10 Coolest Short Haircuts for Teenage Boys

There are so many short haircuts for teen boys that have been introduced in the hairstyling industry/field that choosing a haircut is no longer a problem for teen boys. Nowadays, teen boys can adopt haircuts not only from their famous celebrity styles but also from improvising and designing haircuts on their own. This creativity of them is often very successful.

It is a typical observation that teen boys look more decent, even more fabulous with a short haircut and most teen boys hate longer hair as they feel unkempt.


How to Choose Short Haircuts for Teen Boys?

short hairstyle teen boys

The haircut usually depends on the teen’s face and face shape. With long and straight hair, the slim and long face looks even longer, while the face seems less long with the short haircut. In the same way, a big chin might become more prominent with short hair, while a small chin might less prominent with long hair. If you have shoulder-length hair, try these medium hairstyles for teenagers.

Different people look different with different haircuts, and we don’t think there is just one best haircut or style for everyone. Like the bald look suits Vin Diesel a lot, but it doesn’t need to fit a teen boy with a wide or slim face. Another example is Pete Wentz; he has a diamond face and chose the best haircut for himself.


Teenage Boy’s Short Hairstyles

Here are some of the most popular teen boy’s short haircuts that will make them the most attractive and cool in the crowd.

1. Short Spiky Haircut

short spiky haircut for teen boys

The short spiky haircut is the most admired short haircut among teen boys. The best characteristic of this short hairstyle is that it is the simplest one that you don’t need to go to any salon. You need a gel and comb.

If you apply styling products, this style looks excellent, but it can also look perfect without any product. Apply gel or matte (it would be more suitable for the best result) on hair and, with the help of hands, twist your hair neatly to give them the shape of spikes. Congrats, your Job is done!

You can also combine this haircut with the fades either at the back or sides of the head, as you can see in the image. For inspiration, check these fade styles.


2. Brushed Up Haircut

Brushed Up Haircut for Teen Boys

These are like the spiky haircut, but not completely. It just looks like spikes. These are an alternative form of side quiffs. These are the most stylish short haircuts for teen boys.


3. Classic Side Part

side parted hairstyle with short hair

The second best choice is the classic side part. It includes the fade on the back and at the back of the head. You cannot make this style by yourself; you need to go to a salon as professionals can only do that. It’s tricky to fade, so you can’t just trim half of your head, but the professional can.

In this short haircut for teen boys, the professionals trim the bottom half of your scalp and leave significantly less hair and keep long hair on the top of the head. You can style it in any form, but mostly the side part looks perfect.


4. Side Hair Fringe

short fringe for teen boys

It has various categories like shaved sides, long fringe (for very thick hair, gives a sharp look), heavy statement fringe (which covers the forehead completely, giving it a scruffy look), and long curly fringe (for curly hair) as shown in the picture.


5. Pompadour Hairstyle

Pompadour Hairstyle for Teen Boys

This is also one of the most popular and versatile short haircuts for boys in their teens. It gives the most attractive and unique look, as shown in the picture. In this haircut, the professional cuts the side hair shorter and leaves the front hair longer.

Then Uses a styling product or gel on the longer hair and puffs them back. It is done very carefully.


6. Undercut hairstyle

These are the smart-looking short haircuts for teen boys. As shown in the picture, this haircut is short on the back as well on the side and tapered to the top. Additionally, there is a lot of long hair left on the top. It can also be styled as a pompadour or a classic side part.

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7. Short Bang Haircut

short bangs haircut for teen boy

This haircut depends on your facial features. Bangs usually get into the eyes and, in some cases, cover the eyebrows. As you can see in the picture, these bangs can be cut in half to reach only the forehead.


8. Bald Fade with Long Wavy Hair

bald fade with long wavy hair for teenage boys

It looks good on the medium-thick or thick hair. This short haircut is for those teenage guys who have long hair on the top of their heads. The professional shaves the sides of the hair slightly but gives the side’s bald look and twists the hair on the top of the head with the gel or any other styling product.


9. Braided Hairstyle

short braided hair for teenage guys

If you have curly or wavy hair, this hairstyle is perfect. Teens with straight hair can also make braids as braids are also one of the most incredible ways that show your personality and make you stand out among the people gathering. This short haircut for teen boys mostly suits black teens.

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10. Hard Part Haircut for Teen Boys

haircut with hard part for teen boys

As shown in the picture, in this haircut professional shaves the hard part of the head to make the side part more prominent.


We have discussed the most popular and commonly used short haircuts for teen boys. So which haircut will you choose for yourself or your teen boys, friends, or sibling? Whichever haircut you choose, we recommend you first evaluate your face features and shape and the type and thickness of your hair. So you never regret your choice after taking the haircut.