25 Distinctive Hairstyles for Men With Round Faces to Get Noticed Instantly

More and more men nowadays understand that their image depends on a good haircut. That’s why choosing the right hairstyle for men with round faces is imperative for guys who want to look striking.  If your face is round, then your goal is to make it appear more oval. This can easily be done with the right haircut. A perfect haircut starts with considering your hair type and then the shape of your face. Round faces look great with high hairstyles. Thankfully, there are plenty of haircuts for men that include high hair on top. Everything from mohawks to spikes can be tried to see what you like best.


Simple yet Fashionable Hairstyles for Men with Round Faces

Men with round faces need to spend a bit of time coming up with a hairstyle that will be enjoyable for them while looking good with the shape of their face. Not many men can come up with a unique hairstyle on their own. That’s why this job is up to the stylist.  We are offering a nice collection of awesome and respectable round face hairstyles for men to make a good choice. Taking a look at what men have done with their hair in the past will give you an opportunity to find a suitable option for yourself.

1. Simple spikes

Simple spikes hairstyle for men

This is one of the simplest short hairstyles for men with round faces that both looks good and makes the face appear longer. It’s a light taper fade with spikes on top. Spiking must be done daily to elongate the form of the face.

2. High crest


There are plenty of crests to experiment with. All depends on how long the hair on top of your head is. If you are brave enough to make it at least 5 inches, then spiking up will be fun and very effective for your face shape.

3. Comb over for round faced men

comb over striking haircut

A great way to open up your forehead and to keep the hair neat is to create a high comb over. You will need plenty of gel to make this subtle transition from a spiky top to a neat combed locks.

4. Soft spikes


This is a good short haircut for men with thick hair. You can make the hair all the same length and spike it up in any way you like. Don’t use too much hair gel. Thick hair will stand up on its own with just a dash of cosmetics.

5. Undercut haircuts for round face

undercut with hair striking for young boy

This undercut is a wonderful choice for men who like classical hairstyles. The sides are cut short and the top is left long enough for all kinds of experiments. The contrast between the side and the top makes the face look longer.

6. Wild comb over


Combing your locks backward will give you a romantic look only if you add some messiness to the style. Allow one stray strand to fall down your forehead and you will definitely keep some pretty heads turning your way.

7. High and mighty

cool men haircuts for round faces

If you are a lucky owner of thick and curly hair, you don’t even need any styling to make your face look more oval. Just leave the top part of your hair about 3-4 inches long and it will stand up on its own.

8. Side part and long bangs


If you are a fan of bangs, you will appreciate this hairstyle for men with round faces. Bangs must be long to make your face appear elongated. Short bangs should be forgotten since they have a reversed effect.

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9. Neat and solid cut for round faces

nice hairstyles for round faces

Guys with straight hair can allow themselves to play around with a lateral comb over. See how you look with your hair brushed to one side or another. Any asymmetry is appreciated by the world of fashion.

10. Undercut with thin whiskers


Adding a facial hairstyle to your haircut is a great idea when you need to play around with the shape of your face. Long and thin whiskers can become a great continuation of an undercut helping your face look oval.

11. Elongated bob

black hair with round face for asian boy

Elongated bob is a popular hairstyle among men with all face types. This style will require you to go for regular touch ups and will need daily maintenance. If you are ready for the challenge, go for it!

12. Fohawk

Fohawk haircut your favourite alltime

Mohawks and fohawks are great hairstyles for men with round faces. They elongate the face with the high locks on top contrasted with short hair on the sides. If you want an immediate effect, get a fohawk.

13. Nice and curly

Nice and curly striking haircut

Men are often reluctant to flaunt their curls. However, if taking care of them doesn’t scare you, you can sport the most romantic haircut of all times. Curly bangs will surely get you a lot of attention.

14. Mohawk


There is a huge variety of amazing mohawks you can choose from. Some of them can even be worn to the office. Your goal is to keep the top part as high and spiky as possible.

15. Creative spikes

best striking hairstyles for men

If you have long hair, you can enjoy all kinds of creative spiking. Take some gel and start experimenting. Look at this photo and copy the style. You’ll find that it’s very easy to have fun with long spikes.

16. Feathered top


Another cool short hairstyle for men with round faces. Not all spikes are easy to make. So if you have a great experience in spiking up your hair, you can go further to create complicated hairstyles such as feathered top. You will need to allow yourself some time to learn.

17. Simple comb over

 comb over striking round face hairstyle

If your occupation doesn’t allow you to go all out with hair experiments, you can go for a simple comb over. This is a perfect long hairstyle for men with round faces who don’t like too much maintenance.

18. Eye-covering bangs


Eye-covering bangs might not be the best haircuts for men with round faces since they make the face visually shorter. You will need to choose between very short, spiky bangs and very long bangs that go below the ears.

19. Blond bangs

short haircuts for teenage boy

A great way to make your face look elongated is to play around with colors. High blond bangs coupled with dark locks won’t just make you look stylish; they will help your face shape appear close to perfect.

20. Windblown look


Windblown looks suit guys with all face types as long as their hair is thick. You can use a little gel to spike your locks up and allow the nature to do the rest. Girls like such messy yet romantic looks.

21. The professional


If you are getting ready for a special occasion, this hairstyle is for you. Ask your stylist to create such spiky haircut and keep it as neat as possible. If you add some blond hue to your locks, you’ll definitely keep the heads turning.

22. Very short

short round faces hairstyle

Fans of short hairstyle will appreciate this simple solution. Keep the hair about half an inch short and leave a little more in front for simple spiking up.

23. Careful styling


If you have straight hair and like complicated hairstyles, you will need to spend some time experimenting with your locks. Consider arranging neat waves on top of your head and securing them with gel as you would a comb over.

24. Fun top

cool men hair styles for round faces

There are many interesting ways you can arrange the top part of your undercut. Try this one for a change.

25. Neat waves


Neat waves look great as the top part of your mohawk. Just don’t forget to keep them this way by touching up when needed.

These amazing yet very simple men hairstyles with round faces can be created in a matter of minutes. Ask your hairstylist for more advice and proceed to create the haircut of your dreams.