25 Perfect Receding Hairline Haircuts – Hide the Bad Hairline

Looking for a haircut perfect for your receding hairline? Well, having a receding hairline can be one of the most nightmares in the life of a man, however, the cherry on top is finding the best haircut for receding hairline. Once that hair loss becomes noticeable, it gets quite difficult to find a good haircut that can hide the receding hairline and still look good. Thanks to the plethora of different styles out there, men with bad hairlines need not worry. There are plenty of hairstyles for men with receding hairline that you can still try out and look stylish.


Best Haircuts for Men With Receding Hairline

So, to give you an idea of the diverse range of haircuts that you can have, here are 25 stunning receding hairline haircuts that will help you overcome your hairline problems for good!


1. The Receding Buzz Cut

buzz cut hairline style for men

This is the military inspired haircut where the hair is cut really short. The tapered sides also help to contour your hairline. The buzz cut attempts to divert the attention from the hairline to your brow line. Also, as there is less drama at the top, your features get highlighted. If you need to give yourself that chiseled and refined look with that receding hairline, the buzz cut is a great hairstyle to have.


2. The Stylish Combover

Where combing may not be a great idea for men with an advanced recession of hairline, it presents a great styling opportunity for those who have a minor one. The trick is to comb the hair at the lowest point of the natural part of your hair. This adds weight and fluffiness to your hair which helps cover the sides of your receding hairline. A number of famous Hollywood names, including Leonardo De Caprio and David Beckham have carried this style on the red carpet and won the hearts of millions.

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3. The short, slicked back

Another great receding hairline haircut. This haircut makes use of the short hair and the backward-styled hair to efficiently cover the sides of your hair. The cut follows the comb over hairstyle, the difference is that this time the hair is combed backward softly. This creates a lift and prevents adding too much weight to effectively cover your hairline while contributing to your style at the same time!


4. Regulation haircut

This is another army hairstyle that can be a great haircut for receding hairline. It’s more suited for those men who still have some length in their hair. The cut has long, scissored side parts with a puffy comb over that brings out the vintage look. It’s a great hairstyle, especially if you are a fan of the classics.

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5. The long, lank of hair

If you have a crop of hair, covering your hairline can be pretty easy. For this receding hairline haircut, you need to have thick hair. Hence this works perfectly for men who have a receding hairline as their only problem. It helps cover the temples stylishly. Although it doesn’t suit everyone, but when it does, it can really become a fashion statement!

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