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61 Beautiful Long Hair Quotes to Show Your Love for Long Hair

Having long hair is an experience all its own. There are some things ladies with short hair will never know about having long hair and vice versa! So many of us use our long hair as our security blanket, trimming and coloring it as our tastes change. And one thing is for sure about having long hair: it’s a sure-fire way to get those red carpet glam looks!

Whether you’re absolutely in love with your long hair or you, waver between love and hate, a long hair quote or saying may be just what you need to feel heard.


Quotes About Long Hair

Let someone else do the talking for once! These quotes about long hair will help you express yourself. And when you’re feeling ready for a style update for your long hair, check out these long hairstyles to get ideas!

1. Long hair is a statement of patience – you are willing to wait as long as it takes for the things that matter to you.

long hair quotes


2. I have a love/hate relationship with my long hair, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

quotes on long hair


3. Long hair is a curtain of security. It offers a certain kind of comfort nothing can replicate.

best long hair quotes


4. Long-haired girls have the power to charm the whole world.

beautiful quotes on long hair


5. I like my hair as long as my list of achievements.

best quotes on long hair


6. The length of my hair is equal to my happiness – and I want it to be infinite.

beautiful long hair quotes


7. I want to be that woman with long hair and zero care.

best quotes on long hair


8. The only problem I want to have is whether I put my hair in a ponytail or not.

funny long hair quotes


9. My long hair is part of who I am – it covers me when I am cold and gives me strength when I feel vulnerable.

beautiful long hair quotes


10. Long hair is great. It makes you look attractive and it hides you from awkward situations.

beautiful quotes on long hair


11. I like keeping my hair long and my life exciting.

long hair quotes


12. Having long hair is more than just a hairstyle – it’s a lifestyle you learn to live and never let go.

best quotes on long hair


13. Her long locks of hair carry the sweetness of sugar and the mystery of a good story.

best long hair quotes


14. Part mane, part security blanket – my hair is my closest friend and my biggest ally.

quotes on long hair


15. Not all days are good hair days, but as long as my hair is long, I don’t really mind.


16. Long-haired girls walk through life as if the world answers to them – and it does.

long hair quotes


17. How easy it is to get tangled up in those long golden locks.

funny long hair quotes


18. My femininity’s strength is equal to my hair’s length.

short quotes on long hair


19. The longer the hair, the sweeter the woman.

beautiful quotes on long hair


20. Long hair will always make them stop and stare.

best long hair quotes


21. If you tell me my hair is “too long,” I’ll take it as a compliment.

long hair quotes


22. If our hair says something about us, my long hair proves how patient I can be.

best quotes on long hair


23. Cutting my hair would be like chopping off a part of my soul.

beautiful long hair quotes


24. Behind my long curtain of hair, I find more comfort than anywhere else.

best long hair quotes


25. Her hair was as long as the will of her power and the beauty of her being.

best long hair quotes


26. Long hair sometimes means waking up in the morning without even daring to evaluate the damage.

quotes for long hair


27. Long hair does not need any styling, so be at ease!


28. An easy of becoming the center of attraction is with long and thick hair.


29. One can easily be attracted to you by falling in love with your hair.


30. You can definitely increase the number of seekers by growing your hair long, shiny and beautiful.


31. There are a lot of hairstyles that can be implemented on long hair. It has unlimited styles that need a creative hairstylist’s mind.


32. Need the confidence to walk in public? Get your hair be long and shiny; you’ll feel like a shining star!


33. Continue to extend your love for long hairs with the everlasting joy of becoming the center of attraction.


34. Wave your hair along with the wind and feel the vibes of happiness inside your heart and soul.


35. Classy look? Yeah, it means long hair with an amazing attitude. You will feel the confidence in your head.


36. Your date does not need much when you have perfect hair length. Playing with your hair will work well.


37. Hairs build your personality. Long hairs are well-suited not only for women but also for men having a unique fashion sense.


38. The number of hairstyles that you can carry with long hair is immense. You can open up, tie, curl, iron or anything that makes you look cool.


39. Just like a right track has many opportunities, long hairs have many options to style for.


40. With care and love, your hair can grow longer. People around you will depict this care and love.


41. You will be admired for the beauty of your head. It will charm your personality when you have an amazing length of hair.


42. Let’s talk about the hairs of Rapunzel, yeah! Bold and beautiful. Be the Rapunzel of your life.


43. Long hairs seem as beautiful as the waterfall with multiple colors.


44. The length of my hair represents the consistency of my life.


45. For your thousand styles, I’ll grab the public attention just by dropping my long hair puff.


46. If I can deal with this length of hair, I can deal with any list of problems with extra courage.


47. It’s not easy to manage long hair problems, but it is soothing and worth doing.


48. I can spoil thousands of hearts just by the fall of my hair.


49. When you see a woman with long hair, salute her for her efforts in creating a happy vibe for you.


50. If she can manage her long hair, she can manage your world too!


51. Having long hair after short hair gives you an incredible feeling of absolute beauty.


52. Her long hair guarantees that she can bear irritating things in life.


53. If she can cope with the problems of long hair, she can perform well in the problem of her career.


54. Sign up for the beauty by signing a will to keep your hair long.


55. What’s more beautiful than a dream of long hair coming true?


56. Feel the romance of touching her long hair.


57. My long hairs can keep the shining sun away from your eyes.


58. Your long hairs seem like a black night with your face giving moonlight out.


59. Pose with your long hair, and set your face out; that’s the perfect photo of scenic beauty.


60. Black long hairs are the wild love of my whole world.


61. Long hairs are a sign of patience in life.