25 Handsome Taper Fade Comb Over Hairstyles

Taper fades and comb over hairstylesare popular among men of all ages for a long time. Taper fade comb over hairstyle is a combination of them two that looks truly magnificent. The sides are tapered according to your wishes, be it a high, medium or low fade. The top is left sufficiently long to create different types of comb-overs.

Depending on how much time you have for maintenance and how stylish you want to look, the length of the top part of your comb-over may vary. Comb over hairstyles can also be high, medium and low. They can look as stylish pompadours or lay low for a sleek wet look.


Taper Fade Comb Over Hairstyles Anyone Can Master

Taper fade with a comb over hairstyles are most likely a variation of a style you’ve tried before. But not many men think about how to make subtle changes. Easy tricks turn your simple cut into a stylish masterpiece. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to improve, this cool list of 25 hairstyles can give you an idea of what to ask the hairstylist.

The next time you take a seat in that barber’s chair, make sure to tell them that you want a taper fade comb over haircut!


1. Medium Taper Fade with Spiky Comb Over

 Medium taper fade with spiky comb over hairstyle for men

Spikes are popular, you know it. How can you mix a comb over with spikes? Take a look at this example. A medium fade is created on the sides while the hair on top is brushed laterally and the ends are spiked.

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2. Perfect Square Forehead Comb Over

perfect square forehead comb over hair

A square tramline on your forehead is needed in this haircut. Then comb over your trimmed hair.


3. Comb Cut Rolled Style and Short Quiff

Mini Quiff and comb over hair


4. Rolled Comb Over in a Widow’s Peak Shape

rolled comb over

Widow’s peak shape is a popular V-shaped comb over hairstyle. Back brush your hair in a V shape and get this haircut.


5. Low Fade with a Soft Comb Over

taper fade with comb over

A scissors fade looks great if you take care of it on a regular basis. A grown out scissors fade is a faux pas. The top part of this fade is neatly arranged into a combed over pompadour and kept intact with a dash of hairspray.


6. Short Comb Over Fade for Wavy Hair

brushed up wavy comb over hair

Curly and wavy hair is hard to manage, that’s why their owners prefer short hairstyles. You can opt for a high taper fade comb over hairstyle and leave the top part only about one inch long.

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7. High Tapered Fohawk

high taper fade haircut with comb over hairstyle

This style is a bold way to make a statement. The sides are arranged into a very high taper fade which helps you create an impression of a mohawk. The top part is slightly combed over to create volume.


8. Rolled Pompadour Haircut and Long Fade

long comb over taper fade hair

Rolled hair gives the perfect highlight in a long fade haircut. Keep the side parts of your hair faded to get this haircut combo.


9. Blowout Taper Fade Hairstyle

Slicking back your long hair would make an attractive hairstyle if you style that haircut with the fusion of taper undercut.


10. Medium Drop Fade with a Classic Comb over

mens favorite Medium drop fade with a classic comb over

Guys with a receding hairline will appreciate taper fade comb over hairstyles that turn a simple cut into a true masterpiece. The classic comb-over looks perfect coupled with any type of taper.


11. Pompadour Comb over

pompadour comb over hair

A short scissors fade looks great with a pompadour comb over. The more time you are ready to spend on your hair, the more amazing the end result will be. This particular hairstyle requires high maintenance.


12. Sleek and Appealing

short tapered comb-over hairstyle for men

If you want to minimize your hair maintenance and still sport a stylish cut, you need to make friends with hair gel. Brushing the hair back and securing it with hair products takes just a couple of minutes.


13. Lightly Tousled Hairstyle for Men

Taper Fade Haircut Long On Top Taper Fade Haircut

 If you want to flaunt your naturally thick hair, you can go for the high fade comb-over hairstyle. Keep the top front hair fluffier than the remaining hair, for a voluminous look. Apply the light golden highlights to the front fluffy top for a voguish look.


14. Floppy Faux Hawk and Angular Taper Fade

FauxHawk and Angular Taper Fade hair

 It is one of the edgiest haircuts that look manlier when club up with a thick, full beard. Divide the hair into two sections with the help of a hard part. It requires regular maintenance. If you want to add more style to your appearance, you can blonde your hair.


15. Asymmetrical Comb over Style with Curved Tramline

Comb Over Style with Curved Tramline

 Want to try something magnificent? Asymmetrical comb over gives you the desired look. It is the best choice for those young guys who are looking for an impressive hairstyle for an interview. Curved tramline adds more spirit to the whole hairstyle.

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16. Short Taper Fade Hairstyle

Ideal for those guys who have short hair and want to have a heroic military haircut. Achieve the look by taper fading the sides and back of the head, and keep the remaining hair relatively longer. Line up the forehead for a finished and well-maintained look.


17. Taper Fade Comb Over for Tween

Tweens mostly look for those hairstyles that usually take less time to style, the given taper fade comb-over is amongst these hairstyles. It is easy to maintain and gives gentlemen look to young guys. Keep the sides and back of the head shorter than the top. Apply a good quality pomade to achieve perfectness.


18. V- Shaped Pompadour + Comb over + Taper Fade

When we talk about the top trendiest hairstyles, pompadour hairstyle comes first in the mind. Combine the v-shaped pompadour haircut with a taper fade and voluminous comb over to give your overall look an enchanting factor that no one can deny. Keep the sideburns longer for a bold look.


19. Line up Beard+ Hard Part + Comb Over

When nothing works, try to grow a lineup faded beard and taper fade comb-over hairstyle with a stylish short line at one side of the head. It gives guys of any age and physique a masculine and ultra-stylish personality.


20. Wavy Hair Comb Over + Taper Fade

Wavy comb-over hairstyle with taper fade sides is ideal for those guys who have naturally curly or wavy hair. The ultimate advantage of having wavy hair is that it provides volume and thick texture to the whole hairstyle. Do not forget to apply a good quality gel to style these curls into any shape.


21. Textured Spiky Taper Fade Comb Over

Spikes are amongst those hairstyles that never go out of the trend. Taper fade sides make the spikey comb-over hairstyle more prominent. Hold the spikes with the hair gel. Slightly comb the front spikes to give a resemblance of comb-over haircut.


22. Comb Over + High Fade + Fringe

A perfect blend of fresh, edgy and professional look that is achieved by combining the long comb-over, side fringe, and high fade cut. It is easy to achieve and involves a tad bit application of hair gel. Peek a Boo stubble add more charm to the guy’s personality.


23. Slick Taper Fade Comb Over

This glossy hairstyle looks awesome on men over 30, giving them mature features. Taper fade the sides and back of the head slightly. Pomade or good quality gel will do a wonderful job on your hair as these products will give extra oomph to your hair.


24. Taper Fade Comb over Hairstyle with Tramlines

If you are looking for something sophisticated that will give absolute graceful features, you can opt for this comb-over hairstyle with taper fade sides to achieve your personalized goals. You can rock with this hairstyle combo by incorporating tramlines and growing a blonde beard.


25. Classic Comb Over and Taper Fade

taper fade comb over

The exact execution of the above hairstyle requires fine details and superb barber skills. Taper the back of the head and keep the sides of the head low taper fade. Grow stubble for a mannish look. The front hair looks to cut into layers that later styled into a comb-over hairstyle.

These taper fade comb over hairstyles can help you make a decision when it comes to changing your image. Whatever haircut you choose, you’ll definitely look modern and enjoy the results.

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