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28 of The Cutest Schnauzer Dog Haircuts We Love

If you are a lucky owner of a cute schnauzer, you know that they tend to grow long fur. That’s why every responsible pet owner must learn a few things about schnauzer haircuts.

Grooming a dog can become an expensive endeavor especially if the hair grows fast and you want to take your pet to dog shows.

Depending on the length of the dog’s fur, you can decide which haircut to choose for it. The right choice of the hairstyle shouldn’t just satisfy the owner’s preferences. You need to take the dog’s needs into account. By leaving the fur too long, you are not giving your pet an opportunity to groom itself. This can lead to all kinds of bad consequences, including illnesses.


Cute and Adorable Schnauzer Haircuts for Your Pet

Getting your Schnauzer a haircut is essential for its overall appearance as well as its physical health. If you just bought a pet and don’t know where to start or just need a few new ideas, we created a nice and compact collection of schnauzer haircuts for your use.

Each one of them is worthy to be shown off at a dog show and will make your pet happy and comfortable. Remember, the comfort of your pet should be one of the first priorities when choosing a hairstyle. Below is a list of some cute and unique haircuts for your Schnauzer dog breed.

1. Furry Legs

schnauzer dog haircut

Before actually cutting the dog’s hair, the first step you need to do is to thoroughly comb the coat, especially in those sections where the hair is longer (muzzels, paws, and skirt). After you are finished, wash the dog, so the trimming procedure goes smoothly. 


2. Outline Cut

black schnauzer dog haircut

One of the most common schnauzer haircuts has an outline for the back legs and belly coat.  The rest of the body is shortly trimmed, except for the muzzles where the hair is longer. The haircut will make your dog look like it’s wearing pants. 


3. Fluffy Schnauzer

haircut for schnauzer dog

During winter, you must keep your dog’s fur longer. Trim it only if needed, and make sure you comb its hair regularly to avoid all the matting. There are lots of chances to get tangled fur in the armpit area, so make sure you pay more attention to that particular place. 


4. Schnauzer Medium Trim

black and white schnauzer dog haircut

Most cuts involve long hairy legs and a shorter trim for the sides, back and neck. On the face, you have to regularly trim the hair around the eyes and leave the whiskers area longer, like having a beard. 


5. Short Cut

schnauzer dog groomed hair

This haircut is ideal for very active schnauzers that spend a lot of time outside, playing. Trim also the hair on the legs, belly, keeping everything short. Use the scissors to also cut the longer hair on the ears. 


6. Medium Cut

schnauzer dog haircut

Use the trimming machine to get your dog a medium haircut. Use the same clipper all over the body, and if your pet has long hair on its tail, maintain it long. Make sure that while it has this long coat, you daily com your dog. 


7. Blue Bangs

schnauzer dog fluffy hair

If you want to make your dog look cooler, there is a special coat dye for dogs that you can apply on their bangs. These are safe and non-toxic products and can last about 20 washes. Who’s going to be the cutest dog in the park?


8. Multi Colored Schnauzer

schnauzer dog hair

Your little friend will look so nice and fluffy after his trim and bath and if you want to maintain this look for a longer time, make sure you use a special conditioner for dogs and regular brushing. 


9. Schnauzer warm coat

Warm coat Schnauzer haircut

This is a wonderful haircut for Schnauzer dogs who sport the same color. Most of the times schnauzers come in two colors. That’s why one-colored pets, especially white, must be shown off with long coats.



10. Pant variation

variation schnauzer haircut

If you are looking for something extraordinary, you might want to consider playing around with the way the hair is cut on your dog’s paws. Take a look at how this dog’s fur is trimmed on the top part of its paws.



11. Hair designs


If you are bored with the classic schnauzer haircuts, you can enjoy the amazing schnauzer hair designs. Since you cut the dog’s body hair very short anyway, this is your chance to come up with beautiful images and ask the schnauzer groomer to bring them to life.

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12. Eyebrows

Eyebrows hairstyle your schnauzer

You can pay special attention to your schnauzer’s eyebrows. They grow very long and tend to obstruct the vision. Cutting them very short will take some zest out of the hairstyle, so consider angular cuts to leave them but not too obstructive.


13. Schnauzer Facial haircut

 Facial haircut for dog

Schnauzers grow long facial hair. Therefore, besides taking care of the fur on their bodies, you need to trim the whiskers and the beard. Long beards are popular among schnauzer owners, but short and neat ones are gaining popularity as well.


14. Fuzzy Schnauzer

schnauzer cut

If you own a Schnauzer dog, let it’s long soft fur flow with a fuzzy look. Cut the hair at the neck and trim the whiskers and eyebrows for a neat look.


15. Schnauzer Fur Boots

For this Schnauzer haircut, you have to cut the fur short on the body and keep the long fur on the paws. This gives your Schnauzer super cool fur boots!


16. Long Mustache with Water-drop Eyebrows

Give your dog a cool look by letting its whiskers grow long and turning them into a high-class mustache. Add to the Schnauzer cut by trimming the eyebrows in the shape of a water-drop going sideways.


17. Baby Cut

Add extra cuteness to your already cute dog with this baby cut by letting the fur on the forehead grow long enough to resemble a baby cut.

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18. Gliding Schnauzer

Let your dog’s sleek black fur grow long to give it a gliding effect when moving. A shortcut to add magic to life!


19. Schnauzer Mohawk

schnauzer mohawk haircut

Everyone loves a mohawk, and we are pretty sure that your Schnauzer will love it too. Cut its body fur short and trim the fur on the head to give the shape of a mohawk running along the nape.


20. Curly Fur

curly schnauzer haircut

Your Schnauzer is definitely going to look awesome in curly fur. Trim your dog’s long fur enough that the remaining hair turns to form curls all over.


21. Mullet-ish

Schnauzer Dog Hair

Is it possible for a dog to have a mullet? We think so! The short front and long back is adorable on this schnauzer; it also makes his big ears the star of the show!


22. Long Muzzle, Long Eyebrows

Schnauzer Dog Hairstyle

The way this schnauzer’s hair is cut above his eyes make them look like fuzzy eyebrows! We’re loving how they match the equally long muzzle. 


23. Pigtails

Miniature Schnauzer Dog with long Hair

Sometimes dog owners want their pup to look like their “child.” With a short top and extra long ear hair on your schnauzer, a cute “pigtail” look is created. It’s adorable for your fur baby!


24. Straight Muzzle Hair

haircut ideas for Schnauzer Dog

The contrast of short hair on top of the head and around the ears combined with a long straight muzzle is a sophisticated one for schnauzers.


25. Poofy Pony

Miniature Schnauzer Dog with White Hair

For female schnauzers, try a cute poofy ponytail centered right on top of their head. This look says your pup is pampered!


26. Clipped Head and Neck

Curly haired Schnauzer

Many dog haircuts feature short hair just on top of the head. This cut involves clipping all the way down to the neck. If you’re looking for extra ways to keep your pup cool in hot weather, this is a good start.


27. Fluffy Ears and Body

Cute Miniature Schnauzer Dog Haircut

To get the fluffy teddy bear-ish look for your schnauzer, leave hair on the ears and body long and natural. The neck and top of the head is where the clipping is focused.


28. Long Bangs

Schnauzer Dog's Trendy Hairstyle

The way your pup’s eyes will peek through these extra long bangs will make you swoon! You can comb them out directly over eyes for that dramatic effect, but pay attention if it seems like the style bothers him.


Having a schnauzer is great, but maintaining their long fur gets a little difficult if you don’t have the know-how of haircuts for your beloved dog. So, if you own a schnauzer, it is always advised that you learn how to groom your dog’s fur.

Long fur can sometimes prove to be a problem for your dog if not maintained. And, if you have marked your calendar for a dog show, taking your schnauzer there is a must, but with a proper haircut.

Just as you like styling your hair, your schnauzer loves that practice too. For a happy and healthy schnauzer, don’t forget to give it a haircut.

We hope these options showed you where to start with the haircuts. They are usually not too complicated. Whatever you choose, make sure that your pet feels comfortable.