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25 Trendy & Flattering Pixie Cuts For Square Face

Pixie cuts are fun, fashionable, and low maintenance. Even if the hair is kept quite short, there are so many ways to spice things up. You can make it memorably fit a square face by creating undercuts, using hair dyes, or different styling techniques. You should also consider highlights and choose vivid colors or warm natural tones. Using heated tools is also a great technique to style curls and waves or gain more volume.

Who Should Try A Pixie With Square Face?

A pixie is a versatile and stylish haircut that looks great on women with square faces. If your face is square, should you pick a pixie?

Consider the below things to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

  • A pixie can soften and balance out the strong, angular lines of your face.
  • Pixie will add volume to the top of your head. This can help to balance out your square jawline.
  • Pixie is low maintenance. So, this hassle-free haircut will be great if you’re a busy woman who doesn’t have time for fancy hairstyles.

Pixie For Square Faces

So if you want to discover the best ways to style your pixie and adapt it to suit your square face, here are some amazing examples that will suit all tastes and styles. Check them out below and let us know which one you prefer or love more. 

1. Multicolored Pixie

colored pixie for square face

Layers are a must when you have a square face and a prominent jawline that you need to soften. Go for a bleaching session to enlighten your hair. This will make the semi-permanent vivid-colored hair dye stand out for your roots, and that gray with blue tints will look flawless. 

2. Wavy Warm Pixie

curly blonde pixie cut for square face

Get a pixie and a perm if you love that sun-kissed look with a retro twist. You will create waves and curls that are easy to style and require less maintenance. Dye your hair in a honey-blonde color and style wispy bangs. 

3. High Top

pixie with undercut for square face

Building height is one trick you must keep using when having a pixie cut and a square face. When you dry your hair, use a rotative brush to lift up the roots. Apply this technique for the apex and do an undercut on the laterals. 

4. Uplifted Top

spiky pixie for square face

Layers and height? Probably the best recipe for a prominent jawline, right? Keep that top messy and rebellious by getting a dark red wine hair color. Give the edges a great definition by creating a contour with a razor.

5. Asymmetrical Pixie for Square Face

blue pixie for square face

Go for an asymmetrical trim for your pixie by keeping the sides short and layered and the bangs reaching the ear level. Toss them on one side. Choose an electric teal color if you want something that makes you stand out in any crowd. 

6. Combed Up and Back

edgy pixie for square face

Draw away from your face all hair. Create waves and comb the laterals to the back without tying these short tresses. The top must be lifted to create the impression of more volume and to build more height. 

7. Classic Pixie for Asian Women

Asian pixie cut for square face

Asian women want to look professional during work hours, so a long pixie is going to suit your necessities. Keep the color natural, or dye it jet black. Go for bangs that you can spread on the forehead and toss over the ear. 

8. Volume Up

long pixie cut for women with square face

Layers will help you gain so much more volume. You want to distract the eye from that prominent jawline, and what better spot to place it than on your new haircut? Create highlights and asymmetrical bangs.

9. Tight Curls Pixie

pixie cut for black women with square face

When your hair is this curly, it might be hard to always keep it in a great shape that suits your square face. When you trim your curls short, they will look healthier and with much more texture and bounce. On the sides and back, keep the hair even shorter, only allowing the hair to make gorgeous waves.

10. Tom Boy Cut

pixie cut for square face women with glasses

If you have thin hair, you need to build more volume. Use a rat tail comb to tease the hair at the roots and build height. Add some texturizing spray and a product that keeps its shape all day long. 

11. Elegant Short Cut

long layered pixie for square face

Stacked layers in the back will provide all the volume you crave for. Get a creamy, shiny blonde hair color with warm sandy tones and build side layered bangs. Lift up your roots, especially for the fringe. 

12. Pixie for Older Women

short pixie cut for older women with square face

When your hair is starting to become white, you should use a color that easily masks those threads. And if you are a natural blonde, you can use bleach to enlighten your strands and get a platinum blonde color. Go for baby bangs and spread them on the forehead. 

13. White Pixie with Gray Roots

thin pixie cut for square face

Bleaching is required for this short pixie cut for women with square faces. You want your toner to be applied on a light canvas so the colors will look natural and just as you wanted. You can use a different toner in a gray nuance for the roots. 

14. Punk Cut

square face with messy pixie

When you love crazy hairstyles, this a great pixie cut hairstyle idea to recreate. So layer the hair on the sides and top. Keep the apex slightly longer and use bleach to enlighten it. Then apply a semi-permanent fuchsia color. 

15. Keira Knightley’s Pixie

pixie with highlights for square face

Keira Knightley probably has an army of hair stylists that help her get the best cuts according to her square face. She went for a long wispy fringe that softened the jawline and gave her that messy rebel vibe. 

16. Ombre for Thick Pixie

long balayage pixie for square face

Warm hair color and ombres are ideal when you want to soften the jawline. Keep the roots in their natural color and go for a warm creamy ombre. Bangs should be asymmetrical and swooped on one side. 

17. Pink and Purple

curly pixie with pink highlights for square face

Give your curls more personality with a pixie cut with baby bangs and a tint of pink and purple. Lighten only the top pieces and apply these electric nuances to spice things up. When you’re tired of these colors, you can easily switch to a more natural look or a new vivid mix of colors. 

18. Salt and Pepper Cut

grey pixie cut for square face

Craving for a hairstyle that doesn’t require too much time styling? This simple yet very effective short pixie is perfect for an older woman with a square face that needs to diminish the aspect of her jawline. You can also use the top to create a small mohawk that makes you look and feel younger. 

19. Platinum Blonde

choppy pixie cut for square face

Platinum blonde hair looks marvelous for fair skin and women with a square face shape. Style the side hair towards the forehead and swipe the bangs on the other side. Before going for this color, you have to remember that it requires frequent retouch-ups for the growing roots and a healthy hair care routine. 

20. Romantic Short Cut

pixie with side part for square face

Even a pixie cut can be styled to channel your femininity when you want a romantic look. Keep the pixie in medium length, and use accessories like pearled hair clips on one side. Graciously toss the bangs on the other side, revealing the forehead. Opt for a dark ashy blonde color, with warm tones. 

21. Fierce Copper

red pixie cut for women wtih square face

Such a bright marvelous copper hair color will certainly gain all the attention. Go for a medium-layered pixie cut that keeps longer bangs. Use a rotative brush to give those longer strands more texture. Select small hair pieces and style them individually with pomade, creating a messy look.  

22. Black Hairstyle with Blue Tints

square face with pixie cut

A jet black hairstyle will create a marvelous face frame. Black hair dye has a stunning slimming effect and your jawline will be visibly diminished. Create asymmetrical bangs that are very short on one corner of the forehead. 

23. Vivid Red Top

two tone pixie for square face

For the sides, use a trimming machine and keep the apex hair considerably longer. You can style it upwards with a pomade and tease the hair to make it last. Bleach the front section and dye it a fierce red color. 

24. Pixie for Fine Hair

short pixie cut for square face with big forehead

Go for an ashy blonde color and a short pixie cut. Comb the sides to the back and lift up the top, building more height. Go for a side part and use a volumizing spray or other products that you love and give you that brimming look. When you have fine hair, your goal is to create a fuller aspect. 

25. Bright Purple

purple pixie cut for square face

Nothing stands out more than a short hairstyle with a high top, resembling a mohawk. Keep the sides short, trimmed with the machine, and the top layered. You will dye only the apex hair in a marvelous bright purple and keep the laterals in their natural state. 

When having a square face, you should build more height for your pixie cut. Also, make sure the bangs are not too blunt but wispy. It would be best to consider building many layers since this technique will help you soften the jawline and get a gorgeous new look that suits your face shape.