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Black Toddler Hairstyles: 60 Hairstyles for African American Little Girls

When it comes to Caucasian toddler hair, it’s usually rather thin and unmanageable, but such is not the case with African Americans. Black toddler hairstyles can differ greatly thanks to the thickness of their hair.

African American children often grow long and curly locks that mothers can experiment with. Toddlers are not usually happy to allow others to play around with their hair. That’s why most of such hairstyles are rather simple.

So if you’re ready to catch your toddler and try to make her sit still, you can check out a few samples that will make your child look even more adorable than before.

Cute African American Toddler Hairstyles

When we are talking about black toddler hairstyles for African American little girls – we consider all kinds of braids, ponytails, and even buns. All the below styles are created to make your job easier.

Complicated haircuts might look more attractive, however, toddlers are rarely ready to allow you to spend an hour working on their hair. That’s why we collected simple yet very attractive toddler hairstyles for you to try and for your toddler to enjoy. Get ready for a few failures at first, but soon your baby will be ready for longer hair experiments.

So here are the 60 cutest toddler hairstyles for African American little girls.

#1: Poofy Ponytails

Afro Pigtails for Black Toddler

If you haven’t tried pigtails on your little girl yet, what are you waiting for? Start with two short braids right in front, then gather the rest of your toddler’s hair into two sleek ponytails, letting the natural hair poof out.

#2: Bubble Bands

bubble braids for black toddler

If you can make a ponytail, you can make these adorable updated versions, referred to as bubble bands. Comb your little toddler’s hair all the way through before making lots of ponytails all around her head. Section each ponytail out with colorful hair ties and tip the ends with a few beads.

#3: Little Girl Frohawk

toddler black girl with braided mohawk

We bet you thought mohawks were just for boys, huh? On Black toddler girls, make an utterly adorable by creating a frohawk! Tiny braids will make sure the sides of her head are just as detailed as the top.

#4: Big Afro

If your little one is growing a healthy, thick mane, it’s practically your duty to show her how to flaunt it! Use plenty of conditioner to get the above afro hairstyle for Black toddler girls. This will prevent it from frizzing out.

#5: Puffs with Heart Part

If you consider yourself a lover of detailed hairstyles, you have to try this look on your little girl. One high and one low puff are easy to make and won’t steal the attention away from a heart-shaped side braid.

#6: Afro Puffs

Pom Pom Buns for Black Toddler

All Black toddler girls will look like princesses with three afro puffs in their hair! This style will allow your little girl to flaunt her own sense of creativity – just let her choose hair ties with bright colors or fun textures.

#7: Spiral Twists

Black Toddler's Headband Hairstyle

On a toddler girl, these perfect spiral twists will look very grown up, but wearing a headband with them will bring her back to being your baby. Choose a headband in a contrasting color, like white, and have fun with designs in florals or patterns.

#8: Side Part with Bow

Curly Hair for Black Toddler

Whether it’s church, a wedding, or a special photo opp you’re heading out for, enhance your toddler’s naturally curly hair with a little curl cream scrunched in for a killer look. Part hair off center and attach a big pink bow for sweetness.

#9: Stacked Beads on Braids

Black Toddler Hair with Beads

A great multi-directional hairstyle for Black toddler girls, these thin braids can be detailed with five or six stacked beads on each braid. Be sure to brush those baby hairs smooth to pull the style together.

#10: Twist Ponytails

Triple Ponytail for Black Toddler

To get this playful hairstyle for thick black hair, make three ponytails: two at front and one in back. Then, using small sections of hair, make twists. The style above features purple, clear, and pink beads on the ends of the twists, but any color will look fabulous.

#11: Head Wrap

Black Toddler with Turban

Spending a day at the beach or is your toddler girl pretty active? Get her hair off her face for the day by helping her rock a cute head wrap hairstyle. It’ll protect her natural locks in style.

#12: Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots for Black Toddler

Although it’s a hairstyle that takes a little more time to do, sleek bantu knots are seriously stylish. You can make as many or as few as your toddler will hold still for. Use neutral hair ties or opt for bright colorful ones.

#13: Heart Braid

Looking for a Black toddler hairstyle that presents more of a challenge? Go for this fun heart shaped braid! It’s paired with three braided ponytail and accented with brightly colored hair accessories.

#14: Geometric Low Pigtails 

The hardest part of this hairstyle will be making perfectly straight lines as you part your little girl’s hair. The rest just involves separating a small twisted ponytail from two low pigtails, then securing them together.

#15: Slicked Back Low Bun

Sleek Middle-Part Hair for Black Toddler

This classy toddler’s hairstyle features a slicked back low bun. Use hair gel to get this no-frizz look. Make a low ponytail or bun – both will be chic! 

#16: Space Buns with Braids

Hairstyle for Black Little Girls

Space buns are one of those favorite 90s hairstyles that is making a comeback in a variety of ways. This version, for Black toddler girls, flaunts two thin braids near the face. They’re decorated with gold hair cuffs for shiny detail.

#17: Cornrows with Beads

Here’s another toddler girl hairstyle that is more high maintenance than others: thin cornrow braids gathered in a half ballerina bun. The bottom half of the braids can be stacked with bright beads on the ends.

#18: High Ballerina Bun

Top Knot Bun for Black Toddler

Traditional ballerina bun hairstyles are more rounded and short. This one brings the height and the color with its rainbow hair ties. Just start with combing hair back into a ponytail, then winding hair around the base in a high motion.

#19: Cornrow Braid Ponytail

Braided Ponytail for Black Toddler

There are only a few tiny cornrow braids in this Black toddler girl hairstyle, but they make for gorgeous detail when gathered into a traditional thick ponytail. For fancier occasions, use clear or light-colored hair accessories.

#20: Criss-Cross Ponytails

Get the best of both sleek and curly by choosing these criss-crossing ponytails for your toddler. The sectioned off ponytails combine with texture for an elegant little girl’s hairstyle. 

#21: Off-Centre Bun

Centre Bun black baby girl Toddler Hairstyles

Pulling your toddler’s hair up into a bun is a great way to keep her hair out of her eyes. To give the look a slightly unusual edge, pull the bun off-centre.

#22: Gorgeous Green

Beautiful emerald green accessories can transform any hairstyle into the perfect formal look. This color looks particularly elegant in African American toddler hairstyles because of the amazing color contrast.

#23: Bouncy Corkscrew Curls

Favorite Corkscrew Curls for african american toddler hairstyles

Bouncy corkscrew curls look super cute on tiny African American Toddlers. Hairstyles like this can be given extra volume and bounce by using a well-placed headband.

#24: Fantastic Frizz

It can be very difficult to tame African American toddler hairstyles, but if you are really struggling to work with her hair then you can embrace the frizz. Make sure that you wash her hair regularly to prevent it from becoming dry and brittle.

Angelic Black Little Girl Hairstyles

#25: Floppy Afro

Best Floppy Afro hairstyle for african baby girl

A floppy girly Afro haircut is one of the cutest looks for African American toddlers. Keep her parting in the center of her head to give a symmetrical style.

#26: Mixed Beads

African American black toddler girl braids with beads

Make cornrows look more colorful by adding mixed beads to the end of each strand. Using lots of different colors will help you to show off your daughter’s colourful personality with a tradition African American toddler hairstyle.

#27: Wide Bun

Comb your daughter’s hair so that you can pull it back up into a really tight bun. Secure the bun up with a hair tie and then fan the hair outwards to create a wide bun style.

#28: Pigtails

Black girl favorite Pigtails hairstyle

Twin pigtails can run down either side of your daughter’s head to make a really beautiful hairstyle for African American Toddlers. This black toddler hairstyle is even cuter when it is secured up with butterfly clips.

#29: Mini Buns

If your little toddler only has very short hair, you will have to style it up into mini buns. Pull the hair together into tiny little buns on the top of her head and then secure with colorful hair ties.

#30: High Buns

High Buns beautiful hairstyle for African baby girl

High buns look great on the top of her head. Once her hair has been secured in place, use an Afro comb to fan the style out to give each bun a little bit more volume.

#31: Fun braids

Fun braids hairstyle for little girl

These fun braids are easy to make and do wonders for keeping the hair out of your little girl’s face. Separate the hair into several strands and make a braid out of each one. Collect them on top into a bun.

#32: Bang ponytails

 Bang ponytails hairstyle for baby

This African American toddler hairstyle is fast and looks especially attractive. It’s a great choice for a special occasion. One strand is tied into a ponytail and then combined with the beginning of another strand.

#33: Simple braids

african girl Simple braids hair cut

Dreadlocks and cornrows are popular among African Americans but not everyone is ready to make a few on their toddler’s head. That’s why you can go for simple braids that look like dreads thanks to the curly nature of the hair.

#34: Cornrow designs

Cornrow designs hairstyle your little princes

If your toddler is ready to spend some time in the barber’s chair, you can create an amazing hairstyle with cornrows. The designs you can come up with can be truly unbelievable. Your kid will love them too.

#35: Flowery bun


This African American toddler hairstyle is a big find for moms. It will truly take a few minutes to make and the result will look stunning and complicated. All you have to do is separate the strands and make a few buns in a row.

#36: Headband

Headband hairstyle for little girl

One simple headband can turn your toddler’s hairstyle into something neat and enjoyable. A headband holds the hair in place and doesn’t allow it to get dirty or hang down the kid’s forehead.

#37: Afros

Afros hairstyle for little girl

An afro is a traditional African American hairstyle so it would be a shame not to try it on your toddler. It takes just a few minutes to arrange. As a result, your kid will look stylish and very fashionable.

#38: Braided bun

babys Braided bun haircut you love

This hairstyle will require some patience from your side. You will need to brush the hair straight by using a curling iron and some hair gel. Once you straighten out the locks, the rest is pretty straightforward.

#39: Cornrows

Cornrows hairstyle for girl

Cornrows is a great African American toddler hairstyle since it makes hair care as easy as one-two-three. The main disadvantage of this style is that it takes some time to make and not all toddlers are ready to endure it.

#40: Creative styles

African American toddler Creative hairstyle for black little girl

If your toddler’s hair is thick and long, you have a lot of room for imagination. This particular hairstyle lifts the hair upwards into a huge bun. What a great choice for a special occasion!

#41: Spiral Curl Updo

Thick spiraled curls pop on this cute updo for toddler girls. Use a curling iron to shape these beauties before gathering hair up high.

#42: Low Ponytails with Hat

Those cold days will be so much more fashionable when your toddler girl is sporting a rainbow or colorful beanie with her two low ponytails.

#43: Puffs for Short Curly Hair

Every baby deserves a super adorable hairstyle. For Black hair, try these three puff ponytails centered around the head.

#44: Tiny Twists

Tame your toddler girl’s short hair with a bunch of tiny twists. Secure the ends with a contrasting colored hair tie like white or pink!

#45: Half Bun Hairstyle

For fancy occasions, form two buns on the top half of your toddler girl’s hair. Then add tight spiraled curls to the body of the hair.

#46: Natural Hair with Bow

black baby girl hairstyle

One of the best hairstyles you can give a toddler girl to help her rock her natural black hair is just leaving it natural. Throwing a colorful bow in will be super cute.

#47: Cornrows with Buns

black toddler girl hairstyle

Braid in tiny cornrows from the hairline into two or more tiny buns to get this adorable look. It’ll keep her hair out of the way and have her lookin stylish!

#48: High-Low Ponytails

African baby girl hairstyle

While a high ponytail is easy and adorable on its own, for Black toddler girls an additional low ponytail will make the style even cuter, not to mention more quick to style.

#49: Pigtails

black toddler girl hair

If your toddler girl has long enough hair to form pigtails, this is one classic children’s hairstyle you need to try. Secure each ponytail with a colorful hair tie for fun.

#50: Wild Curly Hair

African American baby girl's hair

With a bit of product, taming an African American toddler girl’s hairstyle will be super easy. Try a bit of hair oil and use fingers to create this loose, scrunched and curly look.

#51: Toddler Girl Hairstyle for Wedding

black toddler girl hair

Is there a wedding or other fancy occasion you’re attending soon? Dress up your little girl in this cute messy ponytail and a floral headband detailed with lace.

#52: Natural Hair with Headband

African American little girl haircut

For those days when your African American toddler girl is playing outside most of the time, give her a cute headband to keep her curly locks out of the way.

#53: Messy Curly Hair

African american baby haircut

Sometimes waking up with bedhead is okay, like on weekends when your toddler will be running around outside. Leave her curls natural and you’re good to go.

#54: Twisted Black Hair

black toddler girl hairstyle

For the African American toddler girl whose hair is medium to long in length, form these neat, tasteful twists. They’re protective of natural black hair and stylish at the same time.

#55: Small Ponytail

mixed toddler girl hairstyle

If your little girl’s hair is too short to do much with, you can still create a tiny ponytail. Gather as much hair into a pony as you can and secure with a cute hair tie.

#56: Half Updo for Curls

Is your little girl’s hair super thick and curly? Then a half updo like this one featuring a low ponytail is perfect. Help the top hair stand out by scrunching in hair oil for shape.

#57: Jumbo Braids

One of the most adorable black toddler hairstyles out there. Create these jumbo braids for thick hair for easy and quick style. Secure ends with colorful bow hair ties your toddler girl will love.

#58: Micro Braids and Twists

A very popular hairstyle commonly seen on African American little girls. A combination of cornrows, braids, and twisted buns make this African American toddler girl’s hairstyle pop. You can even secure small barrettes at the front of the hair for extra detail.

#59: Curly Ponytail

When hair is still wet, form this high ponytail and curl the body. Use hair oil to sleek hair back and tame baby hairs.

#60: Curly Pigtails

For thick curly African American hair, pigtails are a classic choice. Pump up the curls with a curling iron and use colorful hair accessories.

These black toddler hairstyles are just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many interesting options you can come up with only if your toddler gives you an opportunity to experiment.