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What Does Toner Do to Brown Hair with Highlights? 

If you have dark hair with beautiful highlights throughout, sometimes toner is just what you need to bring some life back to your hair. But you might not understand what toner is or what it does to your hair, so we’re here to help.

What does toner do to brown hair with highlights? Don’t worry! We’ll answer this question in detail below.

What Does Toner Do to Brown Hair with Highlights? 

hair toner for brown hair with highlights

For dark hair, toner improves your natural shade while adding shine. For lighter highlights, toner protects your hair color from fading while enhancing the blonde tones. 

One thing to remember is that toner is different than hair dye. It’s a specific blend of chemicals applied during the final stage of the coloring process.

For brown hair, stylists use toner to remove unwanted colors from the dye. Tones can be warm, cool, or neutral, so people with brown hair want to prevent orange shades from peeking through the color.

What Is Toner? 

hair toner
Hair Toner

In the simplest terms, hair toner is a glossy-looking liquid made up of various chemicals, and when combined, they manage the brassiness of your hair and maintain your color. 

Unlike hair dye, toner doesn’t require the use of any developer. However, toner doesn’t last as long as permanent hair dye

After putting highlights in your brown hair, you might notice shades of red, orange, or yellow due to the bleaching of your hair. Toner is used to neutralize those shades and balance the brown hair and highlights.

Types of Toners for Brown Hair with Highlights

The important thing to remember about the different types of toners is that they’re made to improve your hair color shade. The two main types of hair toners are demi-permanent and semi-permanent products. 

Semi-permanent hair toner is less permanent than demi-permanent hair toner. This is because both of these toners don’t contain ammonia. However, both types of toners only deposit hair color rather than lifting it.

If you have brown hair with highlights, you should use demi-permanent color. The demi-permanent toner adds shine to your brown hair while neutralizing the undertones in your highlights. 

Another type of toner for brown hair is blue toner. 

Blue toner helps you blend your highlights into your brown hair. You can apply blue toner to your whole head if you want the perfect blending of your brown hair and your highlights. 

However, you can also section your highlights to tone these specific areas. Blue toner is the best option for correcting highlights that are too light and don’t blend with brown hair. 

How Long Does Toner Last? 

toner on brown hair

On average, toner lasts about 4 to 8 weeks. 

This timeframe continuously changes based on how well you take care of your color-treated hair. Once you start to notice the brassy tones in your highlights, you know it’s time for a touch-up to achieve your desired shade. 

Fortunately, you can use blue toning shampoo and conditioner to deposit blue pigments into your hair. For example, people with brown hair need blue toner to eliminate any brassy tones, which makes your brown hair highlights longer lasting. 

From this guide, you now know what toner does to brown hair highlights. However, before you proceed with putting toner on your hair, make sure you find the right product that works for your hair type. 

Also, remember to touch up your highlights after two months, as they will fade over time, and you’ll need to touch up your toner to remove any brassiness. 


How do toners affect my hair? 

Toner gives your hair a natural shine and helps it look healthier after using hair dye. Also, while brightening your hair, pigmented toners like blue toner create a cooler overall brown color. 

What are the best shampoos for brown hair with highlights? 

Here are three shampoos with excellent reviews and great results. 

●  L’Oreal Paris Le Color One Step Toning Hair Gloss
●  dpHUE Gloss+
●  Redken Color Extend Blondage Purple Shampoo