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25 Best Professional Hairstyles for Working Women

Finding the right hairstyle for women to look business-focused at work or during a job interview can be challenging. There are rigid rules you have to follow to be taken seriously by future or current employers.

The best professional hairstyles for the office are sleek, neat, and natural-looking. There are a lot of styles like that for working women like you to browse through.


Women’s Stylish but Professional Hairstyles for Office

Long Loose Curls

professional long hairstyle for women

Loose hair is still a professional hairstyle for women with long hair as it’s very neat. These loose curls are low in the hair, making them look neater than tighter, more voluminous curls. 

Overall the style is very sleek. No hairs are out of place, and the locks are shiny and appealing. This makes for an excellent office hairdo.


Slicked Back Pixie

professional short hairstyle for women

Pixie cuts are sometimes harder to style, as they’re so short. However, this super simple look will make you look like the top boss at work. Simply brush all your hair back sleekly. Leave a little volume along the hairline so you look empowered.


Controlled Curly Style for Medium Hair

professional curly hairstyle for women

As we said earlier, you can still look like a pro while your hair is down. Here the curls are a little all over the place, but they’re thin and controlled.

The look is fun without being distracting. It frames the face nicely and doesn’t obscure any features.


Sleek Bob with Side Parting

professional hairstyle for Asian women

A bob is always a great way to go when you want something office-appropriate. It takes minimal styling. You just have to brush your hair and you’ll be ready for the day.

Here there’s a slight side parting to modernize it. The front of the hair is also pushed behind the ears to ensure the face remains unobscured.


Long Ponytail

professional ponytail hairstyle for women

You can’t beat simplicity. A ponytail is one of the easiest and most classic styles to wear. The long locks are very neat as they’re pulled back and secured at the crown of the head.

The tresses then cascade down the back and are out of the way. It’s an excellent way to have long hair that doesn’t distract from your work.


Shoulder Length Loose Curls

shoulder length professional hairstyle for women

Loose curls will never fail to look wonderful in a women’s professional hairstyle. Here they’re blown back from the face a little to heighten the effect. The locks sit neatly on the shoulders with a parting that’s just slightly off-center.

This style is made even more appealing by the color. The brunette locks have subtle highlights around the face.


Side Swept Wavy Hair

professional wavy blonde hairstyle for women

This hair is very wavy and thick, but it’s still a professional hairstyle for women as it doesn’t hide any of your features. It’s brushed over to one side and falls over the shoulder. Some locks also extend down the back.


Quiff with Shaved Sides

professional short hairstyle with shaved side for women

A quiff is a traditionally masculine hairstyle that also looks chic on women. For example, Anne Hathaway has worn a similar style to formal events. The sides are shaved here while the longer hair on top is swept back with a lot of volume. 


Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

professional pixie cut for women

Long bangs always draw the eye to your face. Here you can see the bangs don’t cover the eyes or too much of the face, so you still look bright and approachable.

The slightly tousled style on top of the pixie cut also helps you look approachable but serious.


Shoulder Length Style with Loose Waves

professional hairstyle for women with glasses

Very loose waves make your hair look dynamic without requiring too much styling. It’s just the ends that are wavy here. The shoulder-length style has a side parting with volume on top.

The bangs are cheekbone-length and blend in with the rest of the hairdo.


Long Red Hair with Curly Ends

professional hairstyle for women with long red hair

Red hair is very vibrant, so you don’t have to do much to make it look stylish. This women’s professional hairstyle has the locks loose with a side parting.

The hair is naturally straight but with a slight curl at the end. These curly ends make the style appear dynamic and alive.


Shoulder Length Style for Black Hair

professional hairstyle for black women

If your natural hair is type 3B, 3C, or even 4A, then this style will work for you. It’s very thick and has a parting that’s slightly off-center.

Shoulder-length is perfect for keeping it looking neat but also glamorous. The curls are very well controlled despite their density.


Grey Bob with Feathered Ends

professional hairstyle for older women

Older women can rock their natural grey in the workplace. If you don’t like styling your hair too much, then a simple bob with feathered ends looks fabulous.

Here some thick bangs blend in well and give the appearance of layers framing the face.


Pixie Bob for Thin Hair

professional pixie bob for women

Women with thinner hair look great when keeping their locks short. This neat little pixie bob has some waviness to it, and that helps it look thicker. It frames the face very well overall to look sweet but chic.


Long Bob with Bangs

professional hairstyle for women over 40

Bobs and bangs go hand in hand. The bangs add depth to a look, and bobs keep you looking neat and fresh. The bob curls in under the chin at the front, helping define your jawline.

This look is great for women over 40 as it helps you look mature while also keeping your hair lively.


Updo for Black and Mixed Race Women

professional curly updo for women

Black and mixed-race women with type 4B hair will love this look.

An updo is always a great professional women’s hairstyle. This one gathers these curly locks on top of the head. They then fan out around the forehead, drawing attention to your face. The highlighted ends look great.


Chic Low Bun

professional bun hairstyle for women

Sometimes buns look too formal even for work. However, a low bun like this looks perfect. It’s very neat, but the hair wraps around it to create sections that look very pretty. The rest of the locks are brushed sleekly back into it.


Braided Ponytail with Side Bangs

professional braided ponytail hairstyle for women

If ponytails are too simple for you, then add braids. There’s a braid on top and one on each side here. The ponytail is short but lively. At the front, bangs bring the whole look together and lay sideways across the forehead.


Fishtail Braid with Volume On Top

professional braid hairstyle for women

Braids are very elegant, and fishtail braids are fun. They keep the hair neat while still looking beautiful. The volume on top also adds some glamor to your look. Wispy strands frame the face to help you stand out.


Blonde Bob with Hidden Undercut

professional blonde bob haircut for women

This pale blonde bob is super professional. One side has the hair hanging by the face. The other side has the hair tucked behind the ear.

However, you can see there’s a hidden undercut here. One side is shaved but barely visible. It’s a great way to add a slight edginess to your work look.


Red and Yellow Box Braids

professional box braids hairstyle for black women

Box braids are an excellent way for black and mixed-race women to protect their hair while looking stylish. These are very long and decorated with bands and beads.

If your workplace is more lenient on unique hair colors, this red and yellow braided hairstyle looks great with bright office attire.


Dark Brunette Bob with Full Bangs

professional blonde bob haircut for women

This dark brunette, almost black bob is super classic. It curls in towards the neck and is very well put-together. The full black bangs with blunt ends help draw attention to your face.


Ombre Ponytail with Twists

professional hairstyle for women with ombre hair

Ombre always looks so good on long hair. Here it starts light brown and transitions into blonde. The style is a long, wavy ponytail. The sides are twisted back and form a knot. The ponytail is pulled through the knot. A nice clip decorates the look.


Wavy Bob with Side Parting

professional wavy long bob hairstyle for women

This wavy bob is very bright and fun. The waves add a nice texture to the hair without being distracting. The side parting adds volume on top to keep you looking stylish. The locks sit neatly on the shoulders to help frame the head and neck.


Neat High Bun

professional updo hairstyle for women

High buns are the pinnacle of women’s professional hairstyles. You’ll always look smart and in charge with your hair pulled back sleekly and secured on the crown of your head. The bun is a simple one without too much texture.


Changing your hairstyle at work can be challenging, but you can find a women’s professional hairstyle that’s stylish. You’ll find yourself batting off compliments as you stroll through the office with your snazzy new style. 

The above professional hairstyles will make you look at your best while at the office. Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you can’t be stunning!