20 Most Attractive Hairstyles for Asian Men

Asian men have natural straight and thick hair texture which makes it easier to style them. However, choosing the best hairstyle to suit oneself is a tough task. Especially when you have tons of options to choose from.

Worry not for we bring to you the complete catalog of amazing Asian haircuts for men. So tag along to hit the streets in style with these amazing haircuts.


Hairstyles for Asian Men

We have put together 20 of the hottest hairstyles that Asian men would love to have as their next haircut.

1. The Messy Way

messy hairstyles for Asian men

What could be better than simply letting those thick locks to be? Have them styled in a messy way to enjoy a boyish look and add a beard. This Asian beard style does not require much thought and requires minimum effort on your part.

If you are feeling lazy and still want to look stylish then this messy mass is worth the try. Either have them as it is or runs a little hair product through them to make them last longer.

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2. Drop Fade

drop fade haircuts for Asian men

Add a little zest to the regular fade haircut by adding a bit of pattern to the drop fade. The style is simple yet cool. You get to experiment with the top mass and style it any way you prefer. This Asian fade cut is recommended for teens as the design marked kind of makes it a bit bold.


3. Korean Inspired Haircut

combed back hairstyles for Asian men

A simple comb over style never gets old. Having the hair styled by some hair product and combed back to perfection. This style is sleek and is perfect for Asian guys looking for a decent yet classy outlook.

The style will not require you to spend much time though a bit of a styling product will be required to keep the style in place.


4. Pompadour Fade

Asian hairstyles for men

Add a little class and elegance to the taper with this slick back improvisation. The style is simple yet screams elegance. It is perfect for those who have to make professional appearances.

The style will require you to apply some styling product to make the sleek slick back and the sides need to be tapered off to perfection. You can carry this hairstyle if you want some volume on the crown.


5. Asian Comb Over

side part hairstyles for Asian men

Another decent haircut for Asian men is this preppy side part. Similar to the Ivy League hairstyle, this side part can very well be regarded as the Asian version of that. You can carry this style of you have mid-length hair and want a need preppy outlook.


6. Slicked Back Undercut

If you did not like the taper cut then you might as well try the undercut and get an amazing hairstyle with it.

This style features the slick back but this time with an undercut rather than a taper. Plus you get to experiment with the hair at the crown and keep them of kid length.

Try this out if you are looking to experiment with your hair, might as well try the undercut to look stylish.


7. Quiff Fade

Another sleek hairstyle but this time featuring short hair is the classic old taper. If you don’t happen to like the taper to be styled off with a slick or a side part, you can try the style in its classic essence.

Asian men with short hair should opt for this hairstyle. In order to maintain this hairstyle, you will need to have frequent visits to the barber.


8. Side Swept with Taper Fade

You tried the taper, now let’s try the taper fade! This hairstyle features a taper but a gradient is added to the hairline above the ears to add the fade effect to the hairstyle.

As for the top part, you can style them any way you deem fit. Though if you happen to have medium length hair then we will recommend you to have them side-swept or slicked back.


9. Asian Buzz Cut

If you are fed up with your long locks and are looking to get rid of the length but at the same time want to keep it cool, the buzz cut is your way out.

The style is clipped short and features a little spiky texture on the crown area. The style is neat and cool, requires little to no maintenance.

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10. Curly Hair Style

curly hairstyles for Asian men

Curls when unruly can be pretty bothersome to style. Worry not we have the perfect way for you to style these unruly curls to make you look trendy this season.

You can either curl your straight hair to enjoy the messy curls. But if you happen to have naturally curly hair, apply a little styling product to them to make them behave and stay in their place.


11. High Bald Fade

This is our favorite on the Asian men haircut list. All it requires is a talented barber to make the right cuts and keep the right length on the crown.

This style features a shaved back and sides with maximum mass kept on the top. The top is then tousled and made to stand out in the style.


12. Caesar Cut

Like taper, skin fade too has been in the fashion world and have been part of the hairstyles of a number of Hollywood sensations. The style is versatile and allows you a number of ways to experiment with your hair.

Having a mid fade required the hair to be shaved on the sides and the back and this creates texture and dimension that looks chic.


13. Asian Pompadour Hair

This hairstyle is a high maintenance style. Try this out if you are willing to make a bold style statement.


14. Sharp Fade

If you are looking to get some texture and dimension to your black hair, the sharp fade haircut is your top option.

This hairstyle adds dimension to your locks and the texture can be added by running a bit of a styling product through the hair.

The style is recommended for Asian guys with mid-length hair.


15. Pompadour Undercut

haircuts for Asian men

Add some spice to your life with this spice cut. The style features some ruffled locks over the crown and requires little effort to put together. The style is recommended for Asian teen boys looking to don something different than the usual.


16. Asian Undercut

Like buzz cut, this style also gives off a neat and clean look. It is for those Asian men looking to keep the length short and have to spend little effort every day to style the hair.

With this style, you will require little to no effort to maintain and the length being short means you can keep it light at the crown.


17. Asian Boy Hairstyle

The next entry on the list is the cool, college boy style. It’s a subtle yet sweet way to style your hair this summer.

If you happen to have a shorter length hair and you want to give off a cool boy aura then this hairstyle is totally your pick.


18. Medium Skin Fade

If you are looking for a classy and a show stopper hairstyle, this French texture featuring a skin fade is a worth try.

This will require frequent visits to the barber to be maintained but the effort is definitely worth it. The style is recommended for people preferring to wear their hair short.


19. Undercut Fade

burst fade haircuts for Asian men

Another category in the faces is the burst fade. This style is specifically for men looking to make a style statement this season. The style is high maintenance and will require you to have the sides and the back clean to get the complete outlook.

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20. Centre Parted with Longer Hair

Asian long hairstyles for men

The last hairstyle on our list is for Asian men with long hair is the classic center part. This style has been hip in the early nineties and is still a favorite among many actors. People with mid-length hair should definitely opt for this style.

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