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9 Proven Tips For Thinning Hair and Split Ends

Split ends are not only unsightly and annoying; they contribute to the appearance of thinning hair. Frizzy ends make your hair look dried out, unhealthy, malnourished, and unkempt. The longer you wait to resolve split ends, the worst they become.

As split ends travel up the length of the hair shaft, the hair is prone to breakage. If many strands break close to the scalp, your hair will look thin and wispy.

thinning hair and split ends


Tips To Avoid Split Ends and Reduce Thinning Hair

Follow these nine proven tips to avoid split ends and help reduce the appearance of thinning hair:

1. Don’t wash your hair with shampoo every day.

Figure out a “second-day hairstyle” you can wear without having to do a complete restyle. Put your hair in a ponytail or wear an attractive headband or scarf. The less you shampoo, the better it is for avoiding split ends.


2. When you wash your hair, concentrate only on the roots and scalp.

use shampoo on roots only to prevent thinning hair

As you rinse out the shampoo, the suds will run down the length of your hair and clean it without the need for extra soap. Be sure to choose a mild and moisturizing shampoo.


3. After washing your hair, use extra conditioner on the ends to keep them healthy before they become split ends.

Even though a wash-out conditioner won’t do anything to cure or mend split ends, they’re still perfect for reducing tangles.


4. Use a leave-in conditioner that stays on the strands.

Leave-in conditioners add extra-protection and temporarily smooth split ends by coating the outer cuticle and “gluing” the pieces of the hair strand together.


5. Select the appropriate brushes and combs for your hair type.

use wide toothed comb to avoid thinning hair

  • Practice gentle techniques that won’t damage the hair shaft or cause split ends.
  • Use detangling products to help remove tough knots and tangles.
  • Avoid combing or brushing wet hair. If you must, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb first.


6. Avoid vigorous rubbing when you dry your hair with a towel.

Instead, squeeze your hair with the towel, working your way down from the roots to the ends. By drying your hair this way, you’ll cut down on split ends.


7. Minimize the use of heating devices.

Blow dryers, curling irons, or heated straightening brushes create split ends and, eventually, thin hair. Stay away from hairstyles that require the repeated use of these damaging appliances.


8. Don’t use straighteners, perms, or other harsh chemical processes on your hair.

See #7 to learn why!


9. Trim your hair regularly.

trim regularly to prevent split ends

By removing damaged split ends before they have a chance to move further up the hair shaft, your hair will not only look healthier, it will be Regular trims will also reduce breakage and the appearance of thinning hair.


Unfortunately, split ends are hard to avoid, and if your hair grows long enough, you will likely experience them at some point.

By limiting chemical treatments such as perms and coloring, and by minimizing the use of heat, you can avoid them for a longer time. When split ends do eventually rear their ugly head, the quickest way to get rid of them permanently is to get a haircut.