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How To Use a Scalp Massager for Hair Growth, According to The Pros

It seems every year, a new scalp massager for hair growth comes out on the market. There are literally dozens, but what do they do, and what’s the best way to use scalp massagers to see hair growth? Many people wonder if they even work! They do. So let’s get to it.

How to Use a Scalp Massager to Promote Hair Growth

Some say scalp massages can’t help with hair growth, but they can. Scalp massages are proven to increase the thickness of the hair and promote hair growth and decrease hair loss for those with alopecia. With that information under your belt, here’s the best way to use a scalp massaging brush:

1. Go Gently

be gentle while using scalp massager

Even though you’ll be tempted to go at your scalp with all the power the brush provides, remember to be gentle. Your scalp is just made of skin, so you don’t want to get any scratches or lesions on it.

Even if you have dandruff or an itchy scalp, gentleness is always the best. Try going all over your head in small, circular motions for about 10 minutes a day.

Author’s Quote: “Try going all over your head in small, circular motions for about 10 minutes daily.”


2. Use It Twice Weekly

The best way to use one is twice a week with a hair growth serum. Why not every day? Well, the thing is that scalp massagers exfoliate the scalp and increase circulation.

Your scalp needs time to rejuvenate the skin cells and hair follicles before using the massager again. Otherwise, you might irritate your scalp or put your oil production into overdrive. We don’t want either of those things to happen.

3. Pair It with A Hair Growth Serum or Oil

Using a hair growth serum or oil with your scalp massager can help the ingredients penetrate into your scalp better. Plus, it will feel great. (Isn’t that at least part of the point?) Try a serum or oil that contains at least one of the following:

  • Black seed oil: to strengthen your hair follicles so if you’re experiencing hair loss, at least some of it can stop.
  • Peppermint essential oil: to bring hair follicles that are in the resting phase back into the growth phase. This can help you have thicker locks.
  • Pumpkin seed oil: to help keep your hair follicles in the growth stage for longer
  • Castor oil, rosemary or lavender essential oils: to help your hair grow faster.

Expert’s Tip: A hair oil that contains peppermint can help you have thicker locks.

4. You Can Use It on A Dry Scalp

If you’re going to use a hair growth serum or oil with your scalp massager, you can do so on dry hair before shampooing.

5. Or with shampoo

use scalp massager with shampoo

If you don’t use a hair growth oil or serum with your massage brush, you can still use it when you shampoo. It will encourage exfoliation of the scalp and the removal of buildup.

Both these things are important when you’re trying to grow your hair, as it needs an exit from the scalp that’s not blocked by skin cells or product buildup.

Author’s Quote:  “Hair needs a clean exit from the scalp, so use your scalp massager to exfoliate.”

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The Best Scalp Massagers for Different Hair Types

If you’re ready to go out and buy one, just know that there are several types. Each serves a different purpose for different types of hair or scalp conditions:

Best for Removing Dandruff: Tangle Teezer Scalp Exfoliator and Massager

[amazon box=”B08Z9ZP4CD” template=”horizontal”]

This brush has prongs that conform to the shape of the head. The longer ones help exfoliate the scalp, while the shorter ones are designed to stimulate pressure points in the scalp.

The total effect is that you can do an even massage of your entire head, and whether your hair is thin or thick, it helps remove dandruff. The brush is ergonomic and well-priced.

Best for Scalps that Itch: Briogeo Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager

[amazon box=”B07C42J593″ template=”horizontal”]

This massager has thicker prongs. They are made from silicone, so they’re not harsh, but they get the job done on an itchy scalp. Briogeo started out as a curl company, so their scalp massage brush is great for shampooing thick heads of curls without getting lost or tangled in your hair.

Best for Thin Hair: Wet Brush Head Start Exfoliating Scalp Massager

[amazon box=”B0979JJWW9″ template=”horizontal”]

This exfoliator has short, soft bristles that are great for exfoliating sensitive scalps and scalps with thin hair. The best part about this one is that it has a shampoo compartment, just in case you like gadgets as we do.

Author’s Quote: “If you like gadgets, the Wet Brush has a shampoo compartment designed into their scalp massager.”


Do scalp massagers relieve stress?

Yes. They also can increase circulation right in the spot where your tension headache is forming.

Can a head massager stimulate hair growth?


How long should I massage my scalp to stimulate hair growth?

Studies say it’s best to use one daily for 10 minutes for a number of months to see results. To avoid excessive irritation and increased oil production, twice weekly is probably better.

Why does a head-scratcher feel so good?

It’s a form of massage. So it’s working acupressure points within your scalp for increased health. It feels great in the process.

Does a scalp massager damage hair?

Only if you use it multiple times in one day.

Does scalp massage cause baldness?

Only if you use it too hard and you already have hair loss issues. Be gentle.

Are scalp massagers worth it?

We think so!

Can I massage my scalp too much?

Yes. It’s best to keep it to twice weekly.

How do I activate hair follicles on my scalp?

Hair growth oils are perfect to use with your scalp massager to help activate the hair follicles on your scalp.

Does scalp massage remove DHT?


How can I increase blood flow to my scalp?

Scalp massages increase blood flow to the scalp.