75 Perfect Receding Hairline Haircuts – Hide the Bad Hairline

Looking for a haircut perfect for your receding hairline? Well, having a receding hairline can be one of the most nightmares in the life of a man, however, the cherry on top is finding the best haircut for receding hairline.

Once that hair loss becomes noticeable, it gets quite difficult to find a good haircut that can hide the receding hairline and still look good. Thanks to the plethora of different styles out there, men with bad hairlines need not worry. There are plenty of hairstyles for men with a receding hairline that you can still try out and look stylish.


Haircuts for Men With Receding Hairline

So, to give you an idea of the diverse range of haircuts that you can have, here are 75 stunning receding hairline haircuts that will help you overcome your hairline problems for good!


1. The Receding Buzz Cut

buzz cut hairline style for men

This is the military-inspired haircut where the hair is cut really short. The tapered sides also help to contour your hairline. The buzz cut attempts to divert the attention from the hairline to your brow line. Also, as there is less drama at the top, your features get highlighted. If you need to give yourself that chiseled and refined look with that receding hairline, the buzz cut is a great hairstyle to have.


2. The Stylish Combover

Where combing may not be a great idea for men with an advanced recession of hairline, it presents a great styling opportunity for those who have a minor one. The trick is to comb the hair at the lowest point of the natural part of your hair. This adds weight and fluffiness to your hair which helps cover the sides of your receding hairline. A number of famous Hollywood names, including Leonardo De Caprio and David Beckham have carried this style on the red carpet and won the hearts of millions.

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3. The short, slicked back

Another great receding hairline haircut. This haircut makes use of the short hair and the backward-styled hair to efficiently cover the sides of your hair. The cut follows the comb over hairstyle, the difference is that this time the hair is combed backward softly. This creates a lift and prevents adding too much weight to effectively cover your hairline while contributing to your style at the same time!


4. Regulation haircut

This is another army hairstyle that can be a great haircut for receding hairline. It’s more suited for those men who still have some length in their hair. The cut has long, scissored side parts with a puffy comb over that brings out the vintage look. It’s a great hairstyle, especially if you are a fan of the classics.

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5. The long, lank of hair

If you have a crop of hair, covering your hairline can be pretty easy. For this receding hairline haircut, you need to have thick hair. Hence this works perfectly for men who have a receding hairline as their only problem. It helps cover the temples stylishly. Although it doesn’t suit everyone, when it does, it can really become a fashion statement!


6. The messy look

One of the best hairstyles to conceal a hairline is the messy style. The look brings hair over to the front of your head and can be extremely easy to style. It covers your hairline stylishly and is one of the favorite receding hairline haircuts in Hollywood. A number of stars have chosen to live by this amazing haircut and it’s sure to inspire your taste too.


7. Short high fade haircut

Instead of covering the hairline this receding hairline haircut makes excellent use of it. It aims to contour and modify the look of your hairline by creating a tapered effect. A higher faded look aims to divert attention from the receding hairline to the volume at the top and can look really bewitching. Try it out for a different and daring look.

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8. The clean shave

A simple way to avoid drawing attention to your hairline is to remove it completely. Gove yourself a complete shave. Although not many people are willing to try this look, it can really make your features pop. Gone are the days when the bald look was criticized. Nowadays, people prefer the bald look over hair, some your style is likely to be perceived as a fashion choice instead of a cover-up!


9. Receding Hairline Plus Crew Cut

men hairline with crew cut

Short hairstyles work best with a receding hairline. This is why cuts like the crew cut make an excellent receding hairline haircut. It’s a low maintenance cut and with a gradient, which helps divert the attention from the hairline so that the other features of the face are made more prominent. However, there is the question of whether it will suit your face or not, but if it does, it is sure to last a long time!

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10. Mohawk

This is one of the long hairstyles that attempts to divert attention by creativity. It’s nothing too crazy, just a medium length mohawk. The sides are trimmed and blended down. This combination attempts to divert attention from the hairline to the hair and is an exceptional receding hairline haircut. You can alter the length of your mohawk even up to a centimeter. It’s really up to what suits you.


11. Close haircut for receding hairline

This cut follows the crew cut closely except that the hair on top is cut longer. The length shouldn’t be too long such that you would need to style it, but it should have enough volume to mess it up and make it fall on your hairline. This haircut makes hiding a hairline extremely easy and gives you a stylish haircut at the same time.


12. The mop

best mop hairline cut for boy

The haircut is also known as a mop top and it works just like its name. The cut can hide your hairline completely by covering it up and giving you an entirely new one. It’s just like short bangs for me! If you have strong hair, try it on, it might be the answer to all your worries.


13. Taper Fade Inspired Receding Hairline Haircut

taper fade hairline hairstyle

If you are looking for an easy receding hairline haircut, this is it. The basic concept is that the sides are tapered down and the top hair is kept long to style as you please. This gives you the freedom of styling so that you can come up with a number of different styling options and still look great!


14. High and Tight

This cut is also military inspired and involves shaving off the sides and the back of the head to create a smooth tapered look. A short length of hair is left at the top which can be combed or styled according to your preference. The side and top combination act as a great diversion and can help shift the focus from your hairline easily.


15. Long haircut with fringe

Long haircut with fringe hairline cut

You can imagine how a fringe can help your hairline. For people who still have abundant hair, this cut can almost conceal their receding hairline. The long, lank of hair dropping over the hairline creates the perfect illusion and the long hair gives the impression of strong and healthy hair which compensates for the recession easily.


16. Medium hairstyle for Receding Hairline

This medium haircut for receding hairline is a modification of the traditional cut. The sides are shortened and graded and the hair is combed over to the back and the natural part of the hair. This gives off the puffy combed effect that is both classic and works perfectly to cover up that bad hairline.


17. Asymmetrical fringe

Another long hairstyle for men with abundant hair who have a bad hairline is the asymmetrical fringe. The hair in this cut is kept long and is parted asymmetrically, as the name implies. The falling lank of hair covers the hairline efficiently and the long hair is enough to divert attention away from hair loss.


18. Slicked Undercut

If you are looking for an iconic haircut that is also perfect for a receding hairline, then the slicked undercut is best for you. It involves the hair is clipped very short on the sides which are tapered towards the back. The hair at the back is also shortened, but not quite as much. The top hair is left long and styled in a puffy comb-over which covers the hairline and presents as a fashionable haircut.


19. Brush Up Long Haircut for Receding Hairline

Following the traditional statement, this receding hairline haircut has long sides and even longer top portion. These are then softly combed backward, for a soft and puffy look that blends in with your hairline. Perfect for those who do not have a severely receding hairline, this style is formal, elegant and can help you score some major style points.


20. Side Swept Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, you can take advantage of this unique haircut for receding hairline. It involves long hair at the top, long enough to cover the sides when combed to the side and shorter hair at the sides. The cut involves a side part and all the hair is neatly swept to one side which covers up your hairline efficiently.


21. Top perk and shaved sides

You can also adopt a radical hairstyle. It may be difficult to adapt to, but once it suits you, it’s there to stay. The haircut for receding hairline involves a top perk that works brilliantly to disguise your hairline. The sides are shaved clean which keeps all the attention on the perk, giving you a cool hairstyle at the same time.


22. Side sweep with bangs

perfect harline Side sweep with bangs

This receding hairline haircut is one of the favorites. The side swept has always been adored by men and adding bangs to the haircut makes it even cooler. Trim off the sides down to an inch. This helps keep the focus on the bangs and on the top hair, which is what you need to divert the attention from your hairline.


23. Rounded top

It’s a great hairstyle for men with an oval face cut. The hair at the top is rounded off in a smooth Puff that creates the perfect illusion of a healthier hair line. The sides are shortened down and this makes the top part of your hair the main focus. This is a great haircut for receding hairline indeed.


24. Sharp lagoon curves

Looking for a cool haircut for receding hairline. The sharp lagoon is every bit of style that you need. It converts the hairline into sharp edges which make your hairline into a fashion statement. The hair is shortened at the top and given sharp edges for an exotic look.


25. Round it up

Hairline Round it up hairstyle

Great for people with extremely curly hair, this receding hairline haircut attempts to smooth up the sides and the top of the head for the perfect round shape. It’s similar to the ‘box’ style of the early 90s and will give you a great vintage look. The haircut gives you an inspiring look that really adds another dimension to your personality.

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receding hairline haircuts






haircuts for men with receding hairline






receding hairline haircuts for men






hairstyles for men with receding hairline





receding hairline hairstyles






receding hairline haircuts


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best receding hairline haircuts






haircuts for men with receding hairline






receding hairline haircuts






best receding hairline cuts






guy with receding hairline hairstyle


Choosing a haircut for receding hairline was not easy in the past, but with so many styles in the fashion industry today, it’s not a problem at all. Men deal with bad hairline all over the world and these haircuts are the best refuge to compensate for it. These 75 hairstyles are some of the receding hairline haircuts in the fashion world today. You are sure to find the one that suits your style best!

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