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40 Cutest Pigtails to Make You Look Younger Than Ever

Pigtails might seem like something that should be left back in childhood. However, this is exactly the reason why pigtails should be sported any time you feel like making them. This hairstyle will make any woman look fresh, young, and spunky.

There are so many ways you can create amazing pigtails that you can make a new hairstyle every day of the month. As long as you keep them coming, your youthful wave will never run out. Take 10 years off your age by creating fun, appealing ponytails for your next special occasion. Once you get a good hang of it, you won’t understand how you lived so long without them.


Most Popular and Cutest Pigtails for Women

Don’t listen to anyone who says that a pigtail hairstyle is for little girls. Just the opposite: pigtails were created to make all girls look young. We have collected the 40 cutest options to give you an idea of how far you can go when it comes to making pigtails. Experimenting is the word here. No matter how long your hair is, you can make wonderful pigtails that will make you feel young again.

Give yourself a chance to look and feel vibrant by spending a couple of minutes attaching two elastic bands to your hair. Give it a try right now!

1. Fishtail Teased Pigtails

pigtail braids and buns

Braids liven up any hairstyle, it’s true, but we especially love the way fishtail braids bring the traditional pigtail hairstyle to life! Leave small sections of hair loose around the face and tease the front of your pigtails for a little extra character!


2. Dutch Pigtails with Neon Colors

thin pigtails

If you have dark hair, one of the most fun ways to brighten up your look without coloring your hair is by weaving in extensions or ribbon. Create this vibrant pigtail hairstyle with two low Dutch braids and neon orange yarn!


3. Sectioned Low Pigtails

bubble pigtails

If you have really long hair with bangs and don’t want too dramatic of a hairstyle, go with low pigtails that are sectioned off. They’re very flattering to any bang style. You’ll want to push the hair ties close together to get the puffy look.


4. Wavy Wrapped Pigtails

wavy pigtails

Loose, soft waves are gorgeous and instantly noticeable on two high ponytails. To disguise hair ties, wrap a section of hair around them for seamless style.


5. Low Pigtails for Older Women

pigtails with bangs

Older women should feel comfortable rocking a pigtail hairstyle too! After parting your hair in the center, make two low braided pigtails, securing them a couple inches above ends.


6. Micro Braided Pigtails

box braided pigtails

Whether you have natural black hair or not, we love how tons of tiny braids make hair look fuller! These colorful beauties are a great option for women with thin hair, since the braids and colorful extensions will distract from that thinness.


7. Half Updo with Half Braided Pigtails

pigtails with extensions

There’s certainly no shortage of detail in this pigtail hairstyle! Just the top half is saved for the ponytails and they feature a blend of natural hair and braids. If you’re feeling inspired, feel free to weave in some colored braid extensions.


8. Thin and Thick Braided Pigtails

dutch braided pigtails

To really vamp up the wow factor in your hair, braid a few small sections before creating two thicker Dutch braided pigtails. Be sure to pull out a section of hair to wrap around the first hair ties secured at neck level. The mix of thick and thin braids is practically hypnotic to the eyes!


9. Traditional Braided Pigtails

high braided pigtails

There’s a reason traditional is classy! Two simple pigtails on a little girl are irresistibly adorable. Just part her hair in the middle before making the pigtails at mid-height. Let your little girl pick out her favorite hair ties or clips for that pop of color!


10. Dreadlock Pigtails

pigtails with dreads


Where do we start with these luscious lime green pigtails? If you aren’t afraid of eclectic styles, color your hair a bold, bright shade and rock a few dreadlocks! 


11. Loose and cute pigtails

pigtail hairstyles for women

Loose pigtails are a great way to collect your long hair so it doesn’t get into your face. This hairstyle requires a careful approach since if you make the ponytails too loose, they will fall apart.


12. Braid ’em


Loose pigtails look fantastic when braided. Get a sexy and alluring look with loose braids on each side of your face. Leave some strands hanging freely to amplify the impression.


13. Curly extravaganza

curly pigtail hairstyles

Your pigtails will look especially striking if you curl them. Make two tight ponytails right above your ears and use a curling iron to create large and impressive waves that will make your hairstyle look special.


14. Pigtails and braids


Simple pigtails seem too easy for you? Start braiding your hair from the top and then let it loose to make two ponytails. You can curl them up to create your own special style.


15. Mix and switch

hairstyle pigtails for cute girls

Asymmetrical hairstyles are gaining popularity. You can exchange simple pigtails for one braid and one curled ponytail. If you braid the top part of your hair, the overall image will be stunning.


16. Back pigtails


If you don’t have time to create something extraordinary, simple back pigtails will do the trick. All you need to do is sweep your hair backward and create two neat ponytails.


17. Cute braids

cute pigtail hairstyles

Make your pigtails hairstyle even cuter by braiding the bottom part of the ponytails. This is a great hairstyle for any hair length. The shorter your hair is, the cuter the pigtails will look.


18. Fishtails


Fishtail braids look amazing on long hair. So if you are a lucky owner of long tresses, you can create a fishtail extravaganza in a matter of minutes. Make one braid on each side to achieve a mischievous look.


19. The classics

pigtail hairstyle what you like

Classic pigtails are easy to make. If you want them to appear more impressive, trade simple elastic bands for bright and voluminous bows. This way you’ll get close to a schoolgirl look.


20. Braided mix


Your pigtails will stay intact longer if you use this smart trick. Make two pigtails and tie them with an elastic band. Then braid half of them and use a band again. You’ll get a 2 in 1 braided mix that will last all day.


21. Chinese lanterns

 Chinese lanterns tied with pigtails hairstyle

You can diversify your pigtails hairstyle with a few elastic bands. Tie each 3 – 5 cm of your pigtails with an elastic band to make an impression of several Chinese lanterns tied together.


22. Twist the pigtails


If simple pigtails just don’t do the job for you, consider making them more attractive by twisting the strands into a braid-like look. You will need to apply some hair spray to keep them in place.


23. Simple braids

braided pigtail hairstyles

Turn your cute pigtails into simple braids to diversify the look. If your hair is not thick enough, settle for ponytails. Very thin braids will ruin your appearance instead of improving it.


24. Curl the ends


When you are creating a pigtails hairstyle and decide to braid the top parts, make sure the bottom strands are neat by curling them. You’ll love the wonderful way they will look.


25. Keep them low

cute girl pigtails hairstyles

Pigtails that start above your ears are fun but can make you look funny. If you want a more alluring look suitable for a young woman, make low pigtails just above your chin level.


26. Pigtail weave


If your locks are not long enough to make impressive braided pigtails, you can go for a weave. Braided hair extensions are very easy to attach and you can wear them up to a month or even longer.


27. Beautiful Braids


Pigtail braids look especially stunning if you don’t do anything extra. If your hair is long enough, don’t go for bright accessories, just let your locks conquer the world.


28. Red pigtails

red pigtails hairstyles

Pigtails look especially amazing on girls with red hair. Redheads tend to have this spunky and mischievous look about them and pigtails only amplify this impression. If you are a redhead, flaunt your pigtails!


29. Wavy and low pigtails


Wavy and low pigtails are a great idea, especially if you have long blunt bangs. This is the image of a schoolgirl you want to use to make yourself look young and vibrant.


30. High pigtails

sweet girl pigtails hairstyles

If you have medium-length hair but want your pigtails to look longer, consider making them as high up on your head as possible. You can leave some of your hair down, just lift enough to make prominent ponytails.


pigtails hair





pigtail for girls





blonde pigtails


pigtail braids


A pigtails hairstyle is something every woman should try regardless of her age. It’s a life-saver when you are tired of wearing your hair down. Pigtails are easy to create and there are so many things you can do to make them look special.