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Types of Hair Oils for Different Hair Types

Nowadays, different types of oils are used for every hair type. Vegetable oils are invaluable in weight-loss diets, due to their many health benefits. Now, they are also valued in hair care routines. These products are being used, even by the cosmetic industry, as a secret ingredient to keep hair smooth, soft and shiny.

They are extracted from fruits, plants, grains, and other vegetables, and can restore hair from daily damage. The number of options available can confuse you when choosing, and that is where this article will help you.

The first thing you need to know is to use hair oils for every type of hair and scalp type needs specific care to stay healthy. This means that hair oils should also be used differently for each type of hair.


Suitable Oils for Different Hair Types

There are various options of oil that can work for any texture or type of hair. Then, what is the right type of oil for each hair type? Find out what is yours below.

Curly or Kinky Hair

argan oil for curly hair

Curly and kinky hair types need substances that control frizz and hair breakage, make them light and elastic. Argan and macadamia oil are good choices.

Other options are mongongo oil, which contains omega 3, 6 and 9, and replenishes essential substances; and coconut oil, which contains a natural protein that deeply moisturizes your hair and makes it shiny.


Straight Hair

buriti oil for straight hair type

People with straight hair can use Buriti and Calamus oils. These types of oil’s substances make your hair light, moisturizes it and fights frizz.


Chemically-treated Hair

coconut oil for Chemically-treated hair

Hair that has gone through chemical treatments or products need stronger substances since it’s been weakened by toxic ingredients. Argan and coconut oils are good options since they contain vitamins and triglycerides which repair and moisturize the hair. Avocado oil is another option, which moisturizes and forms a protective layer around the hair.

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Types of Oil for Brittle Hair

ginger oil for brittle hair

If you have fragile and brittle hair, the recommended strengthening mix is tea tree and ginger oils. The same effect can be reached by mixing thyme and marjoram oils. Macadamia oil can also be used for this type of hair when it’s brittle due to excess of hair dryers and flat or curling irons.


Dry Hair

tea tree oil for dry hair

Although most hair types suffer from the excess of oils, on dry hair the lack of lubrification can be bothersome and affect its appearance.

Using a mix of tea tree and lavender oils will moisturize it naturally, relax the scalp and create a sealing layer around the strands, holding the moisture inside.

Argan oil can be great as well, restoring the hair’s vitality and preventing split ends. Avocado oil also moisturizes and creates a protective layer.


Oily Hair

sage oil for oily type of hair

Excess of oil on hair can lead to issues like dandruff and seborrhea. Sage oil can be used to reduce the opening of pores and control natural sebum production on the scalp.


Fine Hair

avocado oil for fine hair

Avocado oil is an ideal type for people with fine hair who suffer from oiliness and the dull aspect it creates. This is a lighter option that makes hair shiny and promotes new cell production.


Hair with Sensitive Roots

lavender oil for sensitive type of hair

Some substances in industrialized shampoos might cause allergic reactions and itch on people with sensitive scalps. Lavender oil is the best option for this problem. This type of oil has relaxing and softening properties that can help with those issues.


Hair that Grows Slowly

oils for every type of hair

Castor and amla are hair growth oils and make the hair stronger and thicker. They contain vitamins and minerals that promote the absorption of nutrients by the scalp, improving its health.


Which Oil Is Suitable for All Hair Types?

ideal oil for every hair types

While a few oils only work on certain hair types, others can be used on any hair type. That’s the case of avocado, almond and sunflower oils which are quickly absorbed and leave little residues.

Coconut oil, grapeseed, and jojoba oils are also excellent options since they are light and don’t interfere with the hair appearance. Macauba oil is also a new option and all these hair oils can be used on all hair types.