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17 Cornrow Styles for Black Men Trending in 2024

Cornrows are a great alternative for black men with coarse hair that is hard to handle. They are funky, look fabulous and keep your hair in great shape. You can style lots of designs, play around with the thickness of the braids, add undercuts, and even crisscrossed designs to upgrade your styling game.

Using a taming hair gel when braiding to make your hair more manageable. Maintain their aspect for weeks by choosing a silk pillowcase that doesn’t make the hair frizz.

Cool Cornrow Styles for Men

Check out our tips and these marvelous cornrow styles for men listed below and choose a hairstyle that suits your personal style and day-to-day activities.

1. Short Cornrows with Beads

short cornrow braids with beads for black men

For this cornrow, you don’t need any hair extensions, just your natural hair. Moisturize your hair by using a leave-in conditioner or apply hair oil to make it much easier to manage.

After braiding and securing your cornrows, decorate the ends with black and white beads.

2. Bald Shave with Top Braids

black cornrow braids with undercut

For the sides, opt for a bald medium fade and keep the top long, so you will have enough hair to build your braids. Start them all from the center of the forehead and knit them to the back where you will secure the cornrows in a ponytail or a bun.

For the beard, go for a goatee and a short thin mustache that makes your face look elongated.

3. Long Braids with Middle Part

middle part long cornrow braids for black men

Do a middle part and section each side into three strands that you will braid close to the scalp. Add extensions if needed but it’s not mandatory. You will get a casual hairstyle that is ideal for more formal workplaces.

4. Braided Man Bun

cornrow bun for black men

Give your cornrows a twist by feeding in the braids with dark violet hair extensions. Secure them all into a small man bun. Go for a high fade on the sides, groom your bead, and choose a goatee and a thin mustache.

5. Thin Cornrows

short cornrow style for black men

It is much easier to style those cornrows if you use a conditioner and a styling gel when prepping your hair. Create your sections and keep the braids thin. Spare your sideburns and keep them longer, showing off that texture. Opt for a short mustache and chin beard.

6. Blonde Highlights with Braids

cornrow braids for black men with oval face

To make your braids look thicker, using hair extensions is a convenient practice. To make your look eye-popping, choose a contrasting color for the hair. To spice things up, opt for platinum blonde hair pieces and blend them when braiding.

7. Feed In Cornrows

black cornrow braids with design

This intricate Afro men’s cornrow requires some braiding skills, and we recommend you see an experienced hairstylist that knows their way around plaits.

Start by creating zig-zag partings, and within that space, do another straight section. Use the hair between the angles to style small braids that you will incorporate into the main cornrow.

8. Swirly Cornrows

long cornrow style for black men

For this manly cornrow braid, you need to pick a starting point that is located in the corner of the forehead. From that point, braid your cornrows and thicken them as you advance with your knitting. Place that point on one side, and work around it to create that circular aspect.

9. Full Braided Hair

cornrow braids for black men

Start by doing a middle-part and cornrows that go down, on each side, towards the nape. Connect the ends and style a twisted braid that follows the hairline. In the back, you will end up with two small plaits.

10. Natural Cornrows

middle part thin cornrow braids for black men

Go for a middle part and braid your cornrows on the sides and towards the back, connecting them at the nape. Get a temple undercut and wave the tiny braids that pop in the nape area.

11. Small Afro Bun

cornrow braided ponytail for black men

For this hairstyle, you will need to sport a longer top that allows you to get all sorts of braiding styles. Create zig-zag partings and small braids that you will use to feed in the main cornrow. Keep the hair short on the sides and back.

The hairstyle will look better if you choose to shave or trim the sides occasionally.

12. Bleached Blonde Braids

blond cornrow braids for black men

A hairstyle like this will get all the admiration it deserves. First, bleach your hair and create a starting point in the middle of the head.

Do your partings starting from that point, resembling a spider web. Tie each braid with a suitable thin rubber band and let your braids fall on the forehead, sides, and back.

13. Zig Zag Cornrows

black cornrow braids for men

Instead of creating dull partings for your cornrow styles for men, use a rat tail comb and go for a zig-zag shape. Connect them all in the back and secure them with a rubber band.

14. Cornrows into Box Braids

blue cornrow braids for black men

Dye your natural hair in a dark green color and get some light blue hair extensions that you will use to feed in the cornrows into box braids and style marvelous color blends. Decorate each braid with translucent hair beads.

15. Two Cornrows with Undercut

two cornrow braids for black men

If you love a neat look, get an undercut and part your mane in two pieces. Apply styling gel abundantly, especially if you love that wet look for your Dutch cornrows. Knit them tightly and choose a bead that highlights your jawline.

16. Lemonade Braids

cornrow braids for black men with round face

Lemonade cornrow braids are ideal hairstyles for men with coarse hair who want a hairstyle that works in a professional environment but also shows their personal style. Go for a shorter temple and forehead hair and begin your braids from different points on the scalp, creating a beautiful pattern.

17. Crisscrossed Braids

black cornrow style for men
bonbonhairsgermany /Instagram

Go for a medium fade that will beautifully complement your cornrow style for men. Opt for tiny braids that cross each and ultimately feed in the thicker braids you create at the edge of your fade.

Choose a thick long disconnected beard that you will define and groom.

Cornrows for men are incredibly adaptable and a great match for both thin and coarse natural hair. You can use hair dye to achieve fabulous color blends, and amazing patterns or combine braids with undercuts or other short trims that build contrast.

Let us know in the comments section which is your fav hairstyle and why you love it!