20 Handsome Comb Over Haircuts to Keep Guys Looking Fly

Today’s comb over haircuts isn’t the same as they were in the 1980s or 1990s. If you’re thinking of that signature middle-aged look that involves plastering a few strands of hair over a thinning patch or a bald spot, you’re barking up the wrong tree. Most combed over styles involve the same general details, such as closely shaved sides and a long thatch of hair on top. While the basic details are the same, the cut itself is endlessly adaptable, which means that every guy who’s eager to try this sophisticated ‘do can find the exact style that works for him.


Sleek Comb Over Styles for Men of All Aesthetics

The key to choosing a complementary comb over hairstyle is to make sure that it works with the angles of your face and highlights your features. There’s nothing to hide behind with a cut like this, plus the look requires styling and upkeep. Bearing that in mind, here are some of the hottest examples of the comb over trend. Which one’s going to become your new signature ‘do?


1. Tapered and Tidy

men's tapered comb over hairstyle


Not all comb over haircuts is over-the-top. This style is an excellent example of a neat, tapered comb over. Actually, it’s more of a comb up. In styling this cut, you use the same technique that you do for a faux hawk by finger-combing the hair up and slightly forward. Instead of a pompadour in the front, the hair is slightly spiked.


2. Chic and to the Side

sided comb over cut


This haircut doesn’t have quite as much height. It’s more of a preppy-inspired ‘do, making it an ideal corporate cut. The sides aren’t nearly as short. To get that chic final touch, you simply comb your hair with the hint of a part.


3. Subtly Slicked Back

slicked back comb over haircut for men


Any man will look as handsome as a Hemsworth with this subtle take on the combed over crop. The different lengths blend together seamlessly. This is a great comb-and-go cut. It requires very little product and maybe a puff of hairspray—that’s it.


4. Close Cropped Sides


The men’s undercut is one of the sexiest looks a guy can ask for at the moment. It gets women swooning like nothing else. Not only is it one of the most popular comb over haircuts, but it’s also one of the most universally flattering. Ask the barber to keep the top long enough. The idea is to wear it just like this, softly brushed back from the face.


5. Shades of American Psycho


Fans of Patrick Bateman already know this combed back aesthetic. Sophisticated preppy meets Wall Street wealth in a sleek, timeless cut that never goes out of style. Avoid the cropped sides with this version. It’s all about length.