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15 Different Types of Headbands for Guys

Thinking about getting a headcloth, but not sure what type of headband a guy like you can wear? No worries, in this article, you will find numerous stylish headbands for all sorts of purposes.

Types of Headbands for Men

Are you having a party, or do you need a headpiece for Halloween? Want to pull off a badass guy look? Or simply just need it for practical reasons like absorbing sweat when you work out? Don’t worry, we got you covered with the best compilation of types of headbands for men.

From simple bandanas that you can wear to boost your outfits and looks, to bandanas that make a statement, these pieces are so useful and even trendy, if you know how to match them. On the other hand, you might need a headband in winter when your ears are freezing while you go for a jog. Whatever the reason you need it, you will find a headband type that’s suitable for your tastes. Check the stylish men’s headband options below and tell us which is your favorite!

Bandana is popular among men for its joyful, bright colors. You can wrap it and wear it on the forehead, or in a triangle shape, tied in the back.

1. Festive Headband

Types of headbands for men - festive

Are you feeling Christmassy? Stores have all types of headbands that men can wear during winter holidays. It’s festive fun, and all kids will just love the way you goof around. Complete your look with themed water with reindeer and Christmas trees.

2. Japanese Hachimaki 

Hachimaki headband for guys

The Japanese Hachimaki is a headband perfect for men that usually has Japanese writings, kanji, on a white cloth. People in the military use it and it’s not only a symbol of courage but also of effort.

3. Karate Band 

karate headband for guys

If you ever went to karate, you probably remember that this headband is very common. Just like the Japanese one, this headband is also used when one is making a great effort. It keeps the sweat away from dripping on the floor, or running down your face.

4. Knitted 

Knitted Type of Headband for Men

Knitted large headbands have multiple purposes. They are great during winter and depending on the knit and mix of color, they can even be quite fashionable. Also, you don’t necessarily have to wear it on your head. Some also use this as a neckcloth.

5. Pirate Headband

Man with Pirate Headband

Inspired by the pirates’ look, this type of stylish men’s headband has the shape of a triangle. It covers the crown part, and you use the longer, thinner pieces to tie it in the back.

However, these days these bandanas have so many designs and patterns that make them look so cool, so you don’t have to stick to that pirate resemblance. 

6. Ribbed

Types of headbands for men - Ribbed

Unisex Ribbed headbands are ideal when you are making effort: going for a jog, playing tennis, or any other sports you love that make you sweat. The headband is thick and acts like a towel that absorbs sweat and keeps the hair away.

7. Running Headband 

Running Headband for Men

Why go out running in the cold with an uncovered head when you can use a headband like this, with special patches added on the ears. These will warm you doing your run or cycling. They are so practical and can be adapted to the circumference of your head with adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners.

8. Stretchable 

Stretchable Headband for Guys

Who doesn’t love stylish stretchable headbands? They usually have a gorgeous mix of colors and can have multiple purposes. If they are wide, you can use them to keep your head warm and keep the hair away from the face. If you have curly hair, this classy headband can bring a new vibe to your look!

9. Sweatband

Types of headbands for men - Sweatband


Sweatbands are ideal for athletes who make a lot of effort; therefore, sweat abundantly. There are two options available, the ones you wear on your head and smaller pieces that you place on your wrist. 

10. Tennis Headband

Guy with Tennis Headband

Tennis headbands are incredibly practical when making an effort. No wonder all great tennis athletes wear them during games. Follow their example and use one while playing because it will keep the hair and sweat away from dripping on the face. 

11. Thin Bands

thin headband types for men

These cool thin headbands look sporty and come in all kinds of designs. Mostly, these patterns are abstract, and most sports companies sell their own version. Nike is one of them and creates thin elastic headbands that you can use every time you work out.

12. War Bonnet 

War Bonnet Headband for Guys

This is certainly more than a simple headband. Inspired by the Native American head decorations, this is ideal if you’re presenting a project at school, or for Halloween. The war bonnet has great importance for the American Plains Indians and is made of golden eagle feathers.

13. Wide Headband

Wide Type Headband for Men

Japanese and Chinese people have a great morning and night routine and even men use this wide towel headband to keep the hair away when applying creams, serums, or facial masks. It is so practical, and it doesn’t even cost much. 

14. Wreath

Types of headbands for men - wreath

Wreaths have a round shape and are stiffer than a headband, more like a crown. In this case, this resembles simple golden leaves that build a tiara. It is the best accessory for men who need to play Roman or other ancient characters like Caesar or Brutus. 

15. Yoga Band

Yoga Headband for Guys

Yoga bands are stretchy, come in so many colors, and are perfect for moments when you need to practice your moves and want to make your daily routine. The headband will look cool and keep hair away no matter how long your hair is.

There are so many types of headbands for guys that you might like, and the first step is to search and decide about the color and the purpose. There are many headbands available for yoga, winter, sports, made of cotton, elastic bands, or even towel. And let’s not forget about those themed headbands that you can wear for Halloween or Christmas! The options are limitless, and you just need to figure out what you intend to use it.