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Can I Dye Black Hair Without Bleaching? To What Colors?

Are you thinking of dyeing your black hair a different color without bleaching it? Good choice since the bleaching process can be extremely damaging to your hair.

With that said, you might ask yourself—what colors can I dye my black hair without bleaching?

Don’t let the fear of bleaching get in the way of your hair dreams. Instead, check out our list of no-bleach hair colors below.

Can I Dye Black Hair Without Bleaching?

Yes, you can definitely dye your black hair any color without bleaching and achieve your desired shade.

What Colors Can I Dye My Black Hair Without Bleaching?

If you plan on dyeing your black hair without bleach, go for deeper and darker colors and avoid light shades and pastels.

The best colors you can use for a total change without bleach are red, magenta, deep red, or violet. For a subtle update on your black hair, choose shades designed to add a touch of color to your hair, like browns, blues, grays, and other earthy tones.

colors to dye over black hair without bleach

Now, look at all the shades you can dye your black hair without the bleach. Here they are:

Dark Brown

If you simply want to make your black hair 2 to 3 shades lighter, dark brown is the shade for you. The good news is this lighter shade can reflect more light, giving it more volume and depth.

Chestnut Brown

Another safe yet beautiful brown shade you can go for is chestnut brown, a brown color with a reddish undertone. Because of this, it gives off the same benefit of dark brown but with a bit more vibrance.


With dark red and purple combined, the burgundy shade will give your dark and boring hair a chic and fabulous twist.

When lights hit your hair, it will give off the most striking shade similar to that of wine.


For a beach-perfect look, mahogany is the perfect shade. This reddish brown color has a more striking shade of red than chestnut brown and sometimes has a purple tinge, depending on the brand of dye you use.


If you want a dramatic change from your dark hair, auburn is the way to go. This bright reddish brown to deep ginger hair shade combines warm red and a few earthy brown tones and will give your black hair an eye-catching twist.  

Warm Purple

While lilac or lavender is totally out of the question, you can achieve a warm, dark purple shade without bleach! The purplish tint may not be as obvious as other colors in the list, but it will still give your black hair a stylish and classy update.

Midnight Blue

Dye your black hair with a midnight blue shade, and you’ll end up with gorgeous dark hair with a beautiful deep blue tinge. This new shade will give you a bolder and more mysterious look than jet-black hair.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Next Hair Color

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Next Hair Color

Now that you know what colors to dye your black hair without bleaching, our next agenda is to help you find the right shade to work with.

To do this, you need to consider the following factors:

Skin Tone

Choose a shade that suits your skin tone to achieve a glowing look.

If you have a cool skin tone, the shades that would work best for you are chestnut brown, midnight blue, dark brown, and auburn.

On the other hand, mahogany and burgundy will suit warm skin tones. Lastly, warm purple is a universal color that works on all skin tones.

Eye Color

Your choice of hair color can make your eyes pop and make them more beautiful.

If you have blue eyes, go for cool shades, while green eyes would look best with warmer shades. Lastly, hazel eyes will match light reds and browns pretty well.

Personal Style

Of course, your new hair color should reflect your personality.

If you like playing it safe, stick to the classics like dark brown and chestnut brown.

For women wanting to look chic and fabulous, you should try auburn, mahogany, and burgundy.

And if you’re in a bold and risky time, warm purple and midnight blue are the shades for you.

What Dyes to Use for Coloring Black Hair?

What Dyes to Use for Coloring Black Hair?

Yes, you can dye your black hair any color without bleach, but you’ll need to use the correct hair dye.

Here are some of the best dyes for black hair:

Semi-permanent Dye

Semi-permanent dyes won’t be bold or eye-catching, and will only be visible when sun or light hits your strands, making them the perfect option for when you just want a subtle change to your look.

These are less damaging than permanent dyes since they don’t change the hair’s structure.

However, its effects are designed to last only 6 to 8 weeks.

Permanent Hair Dye

For long-lasting obvious color changes, permanent hair dye is the best option.

But please keep in mind that this type of dye must be mixed with a hair developer designed to eliminate the existing pigment in your hair. Because of this, it’s much harsher than all the other types of dyes but still a lot gentler than bleach.

Temporary Dye

Temporary dyes allow you to color your black hair with neon or pastel shades, but these colors will fade away in just a few washes. This is because temporary dyes bond only to your hair cuticles.

These dyes, like spray, cream, or wax, come in different forms.

So, what colors can I dye my black hair without bleaching?

Well, there are a lot. At the top of our list are the different shades of browns, reds, purples, and blues.

When choosing your next hair color, consider your style, skin tone, and eye color to find the shade that suits you best.

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