happening, place your finger at the base of the tinsel and apply pressure while brushing. Your finger will prevent the thread from slipping and sliding on the strand.

As for heat styling, use a straightener, curling iron, or blow dryer as you would without hair tinsel. Do not over-expose the thread to heat because this can cause it to curl. However, you should not put any strand of hair through prolonged heat exposure.

You do not have to worry about maintaining the color of the thread itself. It will not fade from washing or swimming. It will keep its sparkle for its whole lifespan.

So, How Much Does Hair Tinsel Cost?

If you want to change your hairstyle without the long-term commitment of dying or cutting, try a subtle accent like hair tinsel.

It costs $10 to $20 in a salon and less if you want to try applying it yourself. The distinctive, low-maintenance sparkle is well worth the price. 

The glittery tinsel hair can be worn in braids, ponytails, buns, loose styles, and more. With the wide range of eye-catching colors, hair tinsel can be a worthwhile addition to your style, offering that extra sparkle and uniqueness to your appearance.