Men’s 12 Slick Back Hipster Looks for 2021

There are some men who believe that a modern slick back hipster hairstyle looks outrageous and mind-blowing while others think that this hairstyle combo is ‘too much’.

If you are one of those guys, who like to change his style and create something new on your head every once in a while, then you’ll appreciate the hipster haircuts we have collected for you.

Looking hip is a wonderful idea especially if you like making statements without too much hassle. You’ll need to grab a comb and a hair gel and get ready for a fun ride.


Men’s Trendy and Sexy Slick Back Hipster Hairstyles

Being fashionable is not an easy task. It might seem that following the trends is close to impossible since men’s hair trend changes faster than light, being one step ahead of stylish celebrities is not necessary at all. You can look amazing with these hipster hairstyles for guys without riding ahead of the hounds.

Take a look at these 12 appealing slick back hipster styles that can easily make your day. The next time you feel like a change is due, take advantage of one of them and enjoy yourself!

1. Comb over and a cowlick

Combover + cowlick Hipster hairstyle for men

All you need for creating this fun hairstyle is hair which is not too short. The comb over hairstyling is easily done with the help of some hair gel. The main advantage of this hairstyle is that it takes 2 minutes to make.


2. Drop fade with a pompadour

Drop fade with a pompadour hairstyle you like

A drop fade is a wonderful way to cut the hair on the sides. It looks neat and requires little maintenance. Meanwhile, the top part can be styled as your heart desires. We suggest this neat pompadour.


3. Scissor faded fohawk

mens favorite faded fohawk Hipster Hairstyles

While this slick back hipster hairstyle for guys might seem a little wild, it’s actually pretty complicated. The sides are faded with the help of the scissors and the top is left long to resemble a mohawk.


4. Slicked Back Long Undercut– Hipster Look

 Long undercut Hipster Hairstyles for men

In order to make this hairstyle, you need to grow long hair in front. This might seem like a hassle unless you tend to create fohawks. This is just a variation of a stylish fohawk with the hair brushed to one side.


5. Slick Back Hipster: Ivy League + faux hawk


If you think that Ivy League and faux hawk can’t be used in the same sentence, take a look at this hipster haircut. The sides are trimmed to be about a quarter of an inch long and the top part is neatly combed over.


6. Comb over trick

Hipster Hairstyles with Comb over trick

Men’s undercut allows you to use a comb over trick that can turn a simple hairstyle into a trendy hipster look. The top part is styled into a half pompadour half comb over. The result is amazing!


7. Spiky bangs

Spiky bangs Hipster Haircut

Justin Timberlake is a subtle hipster with this haircut. This is another simple undercut turned into something special by playing around with the bangs. They are about 5 inches short and spiked up.

Short Hipster Hairstyles for Cool Guys


slickback hipster hairstyles for men





guy with slickback hipster haircut


Slick back hipster hairstyles vary from outrageous to neat. Whatever is the occasion, you can find a suitable option for yourself. Most of these hairstyles are perfect for all hair types. Use your imagination!

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