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20 Prettiest Bubble Ponytail Hairstyles to Copy in 2024

Bubble ponytails are fun and a great way to upgrade a simple hairstyle we all know and cherish. All you need is some hair elastics, and if you crave more volume, add some hair extensions.

Also, if you have highlights, an ombre, or long and even medium hair, you can achieve elegant, glamorous and cute looks with ponytail hairstyles.

Flattering Bubble Ponytail Ideas

Check out the examples below, grab your comb, extensions, and elastics, and pull off some stunning bubble ponytail hairstyles!

1. Long Puffy Pony

curly bubble ponytail

Combine braids with a large fluffy bubble ponytail if you really want your hairstyle to stand out in any crowd.

Get one or two hair bundles in the same color as your natural hair and improve your look with two braids that start from the forehead.

2. Two Asian Bubble Ponytails

two bubble ponytails

Asian girls really know how to style their hair and their coiffure can be a fabulous inspiration for your own look.

Part the hair in the middle and do two pigtails. Secure multiple times with pastel elastics. You can also add some thin wispy bangs that you can spread on the forehead.

3. Thread Decorated Pony

bubble ponytail for black hair

Match your makeup with your hairstyle and opt for a voluminous bubble ponytail. To make sure you have enough length and dimension, choose a rich bundle that you will attach on top.

Secure it with a thin blue thread and dress up the pony in those filaments.

4. Pearled Pony

high bubble ponytail

It’s one of the easiest yet classy high ponytail looks you can get within a minute. Getting a glamorous and elegant look is easier than ever, and to set the tone, you can definitely start with your hairstyle.

Go for curtain bangs and a top pony. Secure it three times with pearled elastics.

5. Half Up Half Down

blonde bubble ponytail

Intricate braids mixed with waves will look fabulous if you also choose to add a bubble ponytail. Go for a half up half down hairstyle, and do a braided hair crown for the top.

Curl the mane that is falling on your back and give more volume to the pony by making it look like a bubble.

6. Fishtail Bubble Pony

braided bubble ponytail

If you have long, thick hair, you can combine a fishtail braid with a bubble effect. Do the braiding only on the surface, then secure the pony.

Select a strand, braid it, then wrap it around the elastic.

6. Bubble Mohawk for Kids

bubble ponytail for little girls

At a young age, you ladies have thinner hair, and if you don’t want her bubble mohawk and ponytail to look flat and dull, you should prep the hair with a small crimping iron.

Braid the sides directing the knits towards the mohawk and feed it in, then secure with multicolored elastics. For the final touch, abundantly add glitter and sequins.

7. Twisted Double Pony

2 bubble ponytails

If you have highlights that make your hair look sunkissed, then you should definitely opt for a ponytail that you will split in two.

You will part each side again into two sections that you will twist and secure. Repeat the procedure til you reach the ends.

8. Two Top Fluffed Ponytails

bubble ponytail with braids

To replicate this look, you first need to bleach your hair and add a metallic pale blue toner. Go for curtain bangs and a middle part, then choose two sections on each side.

Braid then secure them with an elastic and create two bubble ponytails.

9. Side Twisted Pony with Bangs

bubble ponytail with bangs

The bubble ponytail hairstyle can be done in multiple ways, as its goal is to secure the hair multiple times and give it more volume.

Once you did the pony, split the hair into two pieces, twist each strand and secure it again. Repeat these steps, and once you are done, pluck the edges to fluff it out.

10. Multiple African Ponytails

multiple bubble ponytails

Instead of getting braids, you might consider choosing multiple bubble ponytails. Part your hair the way you prep for braids and secure each strand from inch to inch.

Decorate the ends with golden-plated seashells for a more glamorous effect.

11. Thick Low Ponytail

low bubble ponytail

Extend your hair with a faux ponytail. Thoroughly comb your hair, do a middle part and secure it in the nape area.

Choose a pony that has the same color as your natural hair and use a thick strand to hide the attachment. Wrap it around the base of the ponytail to hide the elastic.

12. Twisted Head Crown

long bubble ponytail

Waist-long hair will look absolutely stunning if you choose to build a twisted hair crown and a long, low bubble ponytail.

Fluff the hair and back-comb it to gain more volume, then secure and twist some strands to mark each bubble section.

13. Bubble Pigtails

half up bubble ponytail

Select your crown hair and part it into two sections. Use each to create two ponytails you will secure again, multiple times with translucent hair elastics.

If you already have an ombre, creating waves will give your hair more movement, depth and volume.

14. Side Cornrows for Coarse hair

bubble ponytails with dreads

If your hair doesn’t naturally have that amazing texture and volume, you can get some hair extensions and attach them to your cornrows.

On one of the sides, keep the braids visible as it will act as an undercut. As for the extensions, create that bubble effect by fluffing the hair and then wrapping a strand around those small ponytails. Add golden or silver hair rings to decorate.

15. French Bubble Braids

french bubble ponytails

When you have a platinum blonde ombre with grey accents, then your hair will look amazing as you start creating your bubble ponytail from the top. Feed in with new strands and secure each time you add hair.

Pull off the hair to create that most wanted bubble.

16. Romantic Side Low Pony

messy bubble ponytail

If you have long, beautiful black hair and want to spice up a simple side pony, then you should use some white ribbons to secure the hair from spot to spot.

Tease the crown section to create some height, mess up your bangs and pull out a few strands from the sides to gain that romantic look.

17. Teal And Purple Bubbles

bubble ponytail with extensions

Festivals are the perfect places where you can channel your creativity and wear eccentric hairstyles that most of the time seem just too much.

Invest in some colored hair extensions. Choose bundles that have multiple colors like purple, mauve, and teal, and use these to create two bubble ponytails and complete the look with thin braids.

19. Curved Braids and Bangs

bubble ponytail with braid

Go for a top ponytail and curtain bangs for your little girl’s long hair. Spice things up and select two strands from the pony and use them to get braids.

Secure the pony with the braids by wrapping other thin strands around the pony, in equal points, along the entire length.

20. Crisscrossed Braids

bubble ponytail for natural hair

If you are attending a wedding, then you should get a striking hairstyle that adds value to your overall look.

Get hair extensions that have the same texture as your natural hair and attach them to create a long bubble ponytail that you will decorate pearled applications.

A bubble ponytail totally transforms this ordinary hairstyle and if you want to give it an upgrade, follow our trips and tricks and recreate the examples from above. Let us know in the comments if you found the stylings easy to replicate.