55 Hottest Long Hairstyles for Boys In 2017

Good long hairstyles for boys are quite rare, that’s why young men tend to choose something short and simple. However, if you do enough research, it’s easy to find amazing examples of easy to make and fairly simple to maintain long hairstyles. The longer the hair is, the more experiments you can make with it and the more different hairstyles you can come up with. If you have long locks, there are no boundaries, you can go from a shag to a bob or a striking mohawk. There is so much you can come up. Such is never the case with short hairstyles. If you are not scared of growing a long mane, get ready for a fun adventure!


Cool Long Hairstyles for Boys and Teenagers

Boys often don’t want to spend too much time on their hair. However, these long hairstyles for boys can make you change your mind. Just take a look at how amazing a guy can look with a long mane. Perhaps one of these appealing hairstyles will become your next favorite. Cutting the hair is easy, growing it long is not. If you are up to the challenge, you can sport the most amazing hairstyle and become the king of the block. Here are 55 modern long hairstyles that will look good on young boys and teenagers.

1. Brushed back shag

teenage boy long hairstyle

If you have soft and wavy hair, you can enjoy this amazing brushed back shag hairstyle. You’ll need a few drops of gel to keep it in place. Play around with the top part and turn it into a pompadour.


2. Wild curls

men curly long hairstyle

If you have curly locks, this long hairstyle for boys is a wonderful choice but only if you are not afraid of a little messiness. Allow the bangs to grow wild and keep the hair down your neck neat.


3.  Manly bun

long bun hairstyle for boy

If the hair is truly long and you need a way to keep it out of your face, buns are the best way out. They win the battle with ponytails since they are easy to make and keep neat.


4. Clip it

long boy's hairstyle

If you want to get your long mane out of the way but still want others to see it, you can use the clipping trip. Collect the side locks and clip them together in the back. You’ll get the best of both worlds.


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5. Sleek look

long hairstyle for boys

If you have a shag and want to keep it neat, the hair gel should become your best friend. By sleeking the hair on top you get a neat hairstyle without any hassle and can make a great impression.



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