Top 20 Japanese Haircuts and Styles: Short, Curly and Bun

Have you ever wondered how every Japanese woman’s hair looks absolutely flawless? Japanese haircuts and hairstyles are very popular all over the world. This is mainly because they are easy to pull off and goes with every face shape.


Best Japanese Hairstyles for Women

Here are some of the trendiest Japanese hairstyles that you can easily pull off this summer.

1. Messy Cropped Bob

japanese cropped bob haircut

This new messy cropped bob will give you a modernized look. How to style? The key to rock a perfect cropped bob is to curl them up to give them a perfectly imperfect look!

cropped bob

Bob has been around for quite a while. Many celebrities and models were also seen rocking Japanese short hairstyles on the ramp.


2. Centre Bouffant

japanese hairstyle with Centre Bouffant

A bouffant gives medieval vibes. However, it is very popular in many parts of the world. It shows the softer side of a woman for long and short hair. You can take it a notch up by adding braids to it as well.


3. Roller buns

cute japanese style roller buns

Roller buns are the most popular Japanese hairstyle. It is one of those hairstyles where sports and fashion meet. A center parting and messy buns are perfect for this summer! You can give this hairstyle a twist by having fringes or Japanese bangs.

This hairstyle was taken by storm when the many of the celebrities and the Kardashian clan pulled it off at the Coachella last year. This made it the style of the year.


4. Knot pony

knot pony Japanese girl hair

Knot pony is one of the hairstyles that seem as if you took a lot of time in front of the mirror. It is very easy to make it yet it look so complicated. It goes perfectly for people with frizzy hair.

Tip: Use beautiful accessories to give it a fancy look!


5. Japanese long layers and cappuccino highlights

japanese long layers

Layers give your face a lot of structure. This hairstyle is perfect for people with wrong faces. And these cappuccino highlights give your hair dimension and texture.


6. Soft wave

Do you have thin hair? If yes, then this hairstyle is perfect for you! Soft waves are perfect for every hair length. Add a little highlight to give them a little texture. Make sure you curl your hair away from your face. This will avoid hair to fall on your face each time. It also looks great when swept on either side.


7. Blunt fringe

Japanese blunt fringe

Blunt fringe is perfect for people who have round faces. Your Japanese bangs will look heavier and fuller. Blunt bangs are the most popular Japanese haircut for women today. You can carry them in various different ways. You can straighten, curl them or blow dry to give them a different look each time. You can also sweep them on one side as well. When you get bored you can also pin them up to change your look for a day.
This is also a perfect look for people who want to flaunt their beautiful eyes.

There is only one downside of this haircut which is that it needs an update every now and then.


8. Top Knots

top knot japanese women hairstyle

Almost all the hairdos in the Western world are copied from the Japanese. One of them is the Topknots. They are easy to manage and makes you look edgy. The best way to make your top knot a little glamorous is to make use of sparkly accessories. This look has been very popular on the red carpets.

A top knot goes well for people with every kind of texture. However, if you have extremely curly or frizzy hair then this might be your favorite go-to hairdo.


9. Looped ponytail

japanese looped ponytail hairstyle

Best way to rock a ponytail? Loop it! Ponytails have been in fashion for a really long time. However, people are now going for looped ponytails introduced by the Japanese. It is extremely easy to manage and perfect for people who want to give themselves a sophisticated look.


10. Long layered hair with fringes

 japanese Long layered haircut with fringes

Japanese haircuts long hair and fringes are very popular among Asians. This Japanese hairstyle goes very well with their facial structure. Anyone who can carry fringes can pull off look very easily.



japanese blonde hair

japanese blonde hair



japanese braided hairstyle



japanese traditional hairstyle

japanese traditional hairstyle



japanese curly hair

japanese curly hair



japanese girl with brown hair

japanese girl with brown hair



japanese hairstyle with flower



japanese red hair color

japanese red hair color



japanese short hairstyle

japanese short hairstyle



shoulder length hairstyle for japanese girl

shoulder length hairstyle for japanese girl



japanese girl with colored hair


Want to try out these styles right now? So, hurry up and try these trendy hairstyles to rock in this summer!