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How Often Should You Wash Natural 4C Hair?

If you’re confused about how often you should wash your natural 4c hair, you’ve come to the right place! There are several types of natural hair ranging from 1A to 4c, and the hair care routine for each may differ slightly. Now how often to wash your hair depends on your hair type.

4c hair is mostly misunderstood and thought to be painful, difficult to maintain, and just straight up ugly. That is absolutely incorrect. With the right hair regimen and a lot of tender loving care, 4c hair glows and grows.

natural 4c hair wash


How often should you wash natural 4c hair?

4C hair strands are naturally dry and break off easily, so washing your hair correctly every 2 weeks is recommended to retain the moisture.

Moisture is the key to hair growth, and a full head of hair is simply beautiful. A great routine for gym and fitness enthusiasts or newbie naturals is to co-wash every week, and shampoo bi-weekly. Co-washing is washing your hair with conditioner only which leaves your hair decently neat, and smelling bomb!

Some seasoned naturals still follow this routine to this day, and why shouldn’t they?

Generally, it’s not good to wash your hair daily if your hair grade is 4C. Hair will be too dry and may result in hair breakage. Also, it’s just too tiring. Your hair will thank you if better attention is paid to it, and in this case, an entire day tagged ‘wash day’.

Now that you know how often to wash your natural 4c hair, the general rule of thumb of a wash day routine is to:

  • Prepoo
  • Shampoo/Co-wash
  • Deep Condition
  • Moisture
  • Style


Always try to wash your hair in sections for manageability and less shrinkage. Following this rule ensures hair growth, reduces breakage and just helps you gain a lot more confidence in yourself. Of course, your hair type is not the only contributing factor to a wash routine. Your hair porosity also matters.

There’s no single opinion on how often to wash our natural hair because of differences in hair type, porosity, needs, and preferences. Therefore, here’s an easy guide to understand when to wash:

  • You should also wash your hair when it is dirty or has a lot of product build-up from styling.
  • Check on your hair daily, discover what it likes, and don’t like it.
  • If in protective hairstyles, cleansing every two weeks or once in the month that you wear it is recommended.

Choose a shampoo depending on your scalp condition. For conditioners, as your 4c hair is naturally dry, use one that moisturizes. All products you use should never contain sulfate agents. If it isn’t sulfate-free, it isn’t healthy!

You now have a guide on how often you should wash your natural 4c hair, along with Dos and Donts. Welcome to a healthier hair journey!