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How Much To Tip Your Braider, According To Professional Braider

If you are considering giving a tip to your braider, it means that you are satisfied with the result and eventually want to come back again. When you return, you are expected to behave the same way, so if you tip too much the first time, you assume to do that again lately. 

Tips are unwritten laws that are relative from country to country, from person to person, pocket to pocket, and so on. Sometimes tips are likely awaited, and other times you are even expected to try to negotiate the price.

If you start with negotiation, it supposes that tips won’t be foreseen but even so, might be welcomed.


How Much Should I Tip My Braider?

The ideal tip is the number that lies between not too big for you and not too little for your braider.  The usual universal tip is around +/-20%.

If you don’t have that budget but want to tip at least something with honor, just round the payment and ask the braider to keep the changes.


When Can I Try to Negotiate the Price of My Braids? 

negotiating tips with braiders

When the hairdresser is self-employed, the culture of the location is well known for the fact that everything can be negotiated, and when the price seems oversized to you. 

However, negotiation can be risky in some cases, as braids are very diverse, so you might get fewer braids for less money instead of making a better deal. In this case, that should be very well clarified and an honest braider would tell you that he isn’t negotiating prices, but he can offer you something that you can afford.

Remember, the tip is not mandatory and a professional hairdresser will give you the best services for the price they asked for.

A self-employed can raise the price if he or she isn’t satisfied with the amount earned per their services. If you don’t want to give any tips, but you love the hairstyle that they made for you, you can simply show your appreciation, and that will make them happy.

You can also post pictures on your social media, write a few beautiful thoughts about your hairdo and tag them. Your behavior is much more impactful than the little amount paid in addition. 


What Is the Lowest Tip I Can Give?

What Is the Lowest Tip I Can Give?

The lowest tip you can give without losing your honor is when the price is unrounded, but you round it up and ask for no change.

If you don’t pay with cash, but you still make the transfer on your own, you can round up the amount, but these are particular situations as sometimes you need to pay with a credit card the exact amount of the service or the price can be already rounded up (like mine, for example).

In this situation, the lowest tip can be 0$, but a lot of thanks & joy, or starting with 10%. 

Other options are small gifts, like nice drinks/chocolate, etc. It was really nice to me when I got these kinds of surprises from customers.


Why Should I Tip My Braider?

how much should I tip my braider

If you are generous, kind, and considerate with your hairdresser, he may give you back the same special attention to you. When you really need your hair to be styled on a specific date, they will try as hard as possible to find time for you.

They will try their best to execute everything perfectly, find the exact colors of the extensions or other products you need, etc.

More than that, you’d better notice that hair is the most spiritual part of our bodies, which can hold both positive and negative energy, so you’d better have a good relationship with your braider.

Braids are supposed to block the negative energies that come to you, and in native cultures, people only let their family members or healers touch their sacred hair.


I hope this article helped you out with how to behave with your hairstylist. Only positive thoughts & thanks for reading!


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