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25 Best Indian Bun Hairstyles for Women With Long Hair

Have you been thinking about the right ways to style a bun with your long hair? South-Asian women, specifically Indian women, are known throughout the world for their thick and dark long locks. Despite the hot climate prevalent in their part of the world, Indian women do not compromise on their hair.

messy bun indian hairstyle

Alongside the various home remedies that stem from Indian culture which help make hair shiny and thick, there are various hairstyles that Indian women use in order to keep their hair manageable. With work, commitments, a busy lifestyle, weddings and extravaganza and the unbearable heat, one of the most convenient and trendy hairstyles to pull off is the bun. Here are 25 of the most elegant and effortless Indian Bun hairstyles for long hair that you must love!


Classic Indian Bun Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair is a gift from God, and we should make sure it brings maximum flair to our beauty. Come on ladies, assemble your accessories and let make our long hair dance with glee!


The braided bun

braided bun for indian women

Not only do the intricate web of braids allow the hairstyle to last longer making it more convenient, they also add an air of elegance and style to the hairdo! This bun hairstyle will look graceful and smart on any woman!


The Up-do

updo for indian women with long hair

The up-do’s neat appearance gives a refined look to whoever wears it. The bun is slightly raised to which makes a person look smart, sophisticated and stylish. A simple and aesthetic look; the up-do can be worn on several occasions!


The double bun

indian hairstyle with double bun for long hair

For someone exceptionally fond of buns, one bun just might not be enough! The double bun is the perfect remedy for such a person! If you have thicker or longer hair which might not be held in place securely for very long, the double bun is a fitting Indian bun hairstyle. Not only is it convenient, it also looks incredibly fashionable!

Inspiring Indian Hairstyles for Short Hair


Messy Bun

indian messy bun for long hair

If you’re looking for a more casual and easy to put together look, the messy bun should be on top of your list! While it requires minimal effort to be made, it gives off an easy going and chic look to a person. Be it a hectic day doing chores or a party, the messy bun can be modified to suit any occasion.


Tight bun

indian tight bun hairstyle for long hair

Have you ever had those days where you have to work from 9 to 5, followed by another meeting or an appointment and a family gathering after and you come back home late at night? The tight bun is a hairstyle for indian women that can survive a whirlwind day like that! It’s neat and classy look is only the icing on the cake!


Top Knot

For a more chic and trendy bun, the top knot is something that you must try. The top knot is a hairstyle that adds a sharp and sophisticated look to your appearance, thus ensuring that you attract attention towards the elegant look!


Flower bun

indian flower bun for long hair

To add more elegant and fancy touch to your bun for a formal or fancy occasion, flowers can be used to embellish the bun. This was you have a convenient and simple Indian bun hairstyle that looks beautiful and fancy as well!


Low-Hanging bun

The low hanging bun is a perfect hairstyle for indian women whose hair is so long that they feel heavy in a bun and for someone who wants a hairstyle that isn’t too tight and doesn’t pull on their hair too much. This bun has a more mature look, adding a more astute and clever air to your appearance.


Side Bun

side bun hairstyle for indain women

If you’re looking for a simple bun, the side bun is just an amended version of your casual everyday bun. Pushing the bun to the side gives a little twist to your regular bun, and gives a more fresh and trendy look to your appearance. The side bun allows you to look chic and fashionable with absolutely minimal effort.


Bridal Bun with Hair Accessories

bridal bun for indian women

Buns are not just simple, pretty little hairstyles you can do when getting ready for a long day or a party you have little time to prepare for. If you want to go over the top for a wedding or a particularly special occasion, buns can also give you a very fancy and decorated appearance. This particular bun hairstyle for Indian women has it all! The slight backcombing done from the front, a thick center braid and a mesh of curls put in a bun give off an intricate and elaborate look which will make heads turn upon your arrival!


The bun is the beauty of Indian women with long hair…

Hair is always a crowning glory to women, and we do anything we can to keep it shiny and healthy. However, there is one thing we forget; there is much more than just having a long hair. We should be knowledgeable about various styling ways so that we do justice to the elegant braids we have. So, let us learn how to style and manage Indian bun haircut for long hair.

Some more bun hairstyles for Indian women to get inspiration:

Crown Bun

crown bun indian women

A high crown bun for a stay home mum or an office mum looks pretty good. Style your Indian bun with long hair into a raised ponytail and circle it around the knot. Use pins to fasten it and make sure no loose ends whatsoever.


Bun Waterfall

waterfall bun hairstyle for indian women

This long bun updo is an effortless Indian beauty look to achieve in just a few minutes.  Just as the mid-height bun is styled, this bun leaves some hair loose in the front. Also, the fringe ought to be flat and straight, giving way for more bangs to fall on the sides.


Low Neck Bun

indian low neck bun for long hair

This low bun is suitable for ethnic events. What you are supposed to do is just assemble the hair into a low-neck ponytail and the neck nape. Make the pins at the base of the balloon tight to keep the balloon intact.


Criss-Cross Flower Accented Bun

flower bun for indian women with long hair

When you are planning to attend a traditional Indian wedding party, you cannot go wrong if you wear this sleek and simple bun. It is perfect if worn under a veil since it keeps your hair neat and intact. The look is enhanced with simple individual flowers.


Side Parted Ringlet Bun for Long Hair

indian side parted bun for long hair

This beautiful ringlet bun hairstyle for Indian women is accessorized with a gold comb in an elegant leaf design to come up with a nature-inspired look. It is easy to achieve and can be worn by women of any age. However, styling is key.


Bumped Up Curly Bun

It is exciting how a simple bumpit can change the most primary hairstyles into something incredibly sophisticated. This beautiful curly haircut has been taken to the next level thanks to the bumpit inserted at the crown.


Elegant Twisted Side Bun for Long Hair

indian side bun hairstyle for long hair

Few women would prefer to go for the traditional red lehenga for their big day. Many would opt for this elegant, classy updo that will undoubtedly fit well for formal occasions. It keeps everything simple and sophisticated, and all attention is directed to the designer dress.


Dramatic Centre Parted Bun

bun hairstyle for indian women

Every lady craves to look like a princess in any formal occasion. This long indian bun hairstyle helps you achieve that dream. The opulent bun increases an elegant twist to the primary donut bun.


Gorgeous Bouquet Bun

This fabulous bouquet bun is a modern choice on the traditional flower. The flowers are an important component of the entire style as they accessorize this subtle low bun.


Dutch Braids Bun

Dutch braids bun can make any simple haircut appear super intricate and attractive.  For instance, this beautiful updo starts with double Dutch tresses at the front and finishes with a forged bun at the back. It is a sure-fire way to get a full-bodied bun if your hair doesn’t have enough volume.


Rosy Ringlet Bun

What image comes into your mind when you think of a chic Indian woman? For us, it definitely has to be a saree clad woman with a classy bun hair. It is an updo that will fit most face shapes. If you are looking forward to attending a formal event, a ringlet bun complemented with a saree will make your day a great success.


Gajra Covered Bun

Every lady wants to resemble her mother in all aspects possible. We are very sure when you were young, you picked up your mother’s gajras and wore them just to have that feeling as she does. Well, here you are; this gajra Indian bun for ladies with long hair will help you enjoy a piece of your mum style in a unique way.


Senorita Bun for Long Hair

What is fun style if not a composition of two minds, souls, and hearts? This look of braided bun augmented with a variety of red roses let you look like a goddess, much more like senoritas of Spain. Does that convince you? Go ahead and try it.


Elegant French Twist Bun

french twist bun for long hair

Look super romantic and feel fresh with this elegant Indian bun hairstyle for long hair. The curly French twist bun looks so glamorous and adorable because of the subtle lining of flowers at the top of the head.


Crown Braid Side Bun

braided bun for indian women

Want to rock with a subtle style, but you are not sure whether your fine textured hair will do justice to the style? Well, the hair extensions can be of great help to you! You have unlimited options to add more components into your hairstyle by braiding and pinning it to your fine hair with some U pins.

Long and thick hair is difficult to manage and when coupled with dinner parties, errands, appointments or weddings they can be even harder. However, there is no need to worry as these Indian long bun hairstyles will always have your back!

There are endless options when it comes to styling Indian bun hairstyles with long hair even when you don’t have much time to do so, or you just need a no-nonsense style. The bun is one of the most popular hairstyles for Indian women, and it never goes out of fashion. It is an extremely elegant hairstyle and also very versatile. It looks gorgeous on long healthy hair, and you can tailor it the way you want depending with your makeup, outfit or the event you are attending.