75 Flawless Medium Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces

When it comes to choosing a medium hairstyle for women with round faces, there are many options to play with. The main goal of a haircut is to make a round face look oval. The easiest way to do it is to grow long hair. But when it’s not possible, there are plenty of tricks you can use to make your face look less round with medium-length hair.

Women all over the world are opting for medium hairstyles because they are much easier to take care of than long ones. Meanwhile, the number of different styles doesn’t decrease. So, if you have a round face and want a fashionable hairstyle to suit it, the time has come to do some research.


Popular Medium Shoulder Length Haircuts for Women with Round Faces

No matter what face shape a woman has, she always wants to look stunning. However, fashion dictates a symmetrical oval face. A round face can be unique and extremely beautiful but sometimes it needs some help from the hair to look its best.

This small collection of fashionable medium hairstyles for women with round faces will give the girls a chance to change their haircuts for the better. Don’t stay with an old haircut that makes you look dull and ordinary.

1. A bun

Bun haircut for round faced young women

A bun is a simple way to make your face look elongated. However, the smartest way for women with round faces to use it is creating it on top of your head. High buns are fun!

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2. Layers for women with round faces

beautiful Layers haircut for asian girl

If you want your hair to look a bit more voluminous and neat, consider making layers. Girls with round faces should go for the longest layers possible. They will have an elongating effect.


3. Waves

wavy haircut for round faced girls

If you are a big fan of waves, make sure they are pretty long. Short waves and curls should be forgotten by girls with round faces. They visually increase the roundness of any face.


4. Long bob

best Long bob hairstyle for women

A long bob is a good choice of hairstyle for girls with round faces. In order to make it more effective, opt for making the frontal stands longer than the back. A stacked bob is a great choice.


5. Complicated hairstyles

complicated round face hairstyle of medium length

If you have a round face and medium-length hair, you can opt for all kinds of complicated hairstyles that include high hair. The higher the top part of your locks is, the more elongated the face will look.


6. Ear tuck

 Ear tuck hairstyle for girl

Wearing a short bob might not be a good idea for girls with round faces. But if you include a side part and practice an ear tuck, this hairstyle can become a very good option.


7. Silver highlights


An easy way to divert attention from the face shape is to go for some outrageous hair tricks, such as silver highlights. Silver hair is a new trend among young girls, so why not try it?


8. Medium and soft hairstyle for women with round faces

ccol Long and soft hairstyle you like all time

A simple long bob is a great way out for girls with wavy hair. The simplicity of this hairstyle gives it a certain zest which is hard to pinpoint. Asian girls look especially well with this haircut.

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9. Curly Bob


A short and curly bob is a great idea for women whose face shape borders on the oval. It looks very good when styled neatly. If you are not a fan of the daily styling, this haircut can turn into a mess.


10. A weave

A weave hairstyle for girl

If you can’t find a perfect medium hairstyle for women with round faces, consider getting a long one. A weave is a wonderful way to diversify your image and make your face appear oval.


11. Low curls


Sweeping your hair backwards and clipping it in the back is a great way to open up your face. Letting the rest of the locks fall down your shoulders and curling them will create a stunning hairstyle.


12. Slight waves

Slight waves hairstyle for black girl

Slight waves are a good choice if you can’t leave without volume. Blunt bangs can be a good addition only if the face is not too round. This hairstyle is great for special occasions


13. Tucked curls


While curls are not a smart idea for a medium hairstyle for women with round faces, their effect can be minimized by tucking them backwards. This is a wonderful image for any occasion, including a wedding.


14. Sweep them up


Sweeping your locks upwards in a complicated style is a great idea. You will need to use some hair gel to allow the tresses to stay in place and make a stunning impression.


15. Straight Bob

cool Straight bob hairstyle for men

A straight shoulder-length bob is a wonderful choice for women with round faces. This neat and impressive hairstyle will elongate your face and make the overall image awe-inspiring.


16. Fun curls for teen girls with a round face


Surpassingly enough, these short and fun curls look great with a round face. You need to sweep your hair backwards and curl just the lower part. Keep the curls on the level of your ears.

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17. Asymmetrical bangs

black hair Asymmetrical bangs style

Fashionable asymmetrical bangs can become a part of a haircut for women with round faces only if they are short. A short fashionable fringe is a great addition to any hairstyle.


18. Lift it up


Lifting your hair up for a special hairstyle is always a perfect choice. To make your round face look more oval, leave a couple of strands hanging in front. You can even curl them for better effect.


19. Round bob for round faces

favorite Round bob hairstyle

Round bob is one of the hairstyles for women with round faces that should be avoided. However, there are some women who look great with any haircut. They can give it a try.


20. Sleek waves


If you are opting for sleek waves, then you can be sure to make the greatest impression with your medium-length hair. Just do your best to have them hug your face and keep them very neat.


21. High and beautiful

High and beautiful hairstyle over 40 women

Try different types of hairstyles by sweeping your medium-length locks to the back and experimenting with braids, ponytails and etc. Just make sure the top part of the hairstyle is high.


22. Straight Strands


If you opt for lifting your hair up but not arranging it on top of your head, consider leaving a couple of strands in front. They will visually elongate your face but only if they are long enough.


23. Donut Bun

Donut bun with bangs hairstyle

Donut buns are a popular way to deal with medium-length hair. If your hair reaches your shoulders, you can create a bun that will look as if you have long tresses.


24. Special braids


Wedding hairstyles for women with round faces look amazing if you add special braids and accessories. The more complicated the hairstyle is, the more impressive it looks.


25. Loose curly bun

curly bun hairstyle for women

This is a perfect hairstyle for a special occasion for women who don’t have long hair. Sweeping your locks backwards and curling the ends will create a very special image that will make you shine.


medium hairstyles for women with round face





round face women medium hairstyle





curly medium hair for women with round face





medium hairstyle for round face women





medium hairstyle for round faces





medium hair updo for round face





medium side braid style for round face women





medium hairstyle for women with round face





medium yellow hairstyle for women with round face





medium hairstyles for round face women





round face women medium hairstyles





medium hairstyle for women with round face





round face women medium hair


medium bob for round faces


There is a huge variety of medium hairstyles for women with round faces. These 75 trendy hairstyles will give you an idea of how you can innovate your hairstyle based on your face shape. Don’t worry about the face shape, get a new image now!

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