20 Most Alluring Mexican Hairstyles for Men [2019]

Mexican guys are well known for smooth, sexy and sophisticated looks. Their hair is thick and seems unmanageable, but they still sport the greatest haircuts out there. Looking cool with a Mexican haircut is not easy. It will require some time for shaping and styling. So, if you are friends with hair cosmetics and are not afraid of obstacles, you can go ahead and create the greatest Mexican hairstyle out there.


Best Mexican Haircuts and Hairstyles for Guys

Mexican haircuts are quite popular among movie and music stars. They usually require long and thick hair. However, if your hair is thin and short, you can still manage a suave haircut. It will just take some more styling. If you are ready to look sharp and get some pretty heads turning your way, check out the 20 Mexican cuts we are offering here to give you a better idea of what you really want.


1. High comb over

 High comb over Mexican Hairstyle for men

This Mexican haircut will look great on men with thick and straight hair. Grow your main long enough on top to make a high comb over and keep it neat and short on the bottom. Use some hair gel to style the top part upwards and back.


2. Thick spikes

men spikey Mexican Haircut

If your hair is thick and hard to manage, you can go for this Mexican hairstyle, which will not require much styling. The hair on top is left to be about 5 inches long to make thick and high spikes. Use hair gel to keep the spikes in place.

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