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How to Remove Red Dye from Blonde Hair?

If you’re a blonde, you can choose any color you like. However, if you have dyed your red and now you want to get rid of it, you probably need to know how to remove red hair dye from blonde hair. 

Luckily, red is a fickle color that takes time to stick; so if it’s your first attempt, it shouldn’t take much effort to pull out those red pigments.

But once the red dye sets in, you may need to work a little harder to get back to your beautiful blonde hair.

If you are a natural blonde and struggling to remove red hair color after dying your hair, read this article till the end

How Long Does Red Dye Take to Wash Out of Blonde Hair?

how to washout red hair dye from blonde hair

Red hair is one of the most high-maintenance colors, requiring extensive upkeep and re-dying to keep the color in your hair. Even blondes who can take any other hue will notice fading within four weeks or so.

But it may not wash out completely. You might need to get those red pigments out of your hair to get your blonde hair back.  

The duration for red dye to wash out of blonde hair can vary depending on several factors.

On average, if it’s a semi-permanent red dye, you can expect the color to start fading from your blonde hair within 4-8 washes. You can easily remove semi-permanent red dye from hair without bleach.

However, for permanent dyes, the red tint may even require professional color correction for complete removal.

If your blonde hair is very light or platinum, the red dye might take hold more strongly and could take longer to fade. 

Tips to Remove Red Hair Dye from Blonde Hair? 

If you’ve ever dyed your hair before, you probably have a good idea about how long your blonde hair holds color, even if it fades substantially. 

Though it’s not common for blondes, some still struggle with keeping dye in their hair. Those blondes with a history of frequent touch-ups might not take much effort to strip the red. 

However, if you have a history of stubborn dye jobs, DIY methods might not work for you, so you might need to bleach your hair or professional treatments to remove the dye. 

Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

baking soda and lemon juice to remove red hair dye from blonde hair

One of the best ways to remove red hair dye from blonde hair is baking soda and lemon juice. You can even remove permanent red dye with baking soda.

  1. Mix lemon juice and baking soda in a 1:1 ratio.
  2. Apply the mixture to your hair.
  3. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Rinse the mixture out of your hair. 

Make sure you condition your hair after using this mixture because it can be harsh. It will take several washes to strip the pigments, and you could damage your hair in the process.

Dish Soap

Another DIY hair dye removal method for blondes is dish soap. Dish soap can strip buildup and hair dye blonde hair. The process is also very simple. 

Here are the steps to remove red dye from blonde hair using dish soap.

  1. Wet your hair.
  2. Cover your entire head with dish soap, so it turns into a lather.
  3. Use dish soap to wash your hair every day until the red dye comes out. 

It’s also what they use to remove oil and grease from dishes, so expect it to feel harsh on your hair. So conditioning your hair is a must after using this method.

Use a Color-Removing Product

Before you move on to the last resort, you could try a color removal product. It’s gentler than bleach and probably a better option than the above DIY methods.

Color remover removes hair color that is darker than your natural hair color. Also, many brands produce conditioning color removers that are less damaging to hair.

Be sure to follow the instructions on the box, especially the amount of time you leave the product on your hair.

Also, make sure you are careful with application and cover all hair thoroughly to avoid streaking. You don’t want to end up with red patches all over your blonde head! 

Commercial color removers don’t affect your base color, so you should end up blonde again. However, you might have to bleach your hair if color remover fails to remove red dye from your blonde hair.


using bleach to remove red hair dye from blonde hair

Even natural blondes can use bleach. If you’re dealing with stubborn red dye, it might be your only option to restore that gorgeous blonde color. 

  1. Mix developer with 1 part bleach.
  2. Saturate your hair with the mixture.
  3. Let the bleach and developer mixture sit for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Rinse your hair.
  5. Use a clarifying or moisturizing shampoo.
  6. Do a deep-conditioning treatment or leave-in conditioner on your hair.

Do not attempt bleaching hair immediately after trying any of the above methods. Your hair needs time to recover and bleaching it after using other stripping methods can severely damage your blonde hair.

Wrap Up

Removing red hair dye from blonde hair isn’t much different from other colors, but it means knowing your hair color, texture, and porosity. 

When in doubt, start with the gentlest options and work your way up, being cautious to condition your hair between attempts. Or, play it safe and head to the salon for a professional to fix you up.