10 of The Coolest Skin Fade Haircuts for Men

The skin fade haircut has quickly become a popular styling option within the past decade. With inherent influence from the African-American community, the skin fade has made its way to mainstream barbering as it has been used to make more traditional haircuts and edgy styles.


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A ‘skin fade’ is achieved by cutting the hair shorter and shorter, or ‘fading’ as it extends to the neck. While some prefer a subtle fade, some opt to go all in by shaving until the hair is down to nothing, otherwise known as a ‘bald fade’.

If you’re interested in seeing different ways to incorporate this into your style, here are 10 of our favorite skin fade haircuts for men:


1. Basic Skin Fade

skin fade haircut for men

Here is a classic skin fade that has been applied to this short haircut. The hair basically tapers gradually until there is, seemingly, nothing there.

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2. Skin Faded Quiff

fade quiff hairstyle

Incorporating a skin fade to your Quiff hairstyle is another option for men who like to have the best of both worlds. This haircut features a deep side part and gradual fade around the perimeter.


3. Deep Part Fade

This unique skin fade hairstyle features a very prominent side part. The crown is left lengthy while the perimeter of the style is cut very low and gradually faded.


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4. Bouffant Fade

If you’re a fan of the long hair but still want a sleek, clean-cut look, then try this bouffant style with a skin fade. The crown is left long but is layered and styled high in order to achieve this impressive bouffant.


5. Peculiar Fade

This unique skin fade haircut is perfect for men who like to go against the grain. Featuring a sleek ‘panel’ that is highlighted by two striking parts, this look is tied together by.


6. Low Top Fade

Here’s a play on the famous ‘high top fade.’ The hair has been cut relatively short and gradually faded.

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7. Funky Fade

Here’s a dramatic ‘do that’s completely badass. This fade haircut features a deep side part and an impressively layered coif that has been styled up in spikes. The perfect edgy look for a man who wants to look put together without looking too “stuffy.”


8. Caesar Fade

Here is a classic Caesar cut that has been faded. The sharp lines of the hairline are what pulls this look together.


9. Gentleman Skin Fade

This tapered fade takes a classic look and gives it a completely modern spin. The distinctive part and sleek uniformity make this cut perfect for professional settings, but the cut can be styled casually as well.

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10. Curly Mohawk + Skin Fade

Curly Mohawk Fade

Here’s a Mohawk inspired style has been cut relatively short and faded around the perimeter. Leaving the curls intact gives the look a unique twist.

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As you can see, there are many ways to rock a fade in order to customize your look based on your style preference. Try adding a fade to one of your favorite cuts and see how you like it. You may be surprised at how much it can transform your look.