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25 Conk hairstyles for Black Men Who Relax

Conk hairstyles are named after the relaxing solution that was once used to straighten out men’s African-textured hairstyles. This solution was very potent and could cause chemical burns if it was not used properly.

Nowadays, men tend to use different products if they want to relax kinky hair. However, all chemical relaxing solutions can be dangerous if they are not used properly.


The Popular Conk Hairstyles

Conk hair actually fell out of fashion during the Civil Rights era in America. This is because people like Malcolm X believed that men with African-textured hair should not be forced to relax their hair if they didn’t want to.

After this period, natural kinky styles became far more common amongst successful African-American men. Nowadays, some people choose to relax their hair using safer products to pay homage to these styles. It can also produce a cool retro hairstyle for men.

#1: Conk Hairstyle with Highlights

black men's conk hair with undercut

When you want highlights, you need to choose a lighter colour that suits your skin tone. In this case, a copper shade will fabulously suit your straight, comb-over hairstyle. Use a great relaxer to tame your coarse hair. Define your beard and keep it short for a modern casual look. 


#2: Pompadour

conk hairstyle for black guys


When you love hairstyles that don’t pass without a fuss, this straightened hair styled with short sides and a Pompadour is certainly going to stand out. Add a pomade or hair gel to make the hairdo last the whole day.


#3: Coarse Top

Getting straight hair was a quite nocive procedure back in the day. The products and ingredients used for relaxers contain a lot of chemicals that damage the hair. However, today, all you need is a straightening iron and a heat protector spray. 


#4: Comb Over

slick back conk hairdo for black guys

Inspired by the retro conk hairstyle, this hairdo features shorter sides and a straightened top. In the twenties, the mix contained a corrosive ingredient called lye that was mixed with potato paste and eggs. Nowadays, black men use different techniques and styling procedures when they want their hair to look less curly. These are by far less damaging!


#5: Retro Blues Look

vintage conk hairstyle for black men


Back in the day, black men wanted a hairstyle that was easy to manage. Between the 20s and the 60s, men used congolene as a hair straightener. It was a very common mix that helped them pull off a conk hairdo, even if it was quite damaging for their natural hair. 


#6: Quiff

Quiff conk hairstyle for black young boy

Conk hair can be pulled up into a quiff style at the front of the head. To give your hair a more quiff-like look, roll your hair around and back onto itself. This gives your hair a beautiful wave shape.


#7: Asymmetrical Style

Asymmetrical Style conk hair

Relaxed hair can be styled into a multitude of different looks. This asymmetrical hairdo is quite retro and styles like this were very popular in the 1980s. However, hair like this is making a comeback and can be seen on some big musical stars.


#8: Sleek and Slicked Back


Sleek and slicked back styles were widely associated with jazz musicians and other performance artists in the first half of the 20th Century. Conk hairstyles like these fell out of fashion in the 1960’s when natural hair started to come back into fashion.

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#9: Conk Hairstyle Pompadour

Conk Hairstyle Pompadour hair for men

Conk hairstyles look great when they are styled into high rise pompadour looks. The pompadour is a great hairstyle for men who want to evoke the 1950’s greaser or teddy boy look.


#10: Spiked Up Style


Relaxed natural hair can be pulled up into perfect spikes which line up with the angles of your face. Shave the sides of your hair to make sure that the hairstyle looks masculine and angular.


#11: Mini-Curls

best Mini Curls hairstyle with Conk

In this type of conk hairstyle, the natural African-textured curls have been relaxed before softer baby curls have been styled in. Soft mini-curls were popular in the 1940’s, but now many men prefer their own natural African-textured curls.


black men conk hairstyles





conk hairstyles for black men


conk hairstyles for black men




conk hair for black men





black men with conk hairstyle


conk hairstyles for black men


Although conk hairstyles have an interesting history, some men still love to style their hair with a relaxed look. Relaxing your hair with a chemical solution can give you lots of different choices. If you want to leave your African-textured hair in a more natural style, you can take a look at some of our other lists of kinky hairstyles.