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Top 30 Japanese Haircuts and Styles: Short, Curly and Bun

Have you ever wondered how every Japanese woman’s hair looks absolutely flawless? Japanese haircuts and hairstyles are very popular all over the world. This is mainly because they are easy to pull off and goes with every face shape.


Best Japanese Hairstyles for Women

Here are some of the trendiest Japanese hairstyles that you can easily pull off this summer.

1. Messy High Ponytail

updo style for japanese women

Whether you’re in a hurry, on your way to the gym for a sweat sesh, or hitting the beach, a messy ponytail is always adorable! Finger comb hair into a high ponytail, not pulling the hair all the way through the last loop. 


2. Low French Braided Bun

traditional hairstyle for japanese women

For those sweet first dates or fancy summer weddings, a beautiful Japanese updo like the low bun is always a classy choice. Just French braid the hair down to the neck first before gathering the rest into a messy bun. Leave a few tendrils out around the face to help with framing.


3. Bob with Side Bangs

bob hair for japanese women

This cute Japanese bob with side bangs is minimalistic in style, but that’s what makes it perfect for women with thin or fine hair. Bonus if your hair is also straight in texture. You can simply comb and go!


4. Low Bubble Ponytails

bubble braids for japanese women

For the girl next door look, two low bubble ponytails is the women’s Japanese hairstyle you want. Give your hair a thorough comb through before creating your two low ponytails, sectioning them off with colorful hair ties. If you have bangs, wear them straight to finish off the look.


5. Pin-Up Waves

retro hairstyle for japanese women

These soft swooped waves are very similar to a pin-up girl’s hairstyle, but it instantly becomes more chic when the waves are worn with a neat tucked in bun. Nix frizz by smoothing in a hair oil or anti-frizz serum.


6. High and Low Buns

knot hairstyle for japanese women

Can’t decide if you want a high or low Japanese hairstyle? You don’t have to choose! Create a small tight bun with the top half of the hair off to one side, then create a smaller tight bun at the opposite side with the bottom half of the hair. 


7. Pull Through Pony

braided hairstyle with flower for japanese women

For those special occasions or when you feel like treating yourself to Queen-vibes, go with a pull-through ponytail. The Japanese hairstyle is a beautiful option for women with thin hair, since the pull-through detail thickens up the locks.


8. Short Ponytails

japanese woman with pigtails

In just minutes you can create these two low ponytails with your short straight hair. It’s another easy hairstyle to pull together in the mornings, but still packs that playful punch of style with its girlish innocence!


9. Long Wrapped Ponytail

braided ponytail for japanese women

For hair that is past shoulder-length, try a sleek ponytail for straight hair. Prevent the Japanese hairstyle from being boring by covering up your hair tie with a section of hair, creating a seamless look. 


10. Thin Layered Bob

blonde hairstyle for japanese women

A short bob Japanese hairstyle gets an edgy update with a golden blonde color. Lots of layers will help give your hair shape and movement, but teasing the crown with hairspray will also enhance your natural texture. 


11. Messy Cropped Bob

japanese cropped bob haircut

This new messy cropped bob will give you a modernized look. How to style? The key to rock a perfect cropped bob is to curl them up to give them a perfectly imperfect look!

cropped bob

Bob has been around for quite a while. Many celebrities and models were also seen rocking Japanese short hairstyles on the ramp.


12. Centre Bouffant

japanese hairstyle with Centre Bouffant

A bouffant gives medieval vibes. However, it is very popular in many parts of the world. It shows the softer side of a woman for long and short hair. You can take it a notch up by adding braids to it as well.


13. Roller buns

cute japanese style roller buns

Roller buns are the most popular Japanese hairstyle. It is one of those hairstyles where sports and fashion meet. A center parting and messy buns are perfect for this summer! You can give this hairstyle a twist by having fringes or Japanese bangs.

This hairstyle was taken by storm when the many of the celebrities and the Kardashian clan pulled it off at the Coachella last year. This made it the style of the year.


14. Knot pony

knot pony Japanese girl hair

Knot pony is one of the hairstyles that seem as if you took a lot of time in front of the mirror. It is very easy to make it yet it look so complicated. It goes perfectly for people with frizzy hair.

Tip: Use beautiful accessories to give it a fancy look!


15. Japanese long layers and cappuccino highlights

japanese long layers

Layers give your face a lot of structure. This hairstyle is perfect for people with wrong faces. And these cappuccino highlights give your hair dimension and texture.


16. Soft wave

Do you have thin hair? If yes, then this hairstyle is perfect for you! Soft waves are perfect for every hair length. Add a little highlight to give them a little texture. Make sure you curl your hair away from your face. This will avoid hair to fall on your face each time. It also looks great when swept on either side.


17. Blunt fringe

Japanese blunt fringe

Blunt fringe is perfect for people who have round faces. Your Japanese bangs will look heavier and fuller. Blunt bangs are the most popular Japanese haircut for women today. You can carry them in various different ways. You can straighten, curl them or blow dry to give them a different look each time. You can also sweep them on one side as well. When you get bored you can also pin them up to change your look for a day.
This is also a perfect look for people who want to flaunt their beautiful eyes.

There is only one downside of this haircut which is that it needs an update every now and then.


18. Top Knots

top knot japanese women hairstyle

Almost all the hairdos in the Western world are copied from the Japanese. One of them is the Topknots. They are easy to manage and makes you look edgy. The best way to make your top knot a little glamorous is to make use of sparkly accessories. This look has been very popular on the red carpets.

A top knot goes well for people with every kind of texture. However, if you have extremely curly or frizzy hair then this might be your favorite go-to hairdo.


19. Looped ponytail

japanese looped ponytail hairstyle

Best way to rock a ponytail? Loop it! Ponytails have been in fashion for a really long time. However, people are now going for looped ponytails introduced by the Japanese. It is extremely easy to manage and perfect for people who want to give themselves a sophisticated look.


20. Long layered hair with fringes

 japanese Long layered haircut with fringes

Japanese haircuts long hair and fringes are very popular among Asians. This Japanese hairstyle goes very well with their facial structure. Anyone who can carry fringes can pull off look very easily.


21. Low Ponytail

japanese blonde hair

Japanese girls have a white skin tone, making them look stunning with both black and blonde hair. If you want a simple professional look, just tie your mane in a low ponytail. 


22. Multi-Colored Braids

If you are a Japanese girl that wants to stand out, a multi-colored braided hairstyle that involves electric yellow, purple, and mauve Jumbo hair will not only extend your knits but also make them look so eye-popping. 


23. Traditional Hairstyle Icho Gaeshi

japanese traditional hairstyle

Japanese traditional hairstyles are genuinely mind-blowing. The Momoware hairstyle is used by 16-17 years old girls, and it has loads of decorative flowers. It is usually made out of unwashed hair to obtain that wet hair aspect.


24. Curly Layered Hair

japanese curly hair

There are few Japanese women with curly hair and if you aren’t one of them, you can get a perm that will create these beautiful tight waves. Keep the bangs straight and swept on one side, and opt for a brown hair color that will marvelously match your green eyes.  


25. Braided Bangs

japanese girl with brown hair

Japanese girls with brown hair can try this fantastic braid just by knitting the bangs. Use the French knit and pull off the edges to make it look chunkier. 


26. Wedding Bun

japanese hairstyle with flower

Orchids are highly appreciated in Japan, and women also use them to decorate their hair. If you want to obtain a gorgeous wedding hairstyle, go for a low braided bun and use three flowers as accessories. 


27. Red Wavy Hairstyle with Bangs

japanese red hair color

Fair Japanese skin works so well with a red hair color, especially if you are a girl that loves all the attention she can get. Create straight bangs that cover your forehead and the eyebrows and give your bob hairstyle a frizzy aspect. 


28. Long Pixie Hairstyle

japanese short hairstyle

This Japanese short hairstyle will look so cool and chic if you are a woman or a girl that has to wear glasses all the time. The combo between a pixie and a bob will look fabulous if you wear those long bangs tossed on one side. 


29. Braided Bun

shoulder length hairstyle for japanese girl

A braided bun is an excellent option for a Japanese girl with shoulder length hair, especially if there’s a fancy occasion coming up when you need to look elegant. Complete your glammy look with a pearled, gorgeous necklace. 


30. Pale Purple Ombre

japanese girl with colored hair

Get a bob haircut with bangs and step up your styling game to a whole new level by creating a mauve ombre. Dye your roots in a light brown color and make a stunning transition to this youthful color. 


Want to try out these styles right now? So, hurry up and try these trendy hairstyles to rock in this summer!


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