Top 10 High Top Fade Haircuts with Part – Trends in 2020

High top fade is an astound combination of very short sides and an extra thick bunch of hair on the top of the head. This style with part is mostly worn on black hair because of their thick hair texture.

This style was very popular in the early 80’s, 90’s and now in 20’s have gained its place back in the fashion industry. High top fade hairstyle with the part is ideal for diamond and heart face shape. High top fade can be worn on any hair type and with various combinations.


Best High Top Fade with Part Hairstyles for Men

Here below, we have compiled an incredible combo of high top fade with a part hairstyle which you surely will love.

1. High Top Fade with Curl and Part

curly high top fade with part

This high top fade with part hairstyle looks perfect on curly hairs.  The sides are cut very short while the top of head contains long curls. You can blonde the high top curls if you like.


2. High Flat Top Fade with a Part

High Flat Top Fade with a Part

It is a cooler type of high top fade. It suits the square face shape. The long top is cut into evenly flat shape, keeping the sides shorter. The side part changes the overall look of this high top fade with part haircut.


3. High Top Fade with Dreads and Part

high top fade with dreads

High top dreads with fade and part makes the men’s personality incredibly charming.


4. High Top Fade with Juice Part

High Top Fade with Juice Part

This is an innovative type of high top fade with part. It is considered as freestyle faded design. You can blonde the high top or can keep it black. The choice is all yours.


5. Multiple Parts with High Top Fade

high top fade with multiple parts

Multiple parts on the side of high top add a surprisingly pleasant factor in men’s personality.


6. High Top Fade with a Short Side Part

If you want a change in the high top haircut, you can combine the high top fade with two short side parts for a stylish look.


7. Stylish Side Part with High Top Fade

Part with High Top Fade hairstyles for men

In this high top fade part hairstyle, the high top is separated from the fades through the stylishly designed parts, which looks charismatic on men who wore this haircut.


8. Twisted High Top Fade with a Side Part

twisted high top fade with side part

You can convert the top fade into twists for a unique appearance. The side part or line can also be made for prominent features.


9. Tilt Side Part with High Top Fade

Tilt Side Part with High Top Fade

If you got bored with the regular side part, then you can make a change in it without any hesitation. You can create a tilt part on fades beside the high top area for an attractive look.

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10. High Top Fade Mohawk with Part

high top fade with mohawk with part

No one can beat the personality of a man who is wearing a high top Mohawk with fade and part.  It can also be combined with a beard for a mature look.


So, here we tried to assemble the remarkable types of high top fades with parts. You can try any of these without a single doubt. We recommend you to go to a professional barber with the picture of a haircut that you want to adopt because the aforementioned hairstyles are not just complicated but also need an extra insight to be implemented.