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20 Hottest Afro Puff Hairstyles Worth Trying in 2024

Struggling to manage your natural hair? Well, puff hairstyles are the best way to enhance your coils, keep them tamed and achieve a cool, youthful look that gives your mane a stunning rounded shape.

Afro puffs can be styled on top of the head, creating a rich voluminous construct, or in two or more pieces. You can also style your baby hair, add scarves, or wear puffs with bangs. Your options are vast and fashionable, and you can add loads of value to your natural hair.

Trendy Afro Puff Hairstyles

Afro puffs can give you a great vibe. Scroll down and check out some of the best hairstyles for natural hair!

1. Puffy Afro Pigtails

afro puff hairstyle for black women

For this fabulous look, you need to thoroughly comb your hair with a brush. Part it in the middle and use an edge control gel to make your natural coils easier to manage. Pin each side on the apex area and secure it with two elastic bands.

2. Elegant Top Puff

hairstyle with afro puffs

If you want an Afro puff hairstyle that looks sophisticated and elegant, but your hair is too short to get this amazing dimension, you can choose synthetic or natural hair extensions that give you the desired shape.

3. Half Up Half Down with Jewelry

half up afro puff hairstyle

When your afro hair reaches the shoulder line and has a lot of volume, you can part it into two sections: one for the apex, where you can crisscross strands and make an Afro Puff, and the lower part, where you keep the hair untied.

4. Sleek Side Part

afro puff pigtails

Do a diagonal side part using a rat tail comb. Apply your fav styling jam and do the puffs high in the apex area. You can use some jam to separate your coils and make them shiny and well-defined.

5. Twisted Braids

afro puff with cornrows

To recreate this amazing black women’s hairstyle, start with a middle part and do twisted braids on each side. Keep the braids as close to the scalp as possible and secure them in the back. The ponytail should be loose to achieve that puffy look.

6. Dutch Cornrows And Puffs

two tone afro puff hairstyle

What can be greater than Afro puffs? Afro puff with cornrows! Start by parting your hair in the middle and styling two thick cornrows that reach the side nape. Then, you can decorate both of your braids with a golden, glittery thread.

7. Ponytail with Curly Bangs

afro puff hairstyle with bangs

Bangs and puffs are a match made in heaven! Keep your fringe and use a curling mousse to define your coils.

Brush the rest of your hair back and apply some hair gel to achieve a sleek effect. Then, create a ponytail and style your hair to achieve a beautiful rounded shape.

8. Sleek Top

afro puff updo

When recreating this hairstyle, you have two options: use your natural coils or opt for a puffy extension.

Either way, you will get a ravishing look that accentuates your facial features and channels your feminine side. To style your baby hairs, use a toothbrush and apply some styling gel.

9. Highlighted Curls

afro puff updo

When you have blonde highlights, your Afro hair will definitely get all the attention it deserves. Gather all your hair in the apex area and secure it with a hair elastic. Use some holding creamy products for the sides to make sure the hair looks neat and no hairs will stick out.

10. Braided Forehead Strands

afro puff hairstyle with accent braids

For this Afro puff hairstyle, you will need to spare a section of your bangs and part it into two even pieces. Use these to build two twisted braids and decorate them with beads. Use plenty of jam when styling and don’t forget to add some gold jewelry for a more elegant note.

11. High Puff

afro puff for medium hair

If you really want your Afro locks to stand out, then this is certainly a hairstyle you need to try. Comb all the hair to the low apex area and tie the hair. Use a thick golden hair ring that you will place at the base. This will help you lift the puff and transform the hairstyle into the centerpiece of your look.

12. Multiple Puffs

natural hair puff hairstyle

Can’t get enough of these Afro puffs? Why not get a hairstyle that involves multiple ponytails? Part your hair evenly in 6 or more sections and secure the hair with elastic bands. If you want it to look even fancier, you can also do some braids and integrate them into the puffs.

13. Low Side Pigtails

black girl with afro puff hairstyle

When your hair has such volume, the best approach is to take advantage of it and show it off with ponytails. You will simply need to part your hair in the middle, use a taming hair jam for the roots and upper part, and secure the hair on the sides.

14. Afro Mohawk

half up afro puff hairstyle

Afro puffs are incredibly versatile and can be worn in many unique ways. If you love how a mohawk looks but don’t want to shave the sides of your head, you can easily create a rebellious hairstyle that looks fantastic with Afro hair.

Start by parting your hair from one side to the other, and then create a ponytail on top of your head. To build your mohawk, simply repeat this process as many times as you want, creating a few puffs that go down the center of your head.

15. Yellow Hair Clips

afro puff hairstyle with middle part

Puffs are ideal hairstyles for school because they are both childish and cool. And if you love looking young, you can simply add two colored clips that match your outfit.

16. Mild Brown Pony

afro puff hairstyle for women with glasses

When your hair is coarse and want to make your puff get that warmer tone, you should definitely go for highlights. Opt for a blonde color with copper nuances and dye only the tips.

17. Two Top Puffs

afro puffs on short natural hair

This hairstyle is not only cute, but also practical because it reveals your face and keeps the bangs tamed. Section the front and part it into two pieces that you will tie to style two ponytails. Step in with a toothbrush to fix those rebel baby hairs.

18. Middle-Parted Bangs

afro puff on natural hair

Some women don’t prefer to include bangs in their natural hair, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spare two pieces of your fringe and part it in the middle. It provides great framing as the rest of the hair is tightly secured on top of the head.

19. Tribal Vibe

afro puff ponytail

Applying styling gel for coarse hair prior to tieing your head up is an important step if you want to better define the curls and give them some bounce.

However, before you do the Afro puff, select a strand and braid a twist that you will decorate with a golden hair ring.

20. Teenage Look

short afro puff hairstyle

To make these puffy buns look absolutely perfect, thoroughly brush only the upper part of your hair. Tie the buns and deal with the rest of your locks. Apply jam to gain that wet look and tightened and better define the curls.

Afro puff hairstyles are very popular among black women with coarse hair, especially because they show off the natural texture of their locks. They are also practical because pulling off such a hairstyle requires minimal effort and is a great idea when you need to look flawless in no time.