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28 Best Short & Cute 27-Piece Hairstyles [2024]

If you’re looking to change your look drastically without commitment, then a 27-piece hairstyle might be right up your alley.

A 27-piece hairstyle is simply just a quick weave that uses 27 tracks, or “pieces” in order to complete the hairstyle. Using this quick weave technique is especially easy to do and very stylish, as you are able to try shorter hairstyles without the permanence of cutting your own hair.

With that being said, here are 28 short and cute 27-piece hairstyles that we love:

1. Foxy and Feathered

foxy 27 piece feathered hair

This short hair has been layered and curled so that it gives the hair a ‘feathered‘ appearance. Cuts that are styled this way are great because it gives the hair more movement and personality. This foxy style is both professional and sexy, giving your 27-piece hairstyle the perfect balance.


2. The Tapered 27 Piece Hairstyle

Tapered 27-piece hair wig

Popular Nigerian YouTuber, PeakMill, shows off this sexy tapered 27-piece wig. She created this wig with a deep side part and feathered bang. If you’re feeling rather adventurous, she offers a complete tutorial on her Youtube channel. However, if you’re not familiar with styling and cutting hair, I suggest having this piece done by a professional.


3. Fabulous Finger Curls

27 piece hairstyle

This is another 27-piece wig, however, this one features finger curls. If you’re ready to channel your inner 1920s beauty, then this is the perfect style for you. Finger curls are a timeless style that screams class and sophistication, especially when paired with the perfect outfit. You may not need to search around for a flapper dress, but bust out your favorite red lipstick and you’ll certainly be the belle of the ball.


4. The 27-Piece Bowl Cut

Here’s a sexy new twist on the bowl-cut that is all-the-rage for the modern woman. This 27-piece hairstyle is a far cry from the traditional bowl cut, featuring layers and a side swept bang.


5. The 27-Piece Diva Cut

27 piece diva cut

This short 27 piece haircut is a daring, sexy style that can either be dressed up or down. The characteristic styling of the nape and sideburns turns this pixie cut from dowdy to diva in an instant.


6. Peek-a-boo Blondie Cut

Here’s a short tapered cut that features a side-swept bang with a peek-a-boo blonde dye job for a little bit of spunk. Not only does this style offer you the ability to experiment with a different length, but you can also dabble into a little bit of bleaching as well without having to worry about damaging your hair!


How to Do 27 Piece Quick Weave Tutorial:


7. Whimsical Pixie 27-piece haircut

27 piece pixie hair


8. 27 Piece Bowl Hairstyle

27 piece hairstyles with invisible part


9.  27 Piece Hairstyle With Highlight

27 piece hairstyles with highlight


10. Side Swept Hairstyle

side swept 27 piece hairstyles with invisible part


11. Curly  27 Piece Hairstyle


curly 27 piece hairstyles with invisible part


12. Long Straight  27 Piece Hair

27 piece hairstyles with invisible part

















If you’re not afraid of rocking a new haircut, why not pick a daring new color to sport it in as well? This cute, 27 piece lavender pixie cut gives off a sexy, whimsical vibe without being too loud. The layers are cut to give the style some movement, while the color offers some playful variety.