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10 Classic Pin-Up Wedding Hairstyles for Your Big Day

Brides who adore the timeless, elegant looks first popularized by stars of the silver screen like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Brigitte Bardot frequently choose vintage pin-up wedding hairstyles.

Classic pin-up wedding hairstyles that have endured the test of time include voluminous Old Hollywood waves, retro victory rolls, and dramatic updos.

These styles also feel more special and formal because they differ from what you generally do daily.

If you’re a retro-loving bride, your wedding will probably feature a few classic elements that honor your preferred era, whether the swinging ’60s or the booming ’20s. The vintage look is completed with a traditional wedding haircut and beautiful, era-appropriate cosmetic accents.

Pin-Up Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

We’ve curated the best retro-inspired, pin-up hairstyles for the retro-loving bride, from bouffant to finger waves.

1.  The Retro Curls Fashionista Bun

pin up wedding updo

This retro hairstyle is a very recognizable style from old Hollywood movies. And it combines the charm of perfect curls in a loose bun finished off with a delicate vintage hair net.

The front bangs being curled and pinned to the side really bring the look together as reminiscent of the flapper’s era or the 50s and 60s era of real glamor after the World Wars.

2. A Feathery Flapper’s Moment

pin up wedding hairstyle with bun

The Flapper’s era of the 20s and the early 1900s is fondly remembered for being high-style, bohemian, and a break from the more stringent Victorian standards.

This style utilizes shorter hair or medium-sized locks into a dazzling, very loose bun with a pearly headband and a white statement feather with gems.

It would even work if you attended a wedding or a cocktail party! This hairstyle’s key is ensuring the hair is smooth, luscious, and silky with the appropriate styling mousse, sprays, and anti-frizz serum.

3. Vintage Cured Fringe With An Iconic Double Twist

pin up wedding hairstyle with bangs

If you grew up on Marilyn Monroe’s movies or those of any other iconic actress like Vivien Leigh in the 40s and 50s, you would love this vintage wedding hairstyle that has that memorable inner curl for the bangs and loose wavy locks for medium-length hair.

When paired with Hollywood red lipstick, it is a blast from the past that movie and style enthusiasts will adore.

4. Side Curl Bun On A Bob

pin up wedding hairstyle for short hair

Bobs are very reminiscent of vintage glamor in general, but this modern teen bob has a chic side bun for an added wow factor with very silky, slightly curled hair.

Always remember to keep the hair somewhat straight, about two-thirds of the length, adding that sophisticated curl right at the end and brushing it out to make it appear effortless.

Incorporating some iconic thick winged eyeliner with a darker shade of lipstick is all part of the pin-up allure that adds extra pizzazz to this hairstyle.

5. Top Bun With A Majestic Fascinator

pin up updo for wedding

Fascinators have been making a mega-comeback in recent years as the unsung stars of special and formal occasions.

In this look, the bride has chosen a voluminous top bun with a gorgeous white chiffon fascinator. The look is uber-fashionable and wedding-appropriate.

The top bun also lets the bride’s shoulders be more on display, so statement jewelry like necklaces and hanging earrings are more impactful than an off-shoulder wedding gown. It’s one of the best retro and Classic Pin-Up Wedding Hairstyles.

6. Curl Circles With a Wavy Twist

pin up wedding hairstyle for long hair

Vintage hairstyles are often considered synonymous with youthful, doll-like curls. The bride in this look has pinned circular curls at the crown area and the sides of the head with a looser wave following the rest of her hair length. The tighter curls at the top offset the wavy length of the hair for a chic but not overly doll effect.

You can go a step further and secure the curls with a gem or pearl pins or even make a braid, but style this hairstyle with open hair for an authentic vintage touch.

7. Chic Princess Bob With Feathery Fascinator

pin up bridal updo with hat

Looking at the pictures of royals from decades ago, this hairstyle certainly emerges as a cult classic. It is a sleek bob that is carefully combed back (although not too severely) and has some loose curls pinned back with a stunning feathery fascinator center stage with a hair net for draping over the face if need be.

At your wedding or as a wedding guest, do as the royals do! For accessories, pair this hairstyle with high-quality pearl strings or earrings and petite lace gloves, and don’t forget a custom handkerchief with your initials!

8. A Tribute To Gone With The Wind

pin up bridal hair

Everyone loves the look sported by Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind. And what better occasion to bring it back than your wedding?

Start styling the hair with some serum to tame frizz. Then create some volume at the front parting with a teasing comb, and then use a thicker curling tong or iron to create big curls that retain their shape well.

Finish with a side bow, hair flower, or barrette to tie the look together. Of course, a fluffy wedding dress and some iconic bright red lipstick won’t hurt!

9. A Magnificent Flowery Top Bun

pin up wedding hairstyle for black women

It’s hard to beat this hairstyle in terms of impact. While it has that vintage, retro allure, it also ties in beautifully with the styles in fashion today.

With its gorgeous top bun overflowing with the natural and enhanced volume of textured hair with a showstopper hair flower or several!

If you choose this hairstyle for your wedding, pick white flowers like daisies and magnolias so they match your dress. You can always choose one aspect to be more elaborate so the hair flowers can be smaller if the voluminous top bun is the main star of the look.

10. The Demure Simple Bun With Hair Net

pin up bridal hairstyle

Sometimes simple is best, especially if you’ve got a spectacular wedding dress to share with the world. The hair should have some loose curls before this bun is made; the messier, the better!

This hairstyle can be understood as a more modern rendition of the vintage wedding and movie hairstyles since it has an element of imperfection that many vintage styles did not have.

Some chandelier diamond earrings, red lipstick, and a phenomenal lace hair net complete this look masterpiece. This hairstyle works for different hair lengths, from very short to long. So you have a degree of flexibility with the end result. 

There you go! The 10 best and most classic pin-up wedding hairstyles. Will you wear your hair in any of these styles at your wedding?