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25 Chic Wash-and-Go Hairstyles for Laid-back Ladies

Wash-and-go hairstyles work wonders for laid-back ladies or those with a busy routine. They require no hairstyling tools saving a lot of time and effort while air drying the hair naturally.

Before going through the list of such fuss-free haircuts, remember to use a good leave-in conditioner and styling product whilst setting or brushing your hair. That will help keep it from getting frizzy.


What is Wash-and-Go Hairstyle?

Wash-and-go styles mean wearing your hair in its natural texture, whether straight, curly, or wavy. These hairdos are styled without any heat or manipulation and last for 3 to 5 days, making them perfect for hair growth and health.

Wash your tresses, use good quality styling products before air drying, and leave the rest to your natural pattern. No dryers, curlers, and straighteners are needed at all! Just go natural!


Effortless Wash-and-Go Haircuts and Hairstyles

Put those styling tools away and get ready to restore the health of your precious hair with the following wash-and-go haircuts and hairstyles.

1. Choppy Bob

wash and go bob haircut

Choppy layers come in handy when opting for a low-maintenance look for wavy hair. The strands are cut in short uneven proportions resulting in an edgy and modern bob that is easy to style without any heat. Finger brush the mane with a side part and done!


2. Natural Curls + Babylights

wash and go long layered haircut

Natural bouncy loose curls should never be taken for granted. Keep them healthy and luscious-looking with good hair care products and get a jaw-dropping hairdo in return.

Spice up the look with delicate babylights, and remember to detangle the locks when wet with a wide-toothed comb leaving them untouched when dry.


3. Pixie Bob

wash and go short haircut

Ladies with straight hair can start fresh with a sexy pixie bob featuring a short round haircut with textured layers and a long angular fringe reaching the jawline while covering the eye, giving off emo vibes. You don’t even need to brush your hair. Just wash and go!


4. Wavy Lob

wash and go medium length haircut

Women are going mad after wavy lobs this year, while those with a natural wavy texture can achieve them easily skipping all the laborious hair styling steps.

Snip the tresses just above the shoulders with minimal layering and all you have to do is to keep them well hydrated afterward.


5. Blunt Haircut

wash and go bob cut for fine hair

Though blunt cuts are thought to look good on straight hair only, they work well with pretty much any texture.

Busy ladies can save a trip to the salon by cutting their strands at home to fall in a perfectly straight line above the shoulders with or without bangs.


6. Fluffy Mess

wash and go haircut for curly hair

When it comes to wash-and-go haircuts, curly-haired ones are at the benefit as the messier the style is the better the curls look.

Breathe some life into that boring fluff by cutting the curls at varying lengths to fall flawlessly around the face. Air dry the hair while scrunching it and voila!


7. Highlighted Afro Curls

wash and go haircut for black women

Talking about carefree curls, African-American ladies can rock a light hair shade by adding blonde highlights all over the head or dying the tips only for a two-toned look.

Squeeze out excess moisture with a microfiber towel and leave the hair to dry naturally.


8. Feathered Hair

wash and go haircut for older women

Feathered layers are the easiest to style as they look blow-dried even without a blowout. Elderly ladies can shed off some years with a shoulder-length layered haircut and face-framing highlights where the texture is mainly focused at the ends flipping that flip inward or outward naturally.


9. Curtain Fringe

wash and go haircut with curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are low-maintenance requiring no styling at all though a little blowout can make them look exceptional. Regardless of the texture, couple them with a short, medium, or long haircut to accent the face and notice heads turn all around you!


10. Platinum Buzz

wash and go buzz cut

An ultimate wash-and-go hairstyle for wild ladies who don’t mind making bold choices. Sport a buzz cut and dye the hair platinum blonde or choose any other vibrant hair shade of your choice.

Though requiring regular touch-ups, this look can be refreshed effortlessly at home. You don’t even need to comb your hair!


11. Long Tiered Layers

wash and go haircut with face framing layers

Add some movement to a long mane by going for layers that are ideal to take off some weight in case of thick tresses or add volume to thin hair.

Frame the face with a long curtain fringe and dry the locks upside down. You will love the result!


12. Bob + Thick Bangs

wash and go bob cut with bangs

Straight hair can frizz too if subjected to excessive heat-styling and dying. Give those precious tresses a break from all the stress and rock them with a classic chin-length bob and thick bangs grazing the eyes. Complete the look with bright red lips and winged eyeliner.


13. Sleek and Straight

wash and go long bob haircut

If a bob cut with bangs seems not to be your taste, check out this straight-cut lob instead. Retain the shine with regular deep conditioning for the strands to remain tangle-free.

Amp up the look by going for a black to medium brown ombre and you won’t regret it.


14. Textured Pixie

wash and go pixie cut

Another wet set style for the laid-back ones out there. This sassy textured pixie features a long top and back, short sides, wispy bangs, and long sideburns making it ideal for those who like a short feminine hairdo. A hand-tousle and off you go!


15. V-Cut

wash and go long haircut

A V-cut never gets out of style and looks exceptionally flattering on a long mane. The hair is cut at a sharp angle forming the V shape with heavy layering all along demanding no styling at all. Those who want to keep it soft and subtle can opt for a U-cut instead.


16. Short Shag

wash and go shag haircut

Shaggy haircuts are, without doubt, the best wash-and-go hairstyles of all time. Women possessing fluffy locks can recreate the look by asking for a razor cut with as many choppy layers as possible and wispy bangs grazing the brows at the front.


17. Slicked-Back Wet Look

wash and go slicked back haircut

Wet hair looks have remained quite a trend this year and many celebrities have rocked them on the red carpet.

Slick back the strands when wet and restyle them later upon drying or retain the look for the entire day by using an ample amount of hair gel.


18. Dark Roots

wavy wash and go haircut

Dark roots have not remained a problem anymore and allow brunettes to rock a blonde hue without much maintenance.

Apply a curl-defining cream stepping out of the shower to enhance your curl pattern and leave the hair to dry on itself.


19. Wavy Perm

wash and go hairstyle for 2C hair

A wavy perm is suitable for those who are bored of their straight tresses and is fuss-free allowing you to skip heat-styling up to weeks.

Couple it with a golden blonde base shade and light milky blonde highlights with the emerging dark roots adding up to the style.


20. Bold and Bright

wash and go ombre hairstyle

With such bold hair shades, no one will ever notice whether your hair is properly styled or not. Opt for the brightest coral pink and fuchsia hues or choose any other color combination with natural roots adding a punk vibe to your wash-and-go hairdo.


21. Blonde Balayage

wash and go haircut for fine hair

Whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy a balayage is sure to set it on fire. It involves hand-painting highlights while concentrating on the ends resulting in a soft dark to light gradient. Set the locks while wet and your part of the work is done!


22. Color Pop

wash and go haircut for colored hair

Eye-popping, right? Sport a multi-colored mane by adding all your favorite shades together on the head. Keep in mind to apply a leave-in moisturizer while the hair is damp to reduce the damage from chemical dyes and prevent any frizz.


23. Tousled Tresses

layered wash and go bob cut

For those who don’t even have the energy or time to comb their hair, it is better to get a short haircut.  Finger brush the wet strands and continue doing so while on the go. The result will be a sexy ruffled hairstyle that is sure to grab some attention.


24. Heatless Rolls

layered medium wash and go haircut

While the topic under discussion is avoiding all hairstyling tools like dryers, straighteners, and curlers, no one ever said anything about heatless velcro rollers.

That’s right place them on washed, damp hair and let it dry naturally before taking them off. You’ll achieve something similar to this hairstyle!


25. Face-Framing Layers

wash and go layered haircut

Face-framing layers play a big role in highlighting your best facial features. The forward graduation is ideal for ladies who want to refresh their hair without taking off the length.

Don’t worry about setting the mane as the layers will fall in place naturally upon drying making them the chicest wash-and-go haircut among all.


To be honest, these wash-and-go hairstyles are not only time-saving, simple, and chic they are also just perfect to take a break from the labor of styling your tresses daily. So now that you have got an excuse for a new haircut, why not book a salon appointment right now?