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15 Sharp Pencil Beard Styles for Men

The pencil beard is a handsome and unique style. It’s very much a definite look, so when you choose a pencil beard style, you are going to make an impression.

It’s a handsome look, and chances are good that when you walk into a room, you will be the only pencil beard there, drawing positive attention. One benefit of the pencil beard is that it emphasizes a handsome jawline but also can create the illusion of a stronger jawline than you might actually have. This creates a handsome, virile look, one that suits many men.


These Pencil Beard Styles Can Turn Up Your Look

“Pencil” just means the beard is very narrow and clearly defined. The pencil beard is a very definite style, but don’t let that deter you. It looks great on many men!


#1: The Pencil Beard with a Connected Pencil Mustache

mens Pencil Beard with Mustache

Here, a pencil beard frames the face by carving out the jawline, the chin, and connecting to a pencil mustache. The width is uniform and everything is kept neatly trimmed, creating the definition typical of the pencil beard. This look is handsome and youthful, even on slightly older men.

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#2: The Wider Pencil Beard with a Disconnected Mustache

mens Pencil Beard style

If you prefer, you can certainly let your pencil beard be a bit wider than the classic pencil style. This creates a look that is lower maintenance but still frames the face, drawing attention to your handsome facial features. It works well with a disconnected mustache to create a look that’s not overly fussy and requires less upkeep than a more traditional pencil beard.


#3: The Pencil Beard, Plus a Pencil-Thin Soul Patch

thin Pencil Beard with soul patch

For variety, add a pencil thin soul patch to your pencil beard. A soul patch is simply a small area of facial hair just below the lower lip. This is a way to add your own personal twist to the pencil beard style, a way to really make it your own. After all, variety is the spice of life!


#4: The Circle Pencil Beard

Circle Pencil Beard style

You can certainly wear your pencil beard as a variation on the popular circle beard. Combining these two beard styles creates a look that is classic with a bit of edge. It’s still office appropriate but doesn’t come off as overly fussy.

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#5: The Classic Pencil Beard, without a Mustache

Pencil Beard

This side view demonstrates how a well-shaped pencil beard can define a handsome, square jawline or even create the illusion of one if you have a weak jaw. While the pencil beard works well with a pencil mustache, the mustache certainly isn’t necessary to the style, and dropping it out creates a handsome, easy but still definite beard style, one that’s sure to get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Beard Styles With Mustache


guy with pencil beard





goatee style pencil beard






patchy pencil beard


No matter what your personal style is, there is a variation on the pencil beard look that can work for you. A pencil beard style can enhance your natural good looks and be a positive attention-getter.