40 Breathtaking Wedge Hairstyles for Women

6. Thick n’ Stacked

Wedge Hairstyle

Have thick hair and think a wedge hairstyle won’t work? Keep the edges blunt and add an edgy, voluminous spunk to your look. Use a rolling brush when drying your thick hair to add additional curve and volume, giving you quite the beehive!


7. Shorter Underneath

Wedge Hairstyles 7

Add some natural volume and bend to your cut by trimming the bottom layer slightly shorter than the top layer. It will fall over and lend some extra oomph to your look and is also quite retro.

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8. Combover

michelle williams short hair


Like your style slightly longer, but have trouble with parts? Comb over the front part of your hair and style it with volume. This is especially useful for people who want low-maintenance care, but want something trendy.


9. Thinly Veiled

Wedge Hairstyles 9

Make sure to go with the texture of your hair. If you want a longer look, thin the ends to ensure a smooth, thin look to your edges. This is an especially great way to deal with fine hair, as it lets you create a look that works with your hair’s texture.


10. Wavy Wedge

Wedge Hairstyles 10

Keep your length slightly longer, but add texture or layers dispersed throughout. Curl with an iron or wave iron, and make waves! Keep your layers shorter in the back if you like, but make sure to have longer layers up front to get the full effect.