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Can You Really Fix A Messed Up Hairline?

At some point in life, a messed up hairline is unavoidable. Whether you’re sporting a widow’s peak or your barber got carried away with your line up, we’ve all had to deal with a hairline crisis. Fortunately, there are ways to fix it, though none are fool-proof.

messed up hairline
messed up hairline

Unfortunately, many causes lead to a messed-up hairline. Genetics can cause receding, but a bad or inexperienced barber can easily be the cause. Luckily, there are some ways to slow hair loss and alter your look to conceal the damage.

Why Does Your Hairline Get Messed Up?

Some hairlines recede naturally for many men as they get older. While it is natural, receding hair doesn’t always look uniform. It’s not uncommon to see this happening in your later years as an adult and your middle ages. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to reverse this if you find it to be a problem for you. 

Another common cause of a messed-up hairline is a bad haircut. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the haircut they asked for. Sometimes a knick or buzz in the wrong direction can ruin a perfectly good haircut. Sometimes your hairline can end up uneven or partially receded after a haircut. 

Before you blame the barber, you may be surprised that awkward or asymmetrical hairlines are commonly caused by the person whose hair is getting cut. It’s all too easy to slouch or fidget in the barber chair.

While your barber should keep an eye on your movement and positioning, sometimes they are easy to miss. As the customer, do your best to sit up straight and hold still through the entire haircut. 

Can You Fix Messed Up Hairline?

In short, the answer is Yes. But avoid any ‘miraculous’ or ‘quick-fix’ products that claim to alter your hairline. Focus on nutrition to strengthen hair, help it grow back faster, and slow the process of a receding hairline. Foods rich in protein and vitamins, like lean meat, fish, and avocado, are known to work.

How to Fix Messed Up Hairline

Wash hair frequently: Wash hair 3-4x per week to make it appear thicker. Dirty, greasy hair flattens to your head quicker than freshly washed and fluffy hair. Also, avoid greasy gels and invest in a light, high-quality pomade for styling.

Cut hair short: Buzz cuts and fades keep haircuts close to the skin and can minimize the appearance of a messed-up hairline or widow’s peak. It might seem counterintuitive to cut hair short or go bald, but a cohesive style is key.

How to Fix Messed Up Hairline - cut hair short

If your hair has natural texture, you’re in luck. Use this hair type to your advantage to manipulate strands to cover your hairline.

Switch up your style: A side part with bangs can help to conceal any mistakes made by a barber. A strong-hold hairspray also helps when trying to conceal a crooked hairline.

If your hairline is uneven because of natural receding, buzz away hair on the longer side for an even, more appealing look. You can always wear a hat for a quick, stylish fix.

Comb it over: If your hair is long enough, folding your hair into a combover or matting it down might do something to hide the uneven hairline.

How to Fix Messed Up Hairline - try comb over hairstyle

You can even fold it into a style that looks natural. If this doesn’t work, you might have to push your entire hairline back a bit by shaving into it. Don’t worry, it will grow back.

Use hair gel: You can use hair gel to slide your hair back into place. Hair gel and pomade stiffen over time, so the blemish doesn’t become noticeable when you’ve been out for more than a few hours.

Ask your barber to fix it: If you’re still in the chair when you realize the barber has messed up your hairline, ask him to fix your line up, but remain calm! Avoid in-depth conversation when you can so he can focus solely on your hair.

Take supplements: Sometimes, hair loss might be hormonal or genetic. In these more extreme cases, you can have supplements that stimulate hair growth.

How to Fix Messed Up Hairline -Take Supplements

One of the most popular of these is Rogaine, which you can purchase at a pharmacy. Rogaine is FDA approved and scientifically proven to cause hair growth.

Exercise patience: It will take some time for your hair to grow back. Taking a deep breath and maintaining a sense of calm can go a long way towards fixing your messed-up hairline.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about fixing a messed-up hairline.

Will wearing a hat mess up my hairline?

No, wearing a hat will most likely not mess up your hairline or make you bald unless you already have loose or damaged hair in the process of balding. In that case, wearing a hat might chafe away some of the loose hairs and speed up the process of hair loss. This damage is minor, however. 

Do lineups mess up hairlines?

Yes, a bad lineup can impact the skin on your scalp. If this part of the scalp is damaged, hair follicles will not grow back evenly for as long as it takes to heal. Lineups are necessary, however, for maintaining the appearance of your haircut.

Will braiding mess up my hairline?

Yes, braiding hair and twisting it can damage your hair follicles. This damage occurs because the skin is pulling back too hard and for too long, which causes something called traction alopecia. Traction alopecia causes severe hair loss, but can be fixed if acted on immediately.  

There may be no real way to quickly fix a messed up hairline, but you can minimize the damage done. Cut or buzz your hair short and clean up your diet to help with your hairline so you look and feel your best.

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