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70 Chicest Sew-In Hairstyles for Black Women

As many women know, sew in weaves are a great way to switch up your style. Whether you’re looking to add some color, length, or even rock a short haircut, weaves offer unlimited variety.

Sew-ins are the most popular weaving option, as it offers a great deal of protection for your actual hair underneath since the weave will be sewn in as opposed to glued or fused to the hair.

So whether you’re looking for a new style without the damage or commitment, or you’re looking to let your hair rest for a while, here are 70 great sew-in hairstyles to consider.


Short Cuts and Bob Sew-Ins

If you’ve wanted to see how you’d look with short hair or bob without having to commit to actually cutting your hair, installing a sew-in is a great option. Although most weaves are done in order to accomplish additional length or body, some women opt to turn to them for the exact opposite.

If you’re thinking of trying a shorter style, here are a few sew-ins to consider.

1. Curly and Colorful

black woman with sew in hairstyle

These perfect spiral curls make a shoulder-length bob simply gorgeous. If you’re looking to make your current hairstyle luscious and luxe, opt for colorful sew-in curls in a light, flirty color, such as pink or purple.


2. Smooth Blonde Ombre

black woman with sew in wavy blonde hairstyle

Black women who have dark skin can easily flaunt light hair colors. If you’ve always wondered if blondes have more fun, find out with a blonde ombre sew-in hairstyle, like these smooth waves. 


3. Light Brown Straight Hair

sew in copper blonde hairstyle for black women

Do you prefer dark hair colors? Sew-in hairstyles come in a variety of colors, including this gorgeous rusty red mixed with light brown. Try long straight tresses, which only need a middle part for classy all day style.


4. Teased Updo

sew in updo hairstyle for black women

Whether it’s the big wedding day or a special date, you’ll feel gorgeous the entire time in a sew-in updo. Tease the hair at the crown before gathering it in a low ponytail and twisting it up, securing it loosely with a bedazzled hair clip.


5. Straight Layered Bob

sew in long bob for black women

Among the many chic sew-in hairstyles for Black women is the sophisticated bob. A shoulder-length bob is long enough that you can pull it up to get it out of the way, or wear it down to let layers flatter your face.


6. Thick Colorful Curls

curly sew in hairstyle for black women

If you’re all about experimenting with hair colors, go for a sew-in hairstyle that offers plenty of canvas to show it off. This thick curly bob is absolutely stunning in a vibrant pink, a very pretty color for Black women with a dark skin tone. 


7. Black and Silver Braids

sew in ombre braids for black women

If you feel your best with a braided hairstyle, there are plenty of sew-ins for Black women that feature a unique color, like silver. The light shade can be easily woven into long braids. Whether you wear hair down or in a low updo, everyone will notice that edgy pop of color.


8. Sew-in Blonde Highlights

sew in brown hairstyle with highlights for black women

How unexpectedly beautiful are these two thick blonde highlights as sew-ins a long hairstyle for Black women? They make the perfect addition of color, brightening up the face and drawing attention to the ringlets.


9. Layered Sew-In Hairstyle for Older Women

sew in hairstyle for older black women

For older Black women who desire a youthful mane update, go with a short sew-in hairstyle featuring plenty of face-framing layers. They’ll help to narrow a round face, in addition to giving your locks shape.


10. Magenta Mane

sew in burgundy hairstyle for black women

The smooth baby bangs on these long sleek tresses nicely complement a gorgeous magenta mane that is stunning on Black women. You’ll love the glamorous feel of this long sew in hairstyle.


11. The Pixie Cut

The Pixie Cut sew-in hairstyle

Here’s a sew-in hairstyle that has absolutely no hair left out. The hair has been beautifully styled into this chic pixie cut with bangs.


12. Fill It In

 Fill It In sew-in haircut

Here’s a partial sew-in, where hair has only been added to the crown of the head, leaving the middle and nape completely free. This is a great option for women who are looking to add a little more fullness to the crown area.

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13. Natural Bob

 Natural sew-in bob hairstyle

This sew-in bob hairstyle is a medium length bob that maintains a very natural look. The hair has been cut asymmetrically and the bang is cut diagonally in order to achieve the side-swept look.


14. Shoulder Length

Shoulder Length weave sew-in hairstyle

This is a partial sew-in that has been cut to medium length in order to maintain a more natural look. Hair is left out and blended into the weave so that the parted area is the client’s actual hair.


15. Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical Bob

Here’s a bob hairstyle that has been sewn in and cut asymmetrically. This look gave the client additional length and body and allows her to achieve a chic style without having to cause any additional damage to her hair.


Sew-In Hairstyles With a Little Pop of Color

A lot of women get sew-in weaves in order to experiment with different hair colors without risking the damage to their actual hair. This gives them the freedom to switch colors without much effort, stress or maintenance. If you’re interested in trying out different coloring with your styles, here are few looks to consider.


16. Purple Rapunzel

 Purple Rapunzel sew-in weave

Here’s an ombre look featuring various shades of purple. This look can be achieved with either a full or partial sew-in if your hair can easily be blended with the weave.


17. Mermaid


There’s been a surge of mermaid-ques, gorgeous green and blue hombre looks such as this one. If you’re looking to channel your inner mermaid, this would be the perfect style for you.

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18. Short and Purple

Short and Purple

This ombre look features hints of purple and pink. Cutting the sew-in hair to a medium length would be a great way to either switch up looks or achieve a more natural-looking style.


19. Grey Goddess

Grey Goddess

Grey is no longer for the elderly. This daring color option is a great way to add some variety and edge to your sew-in.


20. Contrast


Bleaching the crown of your sew-in blonde will give it great contrast and dimension. Set the weave on perm rods or flex rods, dip them into boiled water, unravel and let them dry before sewing the hair in if you’re looking to achieve this style.

21. Blonde


If you’re interested in trying out a blonde haircut, here’s a great hairstyle rocked by Keri Hilson. This look features a sew-in that has been cut into a bob, bleached and given highlights.


22. Midnight


This sew-in features some very subtle blue and purple highlights. This coloring is perfect for those who are looking for an all-over color that still gives the hair some texture and contrast.


Natural Looks

These looks are for women who are specifically trying to gain a more natural-looking sew-in that either mimics or enhances their own hair. Ranging from kinky to straight, here are some sew-ins that will leave people thinking that it’s really your hair.


23. Kinks and Waves

Kinks and Waves

The hair used for this sew-in mimics the nature of our natural hair, featuring kinks, curls and waves that have been styled in a very believable fashion. This sew-in is achieved with the goddess method, which is a partial sew in with a substantial amount of leave out.


24. Wet and Wavy

Wet and Wavy

This sew-in hairstyle is a great option if you’re looking to add some length to your style while still maintaining a natural look. The hair used for this style is a kinkier version of the wet and wavy in the color 1B.


25. Wash & Go

Wash & Go

If you’re someone who finds achieving the perfect wash & go to be difficult, a sew-in may be a great option. This look is great if you’re transitioning, in the awkward stage of growth, or if you just want to rock a style that you may not be able to achieve with your hair type.


26. The Perfect Curls

The Perfect Sew-In Curls

This sew-in features hair that has been set on perm rods in order to achieve these perfect curls. This style can be achieved with either a full or partial sew-in.


27. Bantu Knot-Out

 Bantu Knot-Out

Achieving this look may require some modification, but it mimics the bantu knot-out style that is rocked by many naturals. If the hair is synthetic, the knots may need to be set before installation in order to get a more authentic look.


28. Lots of Layers

. Lots of Layers

This sew-in has many deep layers that frame the face and give the style a very natural look. By feathering the layers, the hair is given more body and movement.


29. Sleek and Straight

 Sleek and Straight

If you’re partial to a straight look, this sew-in is a great option. The hair has been given layers in order to achieve more body and movement. This look can be achieved on both partial and full sew-ins.


Long Hair With Sew-Ins Hairstyle

The majority of women want weaves in order to achieve lengthier styles. Whether you’re just looking to add a couple of extra inches to your own, or you’re looking achieve fabulously dramatic lengths, here are some long styles to consider.


30. Full Body Curls

Full Body Curls

This sew-in features large, lengthy curls that frame the face. These curls can be achieved with large rollers or curling iron. The amount of body that is achieved will depend on the type of hair that is used.

31. Half Up – Half Down

Half Up Half Down

Another popular style that can be accomplished with a sew-in is this half up – half down style. This is a partial sew-in hairstyle that leaves hair out around the perimeter of the bun so that it appears as if the hair is natural. The style can be achieved with any length, but this client opted to go with a fabulously dramatic amount.


32. Kink It Up


This look is achieved with kinky type hair that has either been combed out or blown out. Staying close to your own texture is what makes this style look immaculately natural.


33. Wand Curls

Wand Curls

Here’s a wand-type curl sew-in hairstyle. Depending on the hair you buy, you may be able to achieve this look without any extra effort after installation. If you have human hair, you can achieve this style by curling the hair with a wand.


34. Natural Curls

Natural curly sew in hairstyle

This lengthy sew-in features hair that has a loose curl pattern. Brazilian is generally the type that is used for this look, but it can be achieved with other hair. You can accomplish this style with either a full or partial sew-in.


35. Beachy

Beachy haircut for black women

If you’re looking for a more effortless looking sew-in hairstyle, this is a great option. This look features hair that tousled and given a carefree, beachy look.


36. Retro Glamour


This glamorous style is reminiscent of 1940’s Hollywood pin-up girls. Big bold curls go really well with gorgeous caramel coloring. Pair your hair up with overtly feminine make-up to complete the look.


37. Blue-Grey Ombre

 Blue-Grey Ombre Chic Sew-In Hairstyles for Black Women

Why settle on one color when you can have two? A blue-grey ombre style channels superhero glamour straight out of Marvel comic books. The beauty of a sew-in style is that creating amazing colorings is so much easier to achieve than it is with natural hair.


38. Voluminous Waves


Big bold waves are a glamorous take on an everyday style. These waves are a throwback to the 1970s and the 1980s, where big bold styles meant everything!


39. Dark and Milk Chocolate

Black Women Dark Chocolate color Chic Sew-In Hairstyles

Two different shades of brown look fantastic when they are used together. Dark browns and creamier milk chocolate browns complement each other really well. Highlights like these enhance the appearance of your curls.


40. Voluminous Bob

 Voluminous Bob Chic Sew-In Hair for black girl

This thick bob is an absolutely stunning choice for a sew-in style. Make your parting asymmetrical so that you can brush in a soft sweeping side fringe to keep your hair out of your eyes.

41. Fierce Asymmetrical Crop

black women Asymmetrical Crop hairstyle

Shorter hair can look absolutely stunning when it is styled right. Keep your hair very short at one side and sweep the majority of your weave over to the other side to create a fierce asymmetrical style that would look great on any supermodel.


42. Long and Lightly Waved


The brilliant thing about a sew-in style is that you can make your hair as long as you want to. Choose hair that goes all of the way down to your waist. A very light wave will prevent your hair from looking dull and lifeless.


43. Light Curls with Layering

Black Weave Hairstyles - Long Weave Hairstyles - Hairstyle 2021

Cutting layers into your hair can help to give you a better shape and style. Your fringe can be cut to just below chin length with the rest of your hair getting gradually longer towards the back. The layers look beautiful with a lightly curled style.


44. Sleek Hair with Subtle Flicks

black Sleek Hairstyle for cute black women

Cut some light layers into your weave and then straighten it using appropriate straightening tools. If you are using straightening irons, curl the ends of your hair slightly outwards to give your style a little flick at the end of each layer.


45. Kinky Waves


This type of kinky wave can normally be achieved by sleeping with your hair in a plait. Once you take your hair out of the plait or braid, it will stay in a beautiful kinky wave style for the rest of the day.


46. Side Swept Style

black women Side Swept Chic Sew-In HairStyle

For a simple yet effective red carpet style, choose an easy side swept style. Sew-in a long weave with a light wave or loose curls. Draw all of your hair over the top of your head and then over down the other side for a perfectly simple but glamorous look.


47. Bouffant Beehive


Channel your inner Amy Winehouse or evoke your 60s spirit with a classic bouffant style. This look is big and bold at the back of your head and flows down into amazingly voluminous locks.


48. Big hair with Subtle Highlights

Chic Sew-In with Subtle Highlights

Very subtle highlights help to give your hair more texture and depth. If you have a chocolate brown sew-in, get complementary caramel highlights put in to enhance your look. This looks particularly effective on big bold styles.


49. Short Side Swept Style


You don’t need to have long hair to choose to wear your locks in a side-swept style. The looks are just as good if you have shoulder-length hair. All you need to do is brush it across and over, so it is a great style to wear if you are short on time.


50. Dark Roots and Caramel Tips

dark brown hair with Chic Sew hairstyle for black women

Dark roots and caramel tips produce a gorgeous sun-kissed look which will make you feel as though you are ready for the summer. The style is a cross between beachy and red carpet glamour, so it is a great choice for an outdoor event like a garden party.


51. Soft Glam Waves

black women sew-in hairstyle with soft waves

Mid part sew-in hairstyle with soft waves is a timeless option that black women can get for a soft glam beat. It looks fabulous on any face shape as the soft waves also play the role of face-framing, making the hairstyle to best fit in.


52. Peach Sew-in Cornrows

When it comes to hair color, most black women love to choose fun, vibrant colors such as pink, peach etc. The peach hue sew-in hairstyle with the incorporation of cute cornrows will give a cool effect to your look.


53. Side Part Sew-In with Highlights

Highlights are trending rapidly in the fashion industry so, amongst African women. Light caramel highlights fit best on dark hair. The curly texture will give you a swanky appearance.


54. Genie Sew-in Ponytail

Sleek, Genie sew-in ponytail hairstyle is one of the most endearing hairstyles amongst black women. It is also known as a Chicago style which needs extraordinary skills to get it, dreamily implemented. Its extremely glossy look gives it pleasing and sassy features.


55. Topknot Bun with Fluffy Bangs

sew in topknot with bangs for black women

Black women like to keep their hair textured and fluffy, that’s why we have chosen a sew-in hairstyle for you, that has fluffy bangs, big topknot and thick long hair with highlights. Side single cornrows add more life and style to this particular look.


56. Rolled over Ponytail

Ponytails can be a lot of fun and playful when created with variations, such as the one in the above image. This sew-in ponytail hairstyle is best for those black women, who are looking for sophisticated attire to wear for a prom or any formal event.


57. Blue Hair Sew-in Topknot

Trying a sew-in hairstyle for the very first time? Then, it must be a good start to experiment your look with unique color and short hair length. You can add charm to this short hairstyle by wearing a topknot and blunt bangs. If you are wondering about the above color shade, it is some kind of metallic blue hue with black undertone.


58. Beachy Waves with Multi-tonal Highlights

Chocolate color sew-in hairstyle accompanying with multi-tonal highlights at one side create a pretty amazing aesthetics that black women would love to adopt. The beachy waves make the whole look effortless which will you forget that you are actually wearing a sew-in hairstyle.


59. Gorgeous Long Bob

Wear a sew-in long bob cut with an appealing light blue color and gray undertone to give a statement to your overall look. The shoulder length hair is surely up to the mark in terms of maintenance. It is best suitable for those black women, who are looking for a subtle hairstyle with a touch of unique color.


60. Peek a Boo Sew-in Bun

sew in bun for black women

Where is the sew-in? That’s the question that everyone will ask after you get this look. The light allover highlights look pretty awesome on warm skin tone. Tie the sew-in hair into a high bun for a low-maintenance, natural and classy look.


61. Side Part Hair With Deep Waves

Straight top and deep wavy locks look not just natural on black women but give out a very exciting sew-in hairstyle combo, which encourages the ladies to stick to their roots flawlessly. It requires careful maintenance such as the use of a wider comb and organic shampoos.


62. Rainbow Sew-in with Two Buns

Do you have the courage to go with this hairstyle? If yes, visit a salon today. Get all the color that a rainbow has, but keep the top more yellowish and locks multi colors. Further, adorn these lively colors with two mini buns for adorable features.


63. Frontal Sew-in Red Bob

Yes, red is a new perfect trend! It will give you not only an appealing appearance but radiates your inner confidence as well. If you have such kind of bold element within you, go for this vivid shade of sew-in hairstyle that is cut into a gorgeous bob later, to showcase the perfection.


64. Pretty and Natural Look

This is what you call natural wavy hairstyle goals! It is an amazing transformation to get as a break from your natural tight curly swirls. The sew-in hairstyle looks marvelously textured and has blended so exquisitely. Thus, giving the whole look utterly natural vibes.


65. Sew-in Pixie with Hair Tattoo

black women with sew-in pixie hair

Undercut with a sew-in pixie hairstyle looks ultra-chic on black women. If you are among those ladies who are looking for an edgy hairstyle, you must opt for this look to rock, without a second thought. Pastel pink color and hair tattoo will give a whole new definition to your appearance.


66. Spring Twist Sew in

Pink can never go out of trend amongst black women. Club up the pink sew-in hairstyle with a touch of peachy highlights, to achieve a dazzling look. Crown yourself with French braids.


67. Sleek Burgundy Sew in

Want to slay with a sew-in hairstyle? Get sleek mid-parted long sew-in hair with allover raspberry hue for an eye-catching appearance. The glossiness of this color makes them look even more enthralling.


68. Simple and Classy Sew-in

It is so simple and cute that it becomes really difficult to guess whether it is actually sew-in hairstyle or not! Tween girls and young black ladies can carry this hairstyle for a sophisticated look.


69. Luxurious Ombre Sew-in Hairstyle

Sure, an alluring way to showcase your vibrant features by experimenting with a unique hair color according to your skin tone. If you got tired of curly hair texture go for a sleek and straight look, we bet you will fall in love with your looks.


70. Distinctive Sew-in Hairstyle

sew in hairstyles for black women

There is no harm in being different, especially when you got such a chicly attire! It is easy to style and maintain. Furthermore, front bangs sew-in hairstyle is the best way to contour the face of those black women, who have a wider face or forehead. Silver Blonde will give you an up to date look.