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Andrea Payme

Andrea Payme, Curly Hair Expert

Lives in: Panama

Expertise: Natural Hair, Curly Hair, Hair Care

Experience: 10 years

Andrea Payme is a freelance copywriter and editor from New York City who has been living in Panama since 1999. A former Corporate Special Events Planner, Peace Corps volunteer, and the founder of the first backpacker hostel to ever open in David City, Panama, Andrea has a lot to write about! When she’s not writing or editing, she enjoys figuring out ways to manage her 3B super-curly hair, swimming for exercise, and guessing where people are from based solely on their accent!

Latest From Andrea Payme

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When we say, ‘hair miniaturization‘, are we literally speaking about tiny hair? Not exactly. But if you’re one of the people living with the condition, you’ve probably heard the term. Or maybe not. You see, although there are hundreds of millions of people around the world dealing with visible hair loss, there’s also a considerable …

Reviewed By Andrea Payme